Trump’s speech last night was quite good. He laid out his case for election fraud quite eloquently and detailed a number of specifics.

There was little reaction to his speech because no one saw it. Imagine if, instead, ABC, CBS, and NBC broke into their regularly scheduled programming to say, “President Trump announces investigation into election fraud – foreign intelligence agencies possibly involved in swaying votes in Michigan and Wisconsin. Pentagon officials pledge full cooperation.”

But instead there was a twenty second spot saying, “Mr. Trump repeating false and baseless conspiracy theories and refuses to admit President-Elect Joe Biden won. Here is a message from President-Elect Joe Biden uniting all Americans.”

Trump needs to make an example out of one of the media executives. This writer suggests James Goldston of ABC News. Arrest him, parade him around on TV in handcuffs, as a warning to others.

I’m not joking, I’m completely 100% serious. Trump should do it.

I’ve just been informed that Trump has said he will veto Congress’ Coronavirus Pork Bill unless Americans get a $2,000 check.

This news will be difficult for people to ignore, and if Trump somehow gets people to line up along side of a) support me and get $2,000, or b) support Biden and the Democrats and get $600, maybe – well, that is a serious and real incentive.

You know, “rule of law” “fair elections” “media bias” etc., etc., yeah ok, whatever.

But two thousand smackers? Cold hard cash? That is something real. People will “get out in the streets” for that. Trump may even get his crowds he wants on January 6 if enough people think it means they will get some real tangible benefit from it.

If they can also spin this more about Endless Coronavirus House Arrest vs. Re-Opening American Freedom Plus $2,000 Dollars – Trump could call out the “militia.”

Remember when Black Lives Matter attacked the CNN building in Atlanta? I oppose BLM, but I thought that was great.

Get the same Black people from BLM and tell them, Trump will write you a check for $2,000, Biden will make you stay at home – you may just see Trump getting a lot of support in some surprising places.

If the Weekend At Biden’s crowd then counter-offers with, say, $3,000 – even better.

Then Trump will have to counter again, $4,000 – GREAT! Why send billions of dollars to Israel when we could instead send billions directly to the bank accounts of Americans?

Trump needs to do it.

I’ve never been pro-Trump. However, Trump can do two things to get my absolute support.

  1. Direct deposit of $2,000 to my American bank account.
  2. Arrest of any CEO of a media company, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, NYT, WP. Show me a video of a media executive in handcuffs, I will throw my complete and unreserved support to Trump.

I’ve never expected much from Trump and I wasn’t disappointed.

But he seems at least partially serious here, and Trump absolutely does have the support of the majority of actual Americans. The Republicans have pretty solid control of the majority of state governments. The power of “Blue America” is a mile wide, but an inch deep. Simply arresting the top leaders of the Color Revolution Coup, mostly media executives, would prove that Trump is serious.

Trump – DO IT!