If I were a bullshit artist, I’d tell you that Trump did this on purpose, maybe to expose the Israel lobby after Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed him in the back.

But Trump has no idea who this guy is – he just came along for the ride because Trump fired Esper who was mad Trump used him for the stupid photo-op holding the Bible.


A newly appointed senior adviser at the Pentagon has said on at least two occasions that “Israeli lobby” money is responsible for Washington’s support for Jerusalem, and accused high level officials, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, of becoming “very, very rich” as a result of their support for Israel


“You have to look at the people that donate to those individuals,” Macgregor said in a September 2019 interview when asked if then-national security adviser John Bolton and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham wanted war with Iran. “Mr. Bolton has become very, very rich and is in the position he’s in because of his unconditional support for the Israeli lobby. He is their man on the ground, in the White House.” “The same thing is largely true for Mr. Pompeo, he has aspirations to be president,” he added. “He has his hands out for money from the Israeli lobby, the Saudis and others.”

“I think the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and it’s subordinate elements or affiliated elements that represent enormous quantities of money that over many years have cultivated an enormous influence in power in Congress,” he said. “I think you’ve got a lot of people on the Hill who fall into two categories. One category that is interested in money and wants to be reelected, and they don’t want to run the risk of the various lobbies that are pushing military action against Iran to contribute money to their opponents.”

You know – isn’t it interesting that WN celebrities like Greg Johnson and NRx celebrities like James Lawrence both say that if you don’t believe that Trump was a sincere reformer who tried his best but was stymied by the “Deep State” or the “Inner Party” – YOU are the “conspiracy theorist.”

When Trump held up a Bible for that photo op in front of the church that BLM/Antifa had burned down, that was Trump being sincere – just like Trump was being truthful when he said that his favorite book of the Bible was “two Corinthians.”

Now, if you think that Trump is now, and has always been, completely full of shit – that Trump’s never read “two Corinthians” and none of the rest of the Bible, that makes you a “conspiracy theorist” – according to Greg Johnson, it is because you are “paranoid” and according to Lawrence, it’s because you are fooled by democratic propaganda and just want to blame “the Jews.” Poor Jews, always getting blamed for stuff they do.

As a former Trump campaign staffer said, Trump asked his people to listen to “right-wing talk radio” and come up with three issues to run on. The staffers suggested: Common Core, Obamacare, Illegal Immigration.

Trump tired the first two during his “Elevator Announcement” and no one cared. Then he talked about illegal immigration and people went nuts.

Trump spent the entire Obama administration talking about how Obama had a fake birth certificate and hinting that he was a Muslim working with Iran to nuke Israel, because Obama hated Jews.

THAT is what Trump spent 2008-2016 talking about.

Trump did NOT spent 2008-2016 talking about illegal immigration.

Greg Johnson and James Lawrence are very intelligent, highly educated, and informed people. So why would they pretend that Trump was “sincere” about ending illegal immigration and building a wall, as opposed to Trump just trying out whichever issues worked to get an applause line?

Trump clearly cared about helping Israel against Iran, as he actually spent a decade discussing it.

Trump did NOT spend a decade discussing illegal immigration.

The facts are not in dispute. So why are Greg Johnson and James Lawrence spinning this obviously false narrative? What is their motivation?