I’ve decided to start a Racist Central Intelligence Agency. Please submit links to people, blogs, slogans, talking points, videos, facts, etc., that will be useful to the RCIA.

If possible, categorize people as potential Officers, Agents, or Assets. Officers form the inner core, the employees. Agents are fellow travelers. Assets are able to be turned to our purposes, willingly or not.

Also encouraged: LEGAL yet sneaky tactics.

An example: the Vietnamese journalist Andy Ngo is hated by Antifa. I once watched a video of a masked Antifa “heckling” Ngo. It had nothing to do with politics, or even “para-politics.” It was a series of personal attacks, and what really stuck in my memory was the Antifa’s constant refrain to Ngo that “no one likes you.”

It was high-school level stuff – but that stuff works. It reminded me of a Scientologist confronting “Suppressive Persons” – some of those videos may still be on Youtube and are worth watching to see this technique in action.

For instance: say there is a small town in Maine that is a target for “refugee resettlement.” The point person of this program is a specific person in that town working for one of the agencies.

What are some LEGAL tactics to derail this agenda? What are some illegal tactics that would be effective but must be avoided for legality’s sake?