So USA Arrested the Former Chief of Mexico’s military last month and accused him of being a Drug Cartel Kingpin.

It’s so interesting how little coverage this story has received, considering how, well, interesting it is.

General Salvador Cienfuegos, who led Mexico’s military under former President Enrique Pena Nieto, has become the highest-ranking army official to be charged with drug trafficking. His indictment, dating from August 2019, was unsealed Friday after Cienfuegos was detained at Los Angeles airport.

So the current President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador – “AMLO” – took office in December of 2018. He is the one that has not “congratulated” Joe Biden and has made some sort of pro-Trump statement.

Apparently, AMLO is not loved by George W. Bush’s best buddy, former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who used “extreme verbal insults on Twitter” to attack AMLO’s “crackdown on institutional corruption.”

Known as “El Padrino,” or the godfather, Cienfuegos is accused of aiding the H-2 drug cartel by targeting its rivals for military action, introducing the group’s leaders to other corrupt Mexican officials and warning it of U.S. investigations, among other acts. His arrest raises questions about the deep ties between the government and drug cartels in a country where the army’s role has expanded under the current president.

Is it the Los Zetas Cartel that the US favors? The Bushes, including George I and II and Jeb! – who all called the election for Joe Biden – were close family friends with Raul Salinas Lozano and his son former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, all “rumored” to be themselves “involved” in one or more Mexican drug cartels, taking money and providing protection.

Apparently AMLO isn’t having an easy time trying to take down the drug cartels:

AMLO’s government has not been able to control the violence. … This year could become the most violent in the modern history of the country, with even more Mexicans murdered than the 34,669 recorded in 2019. We have to be honest. What AMLO has done so far has not worked. The annual murder numbers for his administration are higher than those for the governments of Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón, Ernesto Zedillo and Carlos Salinas de Gortari …

You know, it’s kind of difficult to not wonder if AMLO was, in fact, being effective, considering how Univision phrases it:

Militarizing the recently created National Guard has not generated the expected results. The violence was too much for them. It’s also not a good idea to give the army control of the ports, customs and the new airport. In a democracy, that’s the job of civilians. The rightful place of soldiers is in the barracks, not the streets. And after the arrest of Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos, who was secretary of defense during the Peña Nieto administration 2012-2018, there are new doubts about the failed national strategy against the violence.

I don’t think it loses anything in translation. The military took over the ports, customs and the airports, but the violence – the violence from the drug cartels – was “too much for them” and besides, Univision says they “belong in the barracks” anyway.

Because “democracy.”