Lesson #1: Sell more than you buy. You need abacus? Just pulling your ham. China no use abacus. Use function graphing calculator. Plot time-value amoritization curve.

America only know how to plot shortest drive to Wendy.

Celebrate immediately America. Many job waiting on Buddha Island hurry come push button for others self amusement. Large step up from wearing store apron! Oh oh oh!

Contain your ejaculate you become overly excited. Must first demonstrate prior button pushing experience. How long you push button? What kind button you see self pushing in 5 year?

Ha ha ha. No cry. China not laughing with you China laughing at you. No actual jobs for American hillbillies here. If hillbilly want job go ask Dick Cheney.

Ha ha ha. We have big fun but now it time close door on America. While you busy Fighting War On Fear China busy taking all business and all control of world economy.

How war going? Any lucking killing Fear? Maybe bomb Anxiety first then work way up to Fear. Please no anguish China keep lending America plenty money for war. We know America good for 8,158 billion you owe. Oh oh hear you laughing at malfunction English translation. Maybe next year you make movie call 鬼佬 then we listen who laugh louder.

Once again it America who enjoying the monkey tail. Temporarily wait receiving text message it say translation not Enjoy Fragrant Monkey Tail American translation mean say Suck Ass.

Ha ha ha America you suck ass go fuck yourself.

“Ha Ha Ha America” – Dan Ligon, April 11, 2007