Christian democracy is a political ideology that emerged in 19th-century Europe under the influence of Catholic social teaching, as well as neo-Calvinism. It was conceived as a combination of modern democratic ideas and traditional Christian values, incorporating the social teachings espoused by the Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, and Pentecostal [1] traditions in various parts of the world.

After World War II, Catholic and Protestant movements of neo-scholasticism and the Social Gospel, respectively, played a role in shaping Christian democracy. In practice, Christian democracy is often considered centre-right on cultural, social and moral issues, but centre-left “with respect to economic and labor issues, civil rights, and foreign policy” as well as the environment. Christian democrats support a social market economy.

Of course where I’m from, they are called “Dixiecrats” – probably the only thing this author has in common with Hunter Wallace of Andrew Jackson, Huey Long and George Wallace.

One difference? Slavery was far less central to the Greater Appalachian and Tidewater culture than in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. An illustration from the 2008 Democratic primary will suffice.

Obama was showing surprising strength against Clinton, and the Clinton campaign was looking to West Virginia to give her a needed boost. Obama’s team went on a full racist tirade against the “white trash” of West Virginia, calling them “racists” and other slurs. Hillary Clinton actually used the “W-word” – “White” – in a positive sense. She said, “I’m proud to get the votes of white working families in West Virginia.”

The Obama team had to back off rhetorically, lest they scare the white people Obama needed to win, and eventually a new talking point was declared for West Virginia. West Virginia exists as a state because they broke off from Virginia when Virginia seceded and sided with the Confederacy. So they said, “West Virginians hated slavery … and slaves.”

Which is more or less true. It’s also the deep, dark secret of America that only radical Black nationalists ever point out. The Yankees, the Free Staters, they all opposed slavery because they didn’t want any Africans in their new nation.

The Slave Power wanted to settle Africans throughout all of North America. The Free Staters didn’t want any Blacks at all.

Antifa loves to point out that Oregon was founded as a literal White Supremacist state – Black people weren’t even allowed to enter Oregon under various laws. The reason Portland is so left-wing is precisely because it’s a capital of Hipster Racism – they figure it they posture as over the top “anti-racist” no one will notice how it’s virtually 100% white.

Officially, I’m from Tidewater. But at least culturally and likely genetically, pure Appalachian Scotch Irish [2]. Just like Loretta Lynn, in fact, who while not being Scots-Irish herself nevertheless defined the music and folkways of Appalachia during her celebrity.

Note too that Lynn wasn’t “conservative” at all – she was often called “the feminist from the foothills” or something like that. While today, “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man” is seen as some sort of throwback to the days when women would compete for a man – back then it was considered a very progressive feminist anthem” – back in the days when it was ok for a woman to not be a lesbian and “feminism” was about women enjoying sex. (As usual, the Boomer teenagers thought they invented sex, because obviously their straight laced parents had babies delivered via the stork, not by, you know, doing it.)

Lynn even wrote a song about the birth control pill and celebrated how now women could have casual sex just like men:

Miniskirts hotpants and a few little fancy frills
Yeah, I`m making up for all those years since I've got the pill

Not exactly what you have been told about the culture is it?

We’re neither capitalist nor socialist. Most have forgotten the historical centrality of the Protestant Churches is America. You don’t need a welfare state when you have a strong Church – the Church provides the social welfare. This is superior in almost every way to a state welfare system. The state, after all, has the monopoly on violence and violence is its only tool. The Church rules via influence which is a softer tactic with a far more delicate touch. If the State is the Father, the Church is the Mother. You need both.

There is a difference from Catholicism, which had little influence on America traditionally. Catholics see the Church as the soul of the State. Americans prefer a much stronger distinction – the Church is the soul of the people. The state is supposed to be a minimum institution; “the government that governs least governs best.”

It was the Fraternity – the Mannerbund, the Lodge … the Klan – that was the hidden hand, the power behind the state. The Fraternity was simply the actual men of the community, sometimes with their identities hidden, who decided things that mattered. In many ways the Fraternity gave the State plausible deniability.

Ironically – or not – this is what happened in Liberia. Liberia, carved out of the west coast of Africa to return the Slaves to their homeland, was created by former African-American slaves who had grown up on the plantation.

