VoxDay tells us, “Stay cool, stand back, and stand by.” If I understand him correctly, “the courts had their chance” and presumably didn’t take it, so now Trump is saying “you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days” and Vox suggests that after Trump unleashes … whatever … it will be easy to understand “how no one saw it coming.”


Meanwhile, the Fantasy Monarchists of the NRx-o-sphere have retreated into full LARP Dream World:


I miss the days when Jim Donald would explain the symbolic significance of the color of Trump’s ties and tie it back to 17th Century English anti-Puritan fashion. I mean, I miss those days in the sense it was more entertaining than whatever fiction they are writing now.

Even their fearless leader, (((Mencuis Moldbug))) is now thrown to the side as a “namefag” because he’s not, I guess, predicting Trump will “Cross the Rubicon” which is NRx speak for their Fantasy Coup.

Hey – I’ve already admitted I’m terrible at predictions and get them wrong all the time. But I’m not really holding my breathe for Ted Cruz to argue for Texas in the Supreme Court that state legislatures should select the electors. I mean, I mentioned that but it was mostly tongue-in-cheek to keep the drama going for a while.

If anything exciting happens before January 20th, it’s likely to be Trump escalating the war with Iran so as to give Biden a head start.

Am I wrong?

Back when it mattered I would have made something of a funny fact I’ve learned: Hunter Wallace of OD is doing podcasts with Richard Spencer and Matt Parrott, who is apparently back in “the movement.” They are all on the anti-Trump train now and, I guess, drumming up drama to rhetorically “attack” GOP establishment conservatives – always a good thing – but really, who cares?

“They” told us we had to vote for Trump because he was the “Shelling Point” for White America and the GOP is now the White Party, so just lie back and enjoy it.

I’m personally not prepared to spend the next six weeks engaging in even more Trump fantasy, nor do I believe that Richard Spencer or Matt Parrott have anything interesting to say, at all, on any subject. In 2015, it was possible to think Spencer could finesse some sort of quasi-populist “movement” even if it was online. Clearly, obviously, he did not succeed.

If these NRx “God Emperor” types were anywhere even close to this galaxy, Trump would have arrested Rosa Brooks when she announced the Transition Integrity Project. But Trump didn’t because he couldn’t – he didn’t have the power.

Remember the last five years of Hyperventilating Drama about Trump’s “Red Empire” of Manly Military Men taking on the Blue Empire of pencil-necked globalist geeks?

America can’t win any wars because the military is too colored and too gay. Also, the economy is on the verge of hyperinflationary collapse Any Day Now, because the dollar is on its last legs, and we’re all going to starve to death as the food supply lines break down. Then the urbanites will starve and Rural America, who has all the guns and grows the food, will surround the cities or whatever.

It’s quite likely – it’s 100% certain – that not a single pro-Trump, Alt-Right, and NRx blogger has ever grown a single tomato, so I’m just going to have to take a pass on listening to these people LARP as farmers.

Even me – a hipster – has actually grown my own vegetables, killed my own chickens, and gutted my own game.

So that means I’m prolier-than-thou. I’ve spent a solid week with a chainsaw and trees and finished with a winter’s worth of firewood. Have they? By the way, chopping firewood is an excellent workout, but it’s easy to throw your back out if you do it wrong.

I cringe thinking of those arguments, back in 2015, when you had to take some teenage troll talking about “fascism” seriously because the DS spam campaign was fully funded. Remember when they were all telling us how at least Anglin is funny? Remember when Greg Johnson of CC declared that he and Anglin were the new leaders of the Alt Right?

Here’s a fun experiment: go online and find a group picture of a bunch of late teens. The girls will be dressed in t-shirts with butterflies and flowers and fairies. The boys will be in similar t-shirts, but they will have skulls and skeletons and fire and demons.

You know, boys have the puppy dog tails and girls are sugar and spice.

90% of the “Alt Right” was nerdy guys posting the equivalent of selfies competing for “likes” but instead of pictures it was political rhetoric. The most upvotes? Whoever could convincingly posture as a serious “Fascist” and tell us – yet again – how George Lincoln Rockwell was just trying to “break through the media blackout” with his “stunts.” Also all the Helicopter Ride memes.

Sure – nobody’s fault but mine, as a blogger I participated, but I swear I never meant it. I’m just a racist liberal. I didn’t even vote for Trump, I thought he was a joke from the beginning.

All these “dissident” right-wingers apparently believe in “fascism” in precisely the way that Trotsky defined it – in fact I’ve always found it difficult to tell if these “fascists” were actually sincere or just literal Communists trolling.

So all these dissident right-wingers say that we need a Man on the White Horse, that’s the Schelling point.

So, what’s next? Frankly I’m looking for a “Post-Right.” I just don’t see anything on the “Right” as interesting anymore. And please, too, spare me the “Nazbol” thing – that was a joke, to scare off libertarian cranks. Jesus was wrong – being poor sucks and there is no wisdom to be found in poverty, just like there is no wisdom to be found in oppression.

What is the next Schelling point? Something that people like us will naturally rally around without any central coordination?

If you say “Donald Trump Jr.” I swear to God I will ban you.