If you’re committed enough, you can make any story stick. I once convinced a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked, because I believed it. — Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul

Back in the 1960’s they called it “the liberal CIA” – that was the faction around the Congress of Cultural Freedom – that funded and publicized a “cultural left” that all of a sudden made Communism uncool.

In Italy, they had to do it the old fashion way: terrorism. The Commies were using terrorism, so the Liberals would use terrorism too, and blame it on the Commies. Hence, Operation Gladio. But for the rest of Europe cultural liberalism worked far better and with less bloodshed – no need to literally plant explosives in the railway stations.

Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in London and what the John Birch Society never understood is that the capital of the Worldwide Communist Conspiracy was not Moscow – it was New York.

So now this quite interesting article from Counter-Currents gives a glimpse into how the Liberals did it:

I think it was Yarvin that said Joe McCarthy thought he was just attacking a few Commie spies in the State Department. What McCarthy didn’t know is that he was attacking the root of the Liberal establishment.

The smarter of the right-wingers, like Leon Skouson after reading Carrol Quigley, did finally realize that Liberalism always had the upper hand and the Communists were the “outer party” – the Liberals were the Harlem Globetrotters and the Communists were the Washington Nationals.

You know who else knew it? Mikhail Bulgakov. In The Master and Margarita, Wotan’s Ball is based on the real life American embassy party in 1935:

Critics believe Bulgakov drew from this extravagant event for his novel. In the middle of the Great Depression and Stalinist repression, Bullitt had instructed his staff to create an event that would surpass every other Embassy party in Moscow’s history. The decorations included a forest of ten young birch trees in the chandelier room; a dining room table covered with Finnish tulips; a lawn made of chicory grown on wet felt; a fishnet aviary filled with pheasants, parakeets, and one hundred zebra finches, on loan from the Moscow Zoo; and a menagerie including several mountain goats, a dozen white roosters, and a baby bear.

The Communists had been in power for well over a decade at that point, and the workers in the Worker’s Paradise were toiling away in slave conditions while the American Liberals were hosting their Russian counterparts at parties that would make John D. Rockefeller blush with envy. As for the Soviet ruling class, well – the anti-semites are correct, as usual – there was a Jewish class ruling Russia and a Jewish class ruling America, and in realpolitik, Capitalism vs. Communism is basically Coke vs. Pepsi: two names for brown sugar water that differ in branding more than substance.

But “the Jew thing” isn’t enough to understand it – it’s necessary for that particular situation, but not sufficient to understand the phenomenon generally, and you can see the same basic Imperialist pattern even where no Jews are present.

Sometimes people get hung up on whether or not political actors “really mean it.” This is sort of like getting hung up about the car dealer – does he really think this car is a good fit for me, or is he just lying to make a sale?”

When Lenin and his compatriots were planning their revolution, I am sure they – more or less – convinced themselves that they were the true representatives of the Working Class. Lenin was not one to get into arcane arguments with ideologues either – Lenin’s “democratic centralism” made it clear. The Ruling Class is a specialization of the Working Class – “Intellectual Workers” – therefore the Will of the Working Class is to have a dictator that is one of them, and Lenin is not just one of them, but the best representative of the Russian Working Class.

And so were all of his friends.

In fact, at least until 2010, this was the official ideology of whichever Maoist sect is still active on the fringes of American leftism. The Chairman was selected by a Democratic process based on Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory, therefore whatever decisions he makes are the best decisions possible, proven by Scientific Socialism.

No need to really delve too deeply into the psychology either. Marxist intellectuals, betraying their Talmudic roots, love “pilpul.” It’s not just Jews either. You really want a good time? Go read an early 20th Century Scottish Presbyterian explaining presuppositional apologetics.

Thank God they invented computer programming to give these high-functioning autistics something useful to do.

You know, they made fun of Herman Cain – a BLACK MAN – for basing his tax policy on the video game Sim City 4 but when a WHITE MAN does it everyone says he’s a genius.

And they tell me racism is dead!

The basic selling point of Communism was, “hey, all you factory workers, why should that snooty family over there own the factory? We’re the ones who built it and we’re the ones who do all the work. We should own it.”

As usual, it’s even easier to understand in American:

“They did not find the gold, they did not mine the gold, they did not mill the gold, but by some weird alchemy all the gold belonged to them!” – Big Bill Haywood

The reason why Communism was ever taken seriously is because – well, how can you argue with it?

For much of my lifetime, and the lifetime of my father, US foreign policy in Latin America was based around something called “Land Reform.”

The specifics of land reform are not important, instead what is important is understanding how “Land Reform” shows how Libertarianism – and, by extension, all Capitalism – is absurd, ridiculous even.

