The CIA is a basically a world-class anthropology department, but with guns. — Some Guys On The Internet

Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Assange … can you guess what it is?

Hint: as the kids say, “smash early life.”

But it’s not what you think …

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.” — Aristotle

If you figure it out, congratulations, you’ve just discovered the greatest “conspiracy theory” of the 20th Century. Although it’s only a “conspiracy theory” because it’s not spoken of in polite company.

Except it kind of is spoken of in polite company, in fact, it’s an obsession of the aspiring American bourgeois – both the liberals and the conservatives, who not coincidentally have directly opposed beliefs about it.

In the waning days of Ceausescu’s rule in Communist Romania, it was the subject of a Western media “expose” that likely accelerated the downfall of that particular regime and perhaps the Communist world generally. Angela Nagle noticed it when she complained about “PMC attacks on the proletarian family.”

It’s hardly a new idea as there really are no new ideas.

Here is the thing though: conspirators aren’t always successful. In fact, conspirators often get hung up on ideas that fail and often fail spectacularly. Other times, things are tried that seem to work, then don’t seem to work, but maybe still seem to work enough compared to the alternative.

So just because someone tries some crazy scheme doesn’t mean they are some sort of Evil Genius – sometimes they themselves are just Evil Fools. And sometimes, plenty of times, their own schemes wind up biting them in their own proverbial ass.

The world’s a complicated place.

So what is it that Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Assange share that is more-or-less unique to the 20th Century, but is really just a very, very old idea retrofitted for the Industrial era?

My speculation, and it’s really more of just a hunch, is that in the American context one’s attitude towards the new practice of wearing “Covid-19 masks” in public may split along similar lines to those about the particular phenomenon we see in Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Assange.

Consider this: the Yankees who won the War Between the States were a specific class of people who became the undisputed ruling class of America after that war. Not coincidentally, this class immediately embarked on empire building.

What the Americans had done in North America since the colonial era was not Empire building – that was settlement – but what they did after the War Between the States was Empire building. Obviously, being that most of this new Imperial class were of British extraction, they naturally followed the British Imperial model, adapting it to fit their own needs and circumstances, while putting a unique American “Year Zero” imprint on it.

How do you make a Global Imperial Class – starting “from scratch?”