Trump won more votes than he did last time, and the Republicans beat the Democrats in the Congressional elections, yet we’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden won more votes than Barack Obama, and indeed, any candidate in American history.

Perhaps it should have been obvious what was going on when this article was published way back on July 1, 2020:

Hundreds Of Former Bush Officials Unite To Endorse Joe Biden

The group — 43 Alumni for Biden, a reference to Bush, the 43rd president — described its formation as an effort to restore “the principles of unity, tolerance and compassion to the greatest elected office in the world.” “For four years, we have watched with grave concern as the party we loved has morphed into a cult of personality that little resembles the party of Lincoln and Reagan,” said Karen Kirksey, the group’s director.

“Establishment” Republican Mitt Romney voted to impeach Trump, and the Bush dynasty was quite clear that they never supported Trump.

Trump fans want to see this as Trump being a “true outsider” against the “RINOs” – Republicans In Name Only. But it’s always simply been the fact that Donald Trump is a Democrat, not a Republican, and a liberal, not a conservative. He comes from New York City – the capital of the Blue States – not anywhere in Red State America. That goes for Trump’s entire family, and his entire political, business, and personal network.

Nevertheless, most actual Republican voters, including some of the most ideologically conservative, didn’t care. They supported Trump – Trump is objectively popular. When you consider actual Americans – read: white Americans not recent “immigrants” – it’s even more obvious. Trump won the American vote in a near landslide.

Trump has a mandate.

Unfortunately for many Trump fans, they are being taken in by transparently false propaganda designed to seemly support Trump while in actuality being designed to discredit him and his voters demanding exposure of election fraud.

One particularly odious propagandist is Major General Thomas Mcinerney.

In sum, McInerney said that “The Kraken” is the nickname of the 305th military intelligence battalion; that The Kraken identified China, Iran, and Russia as being involved in using the Hammer & Scorecard system to manipulate American votes; that the servers used for this were in a CIA facility in Frankfurt; that special forces raided the facility; and that there were casualties – in other words, exactly what Mike Adams reported.

This is the same McInerney that, back in 2006, made up a ridiculous lie that the reason Bush “couldn’t find WMD’s” in Iraq was because Saddam Hussein – with the help of Vladimir Putin – smuggled Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction across the border to Syria, which was next on the list of “seven countries in five years” the US was supposed to invade after 9/11.

Well, I believe that — that [Saddam Hussein] had [WMD] and then the Russians convinced him, because they sent a team in, a Spetsnaz [Russian Special Forces] team in, and they moved those weapons into three locations in Syria and one into Bekaa Valley. And they did it very thoroughly. They were very professional. They were Spetsnaz with GRU. They knew exactly where all the material was, because they were preventing the inspectors from finding it. And then they had a brilliant what they call mass deroka — deception — campaign. When the Iraqi survey group didn’t find anything, then they spread throughout the capitals of Europe and the U.N: “See, there were no WMD.”

Please notice how McInerney hits all of these specific notes: McInerney claims the Russians did this to discredit George W. Bush and the United States in the eyes of Europe. Those who were aware at that time understands the political and emotional ploys at work here: the Snooty Europeans, especially the French, who were wimps that wouldn’t support the war, were really being tricked by the Russians – and George W. Bush was right all along about the Weapons of Mass Destruction, despite what the “Blame America First Liberals” had to say.

Remember one of the reasons Trump won is because he was the first Republican to tell the truth about George W. Bush and his lies about Iraq.

Now McInerney is back, supposedly on Trump’s side, peddling blatant and obvious fiction, meant to appeal to the emotions of disappointed Trump fans. If it reads like fiction from Tom Clancy, that is because it is literature in the same genre.

How long until they simply drop these stories about CIA director Gina Haspel being killed by pro-Trump SOP’s in Germany? Just like they dropped the stories about Russians sneaking WMD’s into Syria?

Perhaps it takes a certain amount of self-awareness. Conservatives worship the uniformed military, thus the “Loyal Troops vs. the Treasonous CIA/Deep State” narrative appeals to them.

It’s also a basic bitch beer commercial, isn’t it?

Remember when Guinness came out with those “manhood” commercials? There was a soft focus commercial showing stereotypical “manly” things, with the music, then the manly men drinking Guinness.

