Imagine a racially diverse Black Gospel choir, dressed as nurses wearing Covid masks, singing a Christmas anthem celebrating global neo-liberal capitalism, on a human face, forever.

Sure no one “watches TV” anymore. They “consume content” from Youtube on their smart phones. But the content comes from the same TV companies.

Content, on a human face, forever.

Some people like to read. So there is the New York Times, and other AP newspapers, and the second and third tier of “online magazines” and blogs that comment on the first tier, and the nth tier bloggers that react to them (this is where the “dissidents” live.)

They call it “the Attention Economy.” “Attention points” – “data” – are the same as money now, there’s a highly efficient market for “site traffic” and ads.

Right-wing conservatives, especially the libertarian types, all believe this is a “free market” but you can see what happened to even fourth-tier blogs when they started actually succeeding in a “free market” – they got shut down and censored at the first sign of trouble. Not by the government – by Capitalists.

All the fourth tier and lower bloggers ever did was comment on what the “mainstream media” did, because that is all people know.

It’s still a broadcast media and allowing trolls to comment is about as two-way as it gets.

If I were the Dictator, the very first thing I would do is send troops to occupy the offices of Banks and Media companies. Control those two – they are the same institutionally – and you control the society.

All the Second Amendment types will shoot whoever the Media tells them to shoot and whoever the Banks pay them to shoot.

Mao was right. I’m having a harder and harder time seeing how the Communists were wrong about anything.