This is almost funny.

So Joe Biden said he was waiting for the “networks” – ABC, CBS, NBC – to announce him as the winner, then he would give an acceptance speech. The networks did, Biden did.

Then Trump gave a speech, and the TV cut him off halfway, expressing some ridiculous moral outrage that the President was “spreading disinformation” and how they just could not broadcast his speech with a “clear conscience.”

So the actual sitting President, Donald Trump, can’t get broadcast on ABC, CBS, and NBC. But Joe Biden, who is not the President, and holds no actual government office at all, is instead getting broadcast in prime time, referred to by the TV actors as “President Elect,” and essentially treated as the President.

Does it matter what Trump does? They even put “warning labels” on his “Tweets” on “Twitter.”

Who runs ABC, CBS, and NBC? It’s pretty easy to find the names of the CEOs and various executives of these companies. They don’t talk about them as much as they talk about, say, Elon Musk. But it’s not like they aren’t public figures. They just never seem to be a “political issue.” They are the “neutral observers” that are “bipartisan.”

Yet Biden is the one on TV. How would most people even know that there WAS a President unless they showed him on TV?

Whatever is on TV is the “official” reality.

If you were to go into work tomorrow and point any of this out, you would likely be fired for being a “racist anti-semitic conspiracy theorist spreading right-wing Russian propaganda.”

It’s pretty weird, isn’t it?