Sonny boy, back in the day it was a contested election – just like Bush vs. Gore – and since we’d all seen it before we figured the Supreme Court would rule one way or another and that would be that.

So when the Supreme Court took the case, all the cities boarded up their windows again, expecting riots if Trump won. The Supreme Court ruled for Trump, on party lines, and the streets erupted. Black Lives Matter headlined the “protests” with Antifa setting police cars on fire and assaulting random White and Asian people. That was just in the nice neighborhoods. No “inner city” area was safe for the police or emergency vehicles.

But Trump had “surprised” everyone by firing the Secretary of Defense and replacing him with Christopher Miller, who had been the Chief of Counter-Terrorism, meaning he had experience “putting down insurgencies.”

So of course after 48 hours the National Guard was called in, shadowed by “Private Military Contractors” of unknown identity, and some regular Army after the Insurrection Act was invoked.

What happened in 2001, Bush vs. Gore, even after the Supreme Court ruled, four newspapers: the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Miami Herald – sued to get access to the Florida ballots, to do their own unofficial recount. After two months of talk of “hanging chads” and recounts starting and stopping, Gore had conceded, but the newspapers were going to do what the Florida Supreme Court had ruled: full recount of all Florida ballots. Neither Bush nor Gore wanted to do a full recount, so the US Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme Court and ruled that Florida had to declare it for Bush.

Eventually the four newspapers announced their findings, and planned to publish the story on Wednesday, September 12, 2001.

But then, you know. That was 2001. In 2020, after the riots had been suppressed, the Great Terrorist Attacks Of 2021 happened, and no one challeneged Trump’s victory any more. No one rioted. In fact, the only riots and protests were being controlled by the Revolutionary Guard of Iran and Hezbollah, so rioting and protesting were likely to get you sent to one of the Gitmo Archipelago.

You know, for supporting the terrorists who had done the Great Terrorist Attack of 2021 – Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In 2021, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had teamed up with domestic insurgents like the Aryan Nations and the White Supremacist Boogaloo Bois to commit the string of attacks, to try to undermine our troops and interfere with the draft.

After the terrorist attacks, Black Lives Matter officially endorsed Trump and denounced anti-semitism while Antifa guarded the Covid-19 Displaced Persons Food tents, to make sure that Iran Aryan Fascists were not stealing food to support the terrorists.

When Ehud Barak finally visited Washington DC to speak before Congress, he was greeted with continuous standing ovations from both sides of the aisle.