You can’t make this shit up.

RamZPaul gives Trump an “A” for the economy, and points out that the stock market went up. But also, RamZPaul doesn’t see any inflation so that is good.

What can you say? How can you argue with this? He will turn right around and talk about how much he loves Capitalism and the Free Market next.

Obviously RamZPaul is using the regular definition of “inflation” – consumer prices didn’t go up. But now that Democrats are in office, how much do you want to bet he will turn into an deficit hawk?

Consumer prices can’t go up unless consumers have more money to pay the higher prices. Obviously. So if they printed sixty trillion dollars, and Bill Gates added it to his bank account, would we have consumer price inflation?

No, because despite all that money being printed, the consumer never had any, so therefore they can’t pay higher prices, so the price can’t go up.

So, if the financial system, via the government, creates several trillion dollars “out of thin air” and then all that money gets dumped into the stock market, thus share prices go up …

… that is not inflation. That is a Free Market.

Clearly, the obvious solution to our economic problems is to print several more trillion dollars and keep pumping up the stock markets to higher and higher numbers. That way, everyone is rich and we can all retire.

Just let me cash out my 401k before you do.

In another absolutely revealing video, RamZPaul points out how he always just assumed that there was “alien life on other planets” and even admits he believed that because of the Space Race culture of the 20th century.

But he discovers Fermi’s Paradox, and now thinks that we may be “alone,” therefore “God.”

My basic problem with religious people is how absurdly arrogant they are. I was told you don’t use the name of God in vain, and pretty much saying ANYTHING about God is using his name in vain, because obviously no one knows the meaning of life, the universe, and everything (42)

So instead of RamZPaul speaking about the Ultimate Creator Of Everything, perhaps a little humility would be in order – perhaps even just some thought about this “Space Race” Media Culture he grew up in.

Is RamZPaul old enough to have seen the Moon Landings live? Well, I mean, not live, on TV, but still. Not me, that happened before I was born.

I stopped believing in “Aliens” – at least, the kind they talk about on TV and the kind used as hooks to get public support for military satellites – at about the same time I stopped believing that professional wrestling was “real.”

Honestly I feel we are all just biding our time until the Boomers – the Television Generation – dies off so we can organize whoever is left into a serious political faction.

It’s simply a pointless waste of time to continue to cater to Boomers and their strange mind-viruses like Reaganism, Austrian Economics, and hilariously unself-aware nostalgia for the good old days of “White NASA” – in which the Public Relations photos and films showed guys like them instead of the new Public Relations photographs and videos which have the new MultiCultural cast.

I have the same basic feeling when I read people complaining about black people on TV, or transgendered characters in their video games.

Meanwhile, we have serious enemies who are making serious plans to further disenfranchise us.

we have no choice but to take a stab at imagining futuristic weaponry.

Ben Shapiro could make an openly pro “Boogaloo Movement” video because it was all about how the Boogaloo Boys were going to protect Jewish rabbis from “Democrats” in Brooklyn. If I made a “Boogaloo Movement” video I would get banned, and possibly arrested – because I’m not a privileged Jew like Ben Shapiro.

Similarly, Curtis Yarvin may not be considered a “full Jew” in New York City, but he absolutely is considered a “full Jew” in Northern California culture, thus despite being attacked a few time by another “half Jewish” computer programmer from Brooklyn, Yarvin’s Jewish enough to get the privilege to write about “futuristic weapons” he and his sponsors in Silicon Valley and the Neo-Conservative Zionist think-tank Claremont Institute want to develop to further control us.

The Mainstream Media keeps telling us that we’re in a “Cyber-War” and if that is true, please tell me how Google is not engaged in “cyber-war” against the American population specifically and the world generally?

The first order of business is to literally confiscate the property and bank accounts of the richest 500 or so people. This is far more humane than locking them up in solitary confinement.

President Donald Trump supported this policy in Saudi Arabia for the rivals of his son-in-law’s political partner. Why not here? The new sovereign needs to lock up Peter Thiel, and hundreds of others, in a hotel room and tell them, “transfer all the money to this account here and promise to support us and we’ll let you go.”

Otherwise, indefinite solitary confinement.

If you can’t handle this violation of Free Markets, then you aren’t serious about political power, you’re just a Sunday School teacher lecturing the children about following the rules that you just made up.

If Susan Lindauer can be locked in military prison for trying to stop 9/11, I don’t see why billionaires can’t be locked up in military prison for all sorts of reasons.