It used to be that ordering a Guinness was a sure-tell that you didn’t know anything about beer and probably thought your local cookie-cutter “Irish pub” down the street was “authentic.” Then, ordering a Guinness became a sure-tell that you were ordering masculinity by the glass in the male version of what making a “Duck Face” is to ugly girl’s selfies.

So the Republican astroturfers have been selling this “Real Troops vs. CIA Deep State” thing for a while now. Remember the absurdity about Trump’s speech at CIA headquarters in the first weeks of his Presidency? He made some comment about the “columns” in the room and the Trump Trolls turned it into a secret message that Trump was giving to the “Loyal Americans at CIA” vs. the “Disloyal Globalist Fifth Column” – get it? Trump mentioned the columns in a QAnon-style “code” before the QAnon thing itself.

If you’re a bit smarter than a Trump Republican, but still a right-winger, you instead see this as “Blue Empire” vs. “Red Empire.” So, that’s the Jim Donald/NRx thing. Because Army Generals are very smart and very educated men, typically with PhD’s, Trump decided to sideline the “Blue Empire” of the State Department and the CIA and instead rely on the “Red State” Pentagon officials.

So of course you want to be on the side of the Honorable Manly Troops, not the sneaky, feminine DC Bureaucrats in the State Department, soft diplomats afraid of Hard Power. Real Men Do It Hard. Get it? Hard Power – that’s what she said!

Whether or not the CIA is the friend or the enemy depends on which party is in the White House. When the Bushes were in the White House, liberals hated the CIA. When Clinton and Obama were in the White House, liberals loved the CIA.

When Trump won, any half-way attractive woman who once interned at some throw-away CIA front could open an account on Twitter calling herself @ResistenceSpyChick and get thousands of “likes.” This was a rebirth of the Valerie Plame mythology.

Isn’t it interesting that Trump’s own CIA pick, Gina Haspel, is now starring as the Bad Guy in McInerney’s cheesy and melodramatic “Raid On Dominion Election Fraudsters In Germany” short story?

But please – give Clancey his due – McInerney’s fiction is more on the level of Dan Brown than Sum of All Fears.

When you are being presented as the Hero in an Epic, be assured the fiction is being written for you.

When you’re ready to stop being entertained by flattering fiction, you may just find that the reality is at least more interesting, if not more emotionally satisfying, than whatever bullshit Republican con artists are selling.

Trump isn’t being overthrown by the Deep State because he was a “nationalist” against “globalism.” Trump didn’t build a wall and he didn’t stop immigration. He never gave “America First” more than lip service. Trump has always been a loyal agent of the foreign Likud party – nothing more, nothing less.

Trump was always “Israel First.” Of course he is – his entire family is Jewish with Israeli citizenship.

Trump was overthrown by the Deep State because he’s a loyal servant of the Likud party, and Likud is embarrasing the Jews that matter. Joe “I’m a Zionist, You Don’t Have To Be A Jew To Be A Zionist” Biden will bring things back to the Bush-Obama consensus:

Slow Genocide Of Americans and Palestinians, Not Fast Genocide of Americans and Palestinians.

Thomas McInerney is a bullshit artist, a lying propagandist, selling the same old shit he always did. Frankly – so is Trump.

Trump isn’t even really trying to win – he is sulking away with his tail between his legs because he doesn’t want to risk a cushy retirement for himself and his Jewish family. While his fans were being beaten in the streets by Antifa, Trump was shitposting on Twitter and playing golf.

The Republican party doesn’t want Trump to win either, for all sorts of reasons.

Trump is no hero – he’s a villain, but a particular incompetent one who doesn’t have the personal or political chops to keep the Empire going. The Democrats pretend that Trump is Hitler, but it’s YOU they hate, not him. They know Trump is not Hitler, but they really do believe that you are a “Nazi.”

Don’t let the Republicans trick you into shitposting about a non-entity like Kamala Harris – do you really think that “AOC” and the Muslim woman in Minnesota have any political power?

They are distractions. The real enemy is a lot closer.

Don’t be fooled by the ideologues and autists either. The enemy is not a “system” and beware of false dilemmas. The enemies are actual people, people who have political power, and wield that power in their interests.

Beware of flatterers — Proverbs 29:2