1950, some unnamed Latin American country. Half the country are farmers, living on land owned by a guy who inherited the land from his father, who in turn … etc., etc., … going all the way back to when the land was granted to Great-Great-Great Grandfather – who was a general in Cortez’s army – by King Spaniard himself.

I mean, just put yourself in the shoes of some Latin American peasant hearing this. “I have to pay 20% of my crops to this guy, because some guy named “King Something” somewhere across the ocean somehow came to own the land my ancestors have worked since the Sun was born and gave it to those guys?”

I can already hear the right-wing loons, from the libertarian cranks to the racists, cracking their knuckles in preparation for the blistering debunking they will type in the comment box. Incentives! IQ!

And sure, a lot of those brown peasants are perfectly good farmers, but not necessarily the kind of competent bureaucrats that it takes to run an enterprise. Farming is planting seeds and harvesting crops. Managing agricultural enterprise is a completely different set of skills. In fact, the best managers would likely be better served learning subjects other than horticulture.

The worst people on earth are Republican-affiliated interns working at “Free Market” think tanks in Washington DC. If the Democrats really worship Satan while raping and cannibalizing children in the basement of Comet Ping-Pong, they STILL could not be as evil as a 20 something white farm boy from Indiana who somehow managed to snag a summer trip to DC in return for writing a bunch of self-justifying gibberish based on fantasy accounting – i.e., selling his soul to the Devil.

If you want to see True Evil, in the flesh, just find Paul Ryan’s official publicity photo. The Bible says that even the Devil can quote Scripture, but Ryan’s Bible has always been Atlas Shrugged. While normal human beings – the kind with souls – were in college discussing the Great Ideas, Ryan – by his own admission – was reading Ayn Rand and fantasizing about throwing old people off of Medicare.

Really if the Republicans had won in 2008, Paul Ryan would have probably done a Photo Op personally pulling the plug on some old lady’s life support after giving a lecture about actuarial tables.

So forgive me if I simply don’t take Satanic High Priest Paul Ryan at face value when he tells me how “socialism” has “ruined” Venezuela. First thing, define “Venezuela” – it’s a lot harder than you think. Hugo Chavez, Brown Strongman, took control of the oil revenues and passed out a bunch of graft and welfare to his people, the poor brown people of Venezuela. The Venezuelan equivalents of Paul Ryan complained.

I don’t need some White ideologue telling me that Chavez’ brown thugs are not particularly competent at running an oil enterprise. I know that. All I’m saying is, if I were a brown Venezuela peasant, I’d be voting for Chavez too – and then his brother, and then his son, etc.

My Great Aunt and my Uncle never spoke for years, because at some point in the 1980’s, my Uncle, a Young Ronald Reagan Republican, went on a tirade against FDR to my Great Aunt, saying that FDR was just a no good commie. My Great Aunt tried to explain – you don’t understand. We lived in a shack and couldn’t afford shoes until FDR.

No, my Uncle insisted, the Free Market would have done it better!

You know why the Christians lost the Culture War? Because all they did was whine about the “bad morals” in the movies, but they never bothered to make any themselves – and when they did, they sucked.

The same “limited government conservatives” who complain that welfare should be the province of the civil society, not the government, are the same people who stripped mined every social institution in the name of Capitalism to the point that none of these Civil Society Institutions work anymore.

They say that “Communism doesn’t work.” Nonsense. Sure, Communist doesn’t “work” at establishing the Worker’s Paradise. One man’s Utopia is another man’s Dystopia.

But Communism was never about the Utopian vision. In reality, “Scientific Socialism” was really a tactic – one that the Liberals finally perfected in the 1990’s and now goes under the name “Color Revolution.”

Communism, in its own context, and in its own time, perfectly found the weak point in existing societies that were transitioning from Agriculture Feudalism to Industrial Capitalism: “ownership of the means of production.” By using the thin end of that wedge, Communists were able to transfer legal ownership of the Factories from a small group of Capitalists to a small group of Communists.

It was merely an exchange of paperwork, a deed transfer.

Now when the Commies were unable to get the Germans to turn over their newly built industrial wealth to a bunch of Jewish Communists, and in fact, would much rather rally behind a White German version of Brown Hugo Chavez – you know who – well, all the Commies fled to New York.

Obviously, the Rockefellers were not going to pay a bunch of Jewish Marxists to organize Labor Unions and convince Americans to transfer the ownership of factories from the Rockefellers to Jewish Communists. So instead the Jews said, “you know, there are other fracture points in a society. Instead of a class war between Capitalists and Proletarians, we could create constant civil war based on ‘Social Class’ – White vs. Black, Men vs. Women, Urban vs. Rural, Straight Vs. Gay – really, the combinations are infinite!”

