So the Republican state legislators apparently elected their own slate of electors last week, “at the request of the Trump” team, in case of “judicial outcomes.”

So the Trump fans say that Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, can simply “open” and report the votes of the Republican electors instead of the presumably “official” slate of electors.

Even if this causes some technical problem, the last resort of the state-by-state vote in Congress, which Republicans could win.

My take is simply that the Republican party does not want Trump to win.

If the Republicans were united behind Trump, they could have easily pressured the four state governments, the “swing states” that “swung” against Trump for Biden.

Republicans are experts are personal defamation – look how Tucker Carlson and Anne Coulter defamed the families of the victims of 9/11 in print and on TV – so if the Republicans really wanted to they could have trashed those specific governors and secretaries of state.

The best conspiracy theory I’ve read so far is that the Governor of Georgia’s daughter’s boyfriend was killed in a car accident, a message for him to not side with Trump.

I saw the picture, and like twice before in my memory, it sure looks like a car bomb to me.

During the Obama administration, there was a journalist that “crashed into a tree” and the entire car just erupted in flames. He was investigating the CIA about “The 9/11 Torture Scandal.”

This stuff works as propaganda because we have all seen cars explode on the Television shows, even though that is almost never what actually happens.

But you have seen far more car crashes on Television than you have in real life. So if someone says, “hey this published journalist investigating the CIA was driving down the road hit a tree and then his car exploded just like in the movies” you will think, yeah, ok, I saw that movie.

Really, it’s that simple. Even I can’t remember the guy’s name and it was only ten years ago.

“The 9/11 Torture Scandal” is turning out, before my eyes, to be a historical story. It’s a huge, massive, world-wide campaign of War Crimes done in the name of 9/11. All that bad stuff gets lumped under “The CIA 9/11 Torture Scandal.”

All the CIA criminals involved are still alive – some of them are doing podcasts apparently – so this is yet another thing, like 9/11 itself, or I guess the JFK assassination, that you are simply never allowed to “Break Kayfabe” about. Ever, because everyone is still alive, or if not, their hiers are still in charge. So everyone has to play along and anyone who doesn’t is a “crank” or a “conspiracy theorist.” Forever.

During the Obama years, the very first thing that he did was meet with “Progressive Activists” and tell them, no, I’m not shutting down Gitmo and no, we’re not going to investigate CIA torture. Thanks for your concern, now shut up and help me Reform Health Care And End Racism.

Occasionally the Democrats would try to throw some guy under the bus – if he was a Republican, or if they needed some sort of leverage in a UN org – but the pushback would be intense. The CIA even hacked into the Senate’s computer system being used to store the evidence.

The “conspiracy theories” about Chief Justice John Roberts were a big deal during his nomination, because the Internet was becoming mainstream and for the first time people could discuss these things on a wide scale.

The mainstream media would not touch the Monica Lewinsky scandal for months because it was such an “online conspiracy theory” published by “irresponsible web sites” not real journalists.

Then at some point the word goes out and the mainstream media turned the “Monica Lewinsky Conspiracy Theory” into major, international, 24/7 World Wide News.

Whoever controls the media …

The day after Trump won, Google held an emergency meeting and promised to make sure that something like Trump “never happened again.”

What they meant by this was that Americans used the social media to support Trump, give him good publicity, and to ignore the “issues” that the “mainstream media” had said they were supposed to discuss and drag their own interests into the conversation.

The CEOs of Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter all decided that Americans would never be allowed to use their platforms to advocate for the wrong candidate ever again. So, these companies have spend the last four years censoring and banning and “fact checking” and “debunking” all the Orange Man Bad people.

It would have been interesting to see the Republican party actually take on Silicon Valley, considering it’s a Democratic stronghold.

The Democrats attack the Republicans CEOs all the time. What do you think “green energy” and “global warming” are all about? They are attacks on primary industry that tends to lean Republican and support Republican candidates.

But the Republicans, probably completely correctly, knew that the “Mainstream Media” like the NYT, CBS, FOX, which always hated them, would side with the Silicon Valley social media companies to destroy the Republicans.

So, as usual, the Republican party just bent over and took it, like they always do, because that is their job.

Apparently now it’s Josh Hawley – he is the literal Employee of Israel that is being hired to play President. Hawley will be “MAGA” – all the empty flag waving and none of the substance of ending immigration, bringing jobs back, and stopping the wars.

They want someone with all the Jewish Zionism of Donald Trump but still positioned to attack Americans wanting to end immigration as “racist.” Border walls are fine for Jews and Israel, but it’s “RACIST” when Christians and Americans do it.

Why? Well, you know, because anyone who says otherwise gets defamed by the Anti-Defamation League, with the help of Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, NYT, ABC, CBS and now FOX.

As for John Roberts – they are all compromised. That is what FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds pointed out.

Remember – this is the Republican party that was led by “Serial Child Molestor” Dennis Hastert for 25 years.

I don’t even want to know what they have on Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Steven Breyer.