OK, even I’m surprised. The Israelis are doubling-down on the “Martian UFO” thing.


Religion, including of the “occult” and “New Age” variety, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

I was mostly kidding when I wrote about the Department of Defense using their “UFO Martian” stories to distract from important issues current at the time, namely, the Israel lobby, Iran, Epstein and Maxwell, etc.

But now, someone I’m assured is a “respected” retired Israeli military officer heavily involved in space and satellites is claiming that Donald Trump and Jews have a special arrangement with the “joint U.S.-Israeli-Galactic Federation project on Mars.”

I mean, why not? It’s really more relevant to the modern era than fairy tales about “Ancient Israelite Kings And Prophets” and how the Jews have some sort of secret arrangement with God himself.

If there really were Martians, and they came to earth, I’d bet money the Jews would have a delegation out there, weaving their fake mythology into the Martian’s.

Back in the Roman era, Jews used to plagiarize books like Plato and literally insert their own characters, like Moses, into them. So you’d have Plato, breaking character, saying, “and this I learned from the Jew Moses who invented philosophy.”

Something I’ve observed in 20 years of Internet discourse, anytime a political issue involving Jews or Israel comes up, an over-reactive and suspiciously defensive Jewish teenager will pipe in about how we “goyims” would all be dead if it wasn’t for Jonas Salk and his vaccine.

Really, this conversation has been had a million times on the Internet in the last 20 years:

Goy: You know, Israel should really stop killing so many Palestinians and just make them citizens.

Jew: Anti-semite! You’d all be dead if it wasn’t for Jonas Salk! Do you know how many Nobel prizes Jews have won? NAZI!

It’s all rather tiresome.

Oh, by the way. God never told anyone to chop off the tips of little baby’s dicks. Literally Jews just made that shit up, because they are fucked up.

You know what is also tiresome? The ridiculous talking point that “Evangelical Christians” are actually the ones pushing all that pro-Israel stuff in the foreign policy establishment.

Because – as well all know – some little old Christian lady in Texas, scrounging up change to send to a Televangelist preacher, is the reason the entire foreign policy establishment has had to change the very fundamental concept of their discipline – the idea that “states act in their own interests” – because of the “curious” case of the United States and its relationship to Israel.

The simple and obvious explanation – Jews are a ruling class in America and use America’s military to advance the interests of their state, Israel – is an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory.”

What is simple – Jews paying politicians to do what they want, and leveraging their media power to defame their political opponents – is too obvious, so you get no intellectual points for pointing out the obvious.

Instead, you get more Internet Points by coming up with very clever ways to ignore the obvious – see, the entire “Moldbuggery Sphere.”

The basic gimmick: describe an elephant without mentioning the trunk. Describe a giraffe without mentioning its neck.

It’s considered “low class” to say, “well an elephant has a long trunk.” That’s “simple minded” and you’re really ignoring the complexities of the situation, because you just focus on the obvious, like noses.

In hindsight, the slogan “No War For Oil” was brilliant by taking the attention off of the reality: Israel, Zionists, Jews, and AIPAC. In reality, the oil industry – Exxon, etc., – not only had no interest in the Iraq war, it cost them billions.

It was the Israel Lobby – the JEWS – that were the cause of the Iraq war, not some energy executive in Houston. The record could not be more clear. Even Obama, in his latest book, calls out AIPAC. In 2002-2006, dozens of Democrats, a handful of Republicans, and many various rather establishment types, talked about the Israel lobby’s influence on the war.

But then “left-wingers” like Noam Chomsky and “right-wingers” like Curtis Yarvin would show up and spend an extraordinary effort to muddy the waters and distract everyone from what was obvious.

Isn’t it interesting that any critic of Jews or Israel, on the left or the right, get tarred as “extremists” and “fringe” and “far-” something or other?

To be mainstream is to support Israel, 100%, while at the same time acting like Jews and Israel have no power and influence at all.

Now – apparently – we’re all supposed to believe that the Magical Land Of Israel has a special relationship with The Martians, and the “King of Israel” Donald Trump is secretly negotiating with the Martians to save earth from the Deep State Pedos like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, you know – “LIBERALS” – who were just like the Nazis one supposes.

But not because of their Zionism – thanks to Donald Trump, the US government considers it officially “anti-semitic” to draw comparisons between Israeli Jew Zionism and German National Socialism.

For much of the 20th Century, especially the post-war years, “Space Aliens” were elevated to a real folk religion. It was intimately connected to the various “New Age” style stuff.

Hollywood movies are full of jokes about it, too, the “New Age Crystal” types who had been “anally probed” by “Martians.”

Now the Jews will be our Special Representatives To the Martian Space Federation and Israel will become the new capital of a United Earth.

Really, if I said this stuff, I’d be accused of being an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist” cribbing from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

But I can’t help but notice it. Curtis Yarvin’s “Neo-Cameralism” is literally straight out of the Protocols, even to the point of LARPing as monarchists. It’s just damn uncanny.

Now that the Bible religion just doesn’t cut it, well, now Jews are Magical Spiritual Space Beings in Communion With Our Martian Friends in Space.

Hail Saint Salk.