Pornhub Suspends All Content Uploaded by Unverified Users

Mastercard, Visa to block use of cards on Pornhub website

Conservatives, Libertarians Outraged PornHub Removes Child Pornography

In what is obviously a slippery slope danger to Free Speech, under pressure from Mastercard and Visa, MindGeek Inc. brand “” has removed pornographic videos of unknown provenance from their website. This comes as pressure mounts for MindGeek to stop publishing child pornography, rape, and and “revenge porn.”

Mastercard and Visa – along with SWIFT – have themselves pressured variously companies directly, or have redirected pressure against themselves onto other companies – for a long time. Various “alternative right” media creators, such as Red Ice, have been banned from Mastercard and Visa for promoting indigenous European religious ideas and criticism of the Zionist Jew lobby such as ADL and AIPAC. Infamously the entire nation of Iran and anyone with a suspiciously Persian sounding last name is denied access to the international money exchange network SWIFT and the credit card monopoly Visa/Mastercard.

But conservatives and right-wingers considered this acceptable because Mastercard and Visa are “private companies.”

But if conservatives and libertarians are not able to masturbate compulsively to videos of underage girls being trafficked, it’s a travesty and a violation of the Sacred Principle of Free Speech and Capitalism.

Many Republicans have suggested that the moves by Mastercard and Visa are “Anti-Semitic.” Since the exploitation of underage girls is often engaged in by Jewish Zionists such as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, objections to this business is rooted in “anti-semitism,” hatred of Jews, and possibly connected to Adolph Hitler.

In related news, liberal Democrats on the website have announced they will join forces with the conservative libertarians because even the slightest restriction on their compulsive masturbation to videos of underage girls being raped is a violation of their civil rights.

Radical Far Right Fascists such as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer have warned of a Feminist Plot to take away porn, posting from an illegal child slave brothel in Cambodia that Harvey Weinstein Did Nothing Wrong.