What is the first thing the Freed Slaves did? They enslaved the indigenous Africans and set themselves up as the new Masters. In the capital of Liberia, the Legislature building is across the street from the Freemason Lodge. The African Americans decided everything in the Freemason lodge, then went across the street and voted as a block in the Legislature. Sure, the Africans could vote if they wanted, but everything was already decided in the privacy of the Lodge. Pretty much how America worked – the African American Freed Slaves just set up the system they knew with themselves on top.

I call it the Appalachian Gambit. Anytime the “Left” feels like they are slipping with White people, they will start making noise about West Virginia and the working class whites of Appalachia. But they are less and less effective doing this, because their racist hatred against these white Americans is impossible for them to hide.

It’s even slipped into the culture. Go do an internet search for Appalachia culture and you’ll come across this:

The ravishing beauties of the Appalachian hills

One of America’s most enduring fictional characters is the hillbilly beauty, a tomboy as strong if not stronger as any man; voluptuous, innocent, and ever in pursuit of a man for whom she has set her cap. The image, as with many mythical perceptions of Appalachia, was born in the comic strip Li’l Abner, the creation of satirist Al Capp, and his female character Daisy Mae. Ellie Mae of The Beverly Hillbillies and Daisy Duke of The Dukes of Hazzard are direct descendants of the character. A similar image of a shapely young lass, in tiny shorts and revealing top, is prevalent in advertising throughout the United States, a long recurring theme in American culture.

Well who was Al Capp, the “satirist” who lusted after the “hillbilly beauty?”

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, of East European Jewish heritage, Capp was the eldest child of Otto Philip Caplin and Matilda (Davidson) Caplin. Capp’s parents were both natives of Latvia whose families had migrated to New Haven in the 1880s. “My mother and father had been brought to this country from Russia when they were infants”, wrote Capp in 1978. “Their fathers had found that the great promise of America was true — it was no crime to be a Jew.”

Every Single Time.

Zionist Jew Racist and Sexist Rape Fantasies of “Goyim” Christian European Women

So, a Jew lusting after the “shiksas,” the women of the outgroup, who are seen as, essentially, sexual playthings. Not particularly different than Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who trawled the “trailer parks” of Florida looking for those “white trash” beauties.

How was Capp any different than the “sex tourists” of Europe that go to Thailand to rape impoverish girls for petty cash? Rape is a tactic of war – kill the men, rape the women. That is the point of war – and this dynamic even exists in the animal kingdom of course.

But we’re supposed to believe that Al Capp wasn’t a racist bigot sexually exploiting the women of another ethnicity – exoticizing foreign women of a lower class as “horny things” who “wanted it.”

No, we’re supposed to find Al Capp’s Jew “humor” as some sort of “homage” to the people on the receiving end of his racial demonization.

There is no group of Americans more demonized than the actual Americans, the actual Founders of America, that actual people that settled the continent – the Pioneers. They have been demonized for the entire 20th Century, especially by the Ellis Island Jews that ran the 20th Century mass media of cinema, radio and television.

The Zionist Jews that run the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have made it quite clear that their intent is to genocide the real Americans – just like they are genociding the Palestinians.

They make no secret of it, but instead celebrate it openly – their Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, openly celebrates white genocide and calls it “good” – while at the same time Joe Biden admits he is a “Zionist” – thus, a Jewish nationalist.

The Scots-Irish/English and those that married into their families, such as the 19th century Germans, are the only Real Americans. All the rest of you are just visiting. If your ancestors didn’t fight the War Between the States, you aren’t a real American, you’re just an Ellis Island invader.

The post-Hart-Cellar “immigrants” don’t even rate that.

You can’t chase us out of the Appalachian Mountains, where we have built underground bases and are biding our time before we sweep down east and west to reclaim this continent, which is ours, not yours.

[1] This author opposes everything about Pentecostalism, except for the music, which tends to be quite good.

[2] “Scots-Irish” is academically correct but the historical term is “Scotch Irish” – and yes, the double entendre is deliberate.

[3] “Daisy Duke” is a sexist and racist caricature. “Catherine Bach’s … mother was of Mexican descent and her father was of German ancestry. She is descended from the Verdugo family, one of California’s earliest landed families.” Blood always outs with age – look at Catherine Bach now and it’s obvious she is a racial alien, hired by Jew TV producers to portray a racist and sexist stereotype of “rape-available” females of the outgroup.