Trump, if you want to set your place in history, release all of the 9/11 documents. Not just the 28 pages about the Saudis, the whole shebang. It’s been 20 years, there is no reason for any of it to be classified.

Democrats are outraged Trump might bring troops home from Afghanistan before Biden gets a chance to widen the war.

Note too that they are using this opportunity to demand an influx of “refugees” from Afghanistan to the US, which of course makes zero sense of any kind. You go blow up a country, spend 20 years waging war against them, then you import their children to get revenge?

Of course none of these refugees will be placed with the warmongering Democrats and Republicans and their defense contractor sponsors, nor the Israel lobbyists responsible for twenty years of war crimes and terrorism.

No, they are going to dump a bunch of foreigners in some small white town in Maine or Idaho, then call the Americans living there “racist” if they complain about the terrorism and crime.

Consider: the Washington Post is the mainstream newspaper of the Imperial Capital, Washington DC.

Now, read the comment section. There is virtually NO serious discussion of US foreign policy, war, the history of the Afghanistan war – 9/11 – nothing. A handful of comments posted of platitudes.

No, the vast majority of comments are of the variety “Orange Man Bad” and read as if the commenter had just finished binge-watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

It is … frightening … that these are seemingly the most active citizens politically. It’s also simply possible that the Washington Post heavily censors their comment section. The New York Times is even worse. That’s the “mainstream news.”