I’ve read that back in the Soviet Union they had something called “Kreminology” where people would try to find subtle clues in the limited information they were given and took to trying to read between the lines in Pravda to figure out what was actually happening.

In regimes based on lies, telling the truth is a crime.

A couple of contemporary examples suffice. A few years ago an unusual, to Western eyes, picture of various North Korean officials spread online, showing an official engaged in a seemingly posed or stylized half-side-embrace of Kim Jong-Un. The Wall Street Journal speculated about a new hierarchy among officials and about Kim’s true grip on power.

Perhaps amusingly, for years the Curtis Yarvin NRx blogger Jim Donald gave semi-regular updates on Trump’s fashion choices, such as the color of his ties, and how these acted as a sort of occult cultural signal to military officials.

Recall the infamous 2002/2003 Vanity Fair article by MI6 asset Vicki Ward, which first “exposed” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, censored the central allegations of rape and child sex trafficking, forcing Vicki Ward to write “between the lines.” So for instance, Ward never spelled out what was happening at a specific party, simply first mentioning the presence of underage girls, the presence of older men, and then an almost unrelated sentence about how “scandalous” some unnamed adult women had found the party.

If you understood the context, you could figure out what she was hinting at. Just like if you understand the context of the larger media you can understand a lot more.

For instance, what is Vanity Fair? Who publishes it? Who funds it? Who is its audience? Who is its subject?

If you answer these questions, the next time Vanity Fair publishes something that then creates a splash in the wider media, you can understand who is engaging in this particular propaganda campaign and get an idea perhaps why.

So here is an interesting new development in the relationship between the Pentagon and the CIA.


If we’ll recall, Christopher Miller was named Acting Secretary of Defense on November 9 after the firing of Mark Esper. Miller brought along Douglas MacGregor as an advisor, someone who had made some blunt public statements about the American Israeli Affairs Committee and the Israeli lobby bribing American politicians to support wars for Israel.

Just a few years ago a mini-scandal appeared in Syria when the US military found itself in an open firefight with forces that were supported by the Central Intelligence Agency.

As we learned the other day, way back in 2015 Germany’s BND openly objected to Saudi Arabia’s new contributions to “instability” in the Middle East, an objection that was immediately denounced by the civilian government of Germany.

If you “read between the lines” what is not particularly hidden is the fact that what the Western media calls “ISIS” is more-or-less Saudi Arabian proxy forces. “ISIS” is not fighting the United States, on the contrary, “ISIS” is fighting the enemies of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Despite the hysteria about “ISIS” in the Western media, and the past ten years of right-wing propaganda scaremongering about these “radical Islamists” it’s long been known to anyone paying attention that “ISIS” was more a creation of the Western media than a reality on the ground.

It was even explained that “ISIS” had formed inside American-run prisons in Iraq.

As Americans are so used to Hollywood movies, this had a certain narrative appeal.

Two hardened Terrorists locked in American prisons in Iraq, despite being enemies, make a pact to destroy America. Let loose by Liberal No-Good Peaceniks, they retreat to the desert to plan the terrorism, and release video after video of their gruesome murders, taunting the West. Tonight 8PM on Channel 7.

Remember, “ISIS” even hacked the Twitter account of the US Central Command – that news story was how most people in America learned about “ISIS” – you know, when “ISIS” hacked the Twitter account of the US Central Command.

Look man, it’s YOUR story, not mine. You people are the ones that spent a decade pushing the ISIS Conspiracy Theory.

They even had a British actor travel over to Syria to “fight ISIS” – no points for asking why literal film actors are traveling to Syria to “fight ISIS.”

But his plot arc gets even better:


It’s all rather silly of course. President Donald Trump himself couldn’t get the lies straight and made a few “gaffes” about Syria.

So in any case, SecDef Miller put his foot down. No, CIA, we aren’t going to play the game anymore. We are no longer protecting your terrorist forces in Syria. We’re no longer going to provide cover.

So pack up and go home.

Remember Kony 2012 and the White Helmets? Ever see the White Helmets documentary on Netflix? You ever read the Wikipedia page of the CEO of Netflix?

Now I know what you’re thinking. Ok, if “ISIS” is some sort of conspiracy theory, what about all those terrorist attacks in Europe in the last decade or so? Or the ones in California and Florida? Even the “extremist group” that the Boston Bombers were supposedly members of later “declared their loyalty to ISIS.”

So who were they?

Good question. You tell me.