This actually worked really, really well for Capitalists. Instead of the workers meeting to plan the next Sit Down Strike and demand better wages, they could instead spend all day, every day, arguing about which pronouns to call each other.

You want to talk oppression? Forget the Wall Street 1% that owns everything and how the 99% has to work all day making the rich richer. What about fat girls? All the models on TV are skinny and pretty. Now THAT is oppression! What about some Equality over here? Down With Skinny Privilege!

The John Birchers were convinced that Eleanor Roosevelt was just a dupe of the Commies. Has anyone ever thought that maybe the Liberals around FDR were, in fact, far more savvy than the Communists?

Is it possible – maybe, just maybe – that the Roosevelts KNEW that the American Youth Congress was a Communist front? We see what happened when they booed Lady Eleanor – they got replaced quickly with another front group, one likely not controlled by the Communist party, the International Students Service.

As a long time fan of David McGowan, I love the Laurel Canyon stories of the 1960’s Rock Stars and their spooky connections to the CIA and drug cartels. Was Jim Morrison of the Doors REALLY Military Intelligence?

Was the entire “Hippie Peace Thing” really just a way to make the real Anti-War movement look bad? Surely, that would take a mind so devious it begs for a supernatural explanation.

But if you look back at the FDR years, and what the Communist party was doing in the Arts at the time, you see something really interesting.

Woody Guthrie was a popular folk singer. The story says he never joined the Communist party, but no one even pretends he wasn’t a Fellow Traveler. To suggest that Communist party officials wrote his lyrics would be considered a “conspiracy theory” but YOU try to write an Anti-War Folk song about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, then two years later start writing Pro-War Anthems about “Bashing the Fash.”

Back during the Cass Sunstein days the “Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theories” were spammed all over the Internet, and I’m not going to say that Woody Guthrie was a “Crisis Actor.”

But he wasn’t a farmer. He wasn’t a factory worker. He grew up middle class in New York City and traveled the country on the Communist Party’s dime – dressed up like a factory worker, or a farmer.

Americans are really gullible when it comes to costumes. Look how Americans have all decided that wearing a thin piece of cloth on their face makes them a microbiologist! I’ll never forget how, after the 9/11 attacks, Israeli Jews put turbans on their heads and claimed to be “Al Qaeda” and ABC, CBS, and NBC played along, giving them free publicity to rile up the public like Professional Wrestling Heels. Only FOX spilled the beans – figure that one out, Progressives, it was FOX News that finally put an end to the constant Islamophobia being pushed by the liberal networks ABC, CBS, and NBC. You want to know why, progressives? Just look at how many open Zionists run your “progressive movement.” That’s why the Palestinian cause “just never seems to catch on, Gosh darn, we just can’t figure out why!”

After the war, the dumber faction of the Liberals, called “Conservatives,” would freak out about folk groups like The Weavers. Look – McCarthy was right. The Weavers were Commies. The Weavers were singing and writing overt Communist propaganda.

So, what did the Conservatives want to do? Conservatives were so worried that the public would be “tricked” by the Communist propaganda of the Weavers they wanted to ban them. Conservatives – remember, the dumber faction of Liberalism – even wanted to ban It’s A Wonderful Life because “Ayn Rand” – real name, “Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum” – told them a movie about a White small town finding something more important than money was “Communist propaganda.”

The smarter faction of Liberalism – called “Liberals” – scoffed. You think The Weavers are going to convince people to join the Communist party? You think our Capitalist Empire can be felled by folk music?

Watch this!

Would you rather sing folks songs about The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, or about The Beautiful People sunning themselves on California Beaches in the Promised Land of Free Love?

You know, they even got Woody’s Guthrie’s son. His folks songs weren’t about his father’s Communist struggle for the workers – no, Guthrie Jr.’s songs were about pot smoking hippies fighting the Man giving them tickets for littering.

In the 1980’s Conservatives also went ballistic about “Rap Music.” It was getting political. Public Enemy was making music videos lionizing the Black Panthers and anti-white violence, and Ice Cube was rapping about police brutality.

The conservatives shouldn’t have worried – Hollywood had it in hand. Sure, Public Enemy was like intellectual and all, but what would you rather do, talk about some weird political shit, or smoke Chronic with Dr. Dre while rocking these bad ass Nikes?

You can call it a “conspiracy” or even “MK-Ultra Mind Control,” but normal people call it “marketing and advertising.”

And the proof is in the pudding. The USSR is long gone, no one has said the phrase “international proletariat” in decades, and even Communist China is Capitalist – just plain old Coke repackaged in Pepsi bottles.

Global Capitalism Abides.