I’m a Zionist – you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist — Joe Biden

Klain once complained that America elections were “rigged.”


Ron Klain also believes that “overpopulation” is the major global problem.

So that means he will want to immediately end mass immigration to the US and Europe, right? After all, the #1 thing we can do to lower carbon emissions and arrest climate change is to stop mass immigration into first world nations in North America and Europe.

Klain is a lawyer and has no experience in medicine. Yet he was Obama’s “Ebola Czar” and will be Biden’s Covid-19 czar. Which tells you what Ebola and Covid-19 are – LEGAL issues, not medical issues.

Ron Klain is a Democratic party insider and has been Biden’s handler since the 1980’s. All you need to do is look up his network of connections and it’s quite obvious what Klain is, who he works for, and what his agenda is.

It will be Klain – NOT Biden – who does the hiring and firing in the incoming Biden administration. Personnel is policy, which means that Ron Klain will be, essentially, the acting President.

But you won’t hear ANYTHING about him from the Republicans, who will instead spend all their time attacking Kamala Harris, a nobody with no power. The Republicans will also pretend that Kamala Harris’ husband, the Zionist Jew Doug Emhoff, it totally “not involved in politics.”

“African-American” Kamala Harris with her “White” Husband Doug Emhoff

Check out the kinds of films Emhoff’s first wife made:

The Tillman Story (2010), executive producer
Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden (2013), executive producer
Ready for War (2019), producer

If you are thinking, “huh, a family of neo-cons that made Hollywood Zionist war propaganda,” well you aren’t far off.

Now watch as the Republicans pretend that Doug Emhoff and Ron Klain don’t exist. In fact, you’re likely to see some “Jewish conservatives” start complaining that Klain and Emhoff are “liberal Muslim sympathizers” that don’t love Israel enough.

You see how the game is played? It ain’t rocket science, it’s actually quite obvious. You just aren’t allowed to say it, because if you do, you will be defamed on Zionist Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia by the Anti-Defamation League run by the Zionist Jew Jonathan Greenblatt.