Indian immigrants in America are incredibly racist and sexist and bring their own bigotry and hate to America – another way immigration is bad for America and should be ended completely.

Equality Labs, a nonprofit advocacy group for Dalit rights, received complaints about caste bias from nearly 260 U.S. tech workers in three weeks, reported through the group’s website or in emails to individual staffers.

Allegations included caste-based slurs and jokes, bullying, discriminatory hiring practices, bias in peer reviews, and sexual harassment, said executive director Thenmozhi Soundararajan. The highest number of claims were from workers at Facebook (33), followed by Cisco (24), Google (20), Microsoft (18), IBM (17) and Amazon (14).

I’ve seen it personally, although I didn’t understand the “caste” angle at first. It was quite obvious there was some intra-Indian conflict going on, but I had mostly assumed it was a “don’t scare the round-eyes” kind of thing.

The company had hired a ‘consulting’ firm – in other words, a bunch of Indian citizens on H1-B visas – to write a bunch of software. In theory, our engineering team, actual employees, were ‘managing’ them but in reality their team was managed by an Indian who reported directly to our management. Our actual employees were out of the loop.

Our engineers came to me with some concerns, worried they were being kept of of the process and would have a huge amount of work dumped on them at the last minute without any sort of lead time. So I was discussing the new architecture with one of the Indians guys. I was being slightly crafty by bypassing the Indians they usually sent to deal with the Whites and spoke directly with one of their engineers, a lead guy but not management, who knew English better than most.

This was right about at the peak of the project, and I was asking him to fill me in on some details about the various interfaces that our team would need to use to plug into their project. There was a lot of language difficulties, but I came to realize that there simply was no ‘interface’ that we could use. This multi-million dollar project was all but incompatible with the majority of the already existing systems and would be of absolute zero use.

At some point, one of the light-skinned Indians overheard us and came running in, speaking in Hindi to the engineer I was white-boarding with, and I didn’t need to know the language to get the gist of what he was saying. It was:

“Peasant, how dare you speak to Whitey without instructions from me! Tell him ‘yes sir’ and don’t give him any information. You are out of line, Untouchable!”

Immediately, the lower-caste Indian shut up and started saying exactly that and completely clammed up.

Then, the ‘high-caste’ Indian started feeding me a line of it in English, using pitch-perfect Corporation Bullshit-speak, and didn’t even try to make it convincing.

I also participated in an interview with a middle aged Indian woman and was absolutely shocked by how disrespectfully she was treated by the male Indian interviewers. They made no pretense of taking her seriously and seemed to go out of their way to treat her with contempt, obviously based on her sex but in retrospect I suspect also because of her caste.

Why are these racist and sexist bigots allowed into our country?

Even worse – how is it that they have so easily been allowed to accuse US of ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’ when their own culture is so obviously worse, and they are bringing their dysfunctional culture to the US?

How Brahmins lead the fight against white privilege – Upper-class Indians are prominent in America’s radical racial politics despite centuries of privilege

We all know why. We have our own “caste” issue in America. The Ashkenazi caste, despite being the most privileged, most politically powerful, and wealthiest, caste in America is nevertheless allowed to “punch down” at the Whites with the least privilege in America, by – ironically – projecting their own privilege on to them.

The Brahmins are simply aping the Ashkenazis.

Saira Rao is an exemplar of her generation, a famous and somewhat notorious Indian-American woman among the ‘very online’ set. An erstwhile Democratic politician two years ago, by the start of the year Rao had become an anti-racist activist best known for regularly trending on Twitter and charging white women $2,500 to harangue them on matters of race over dinner and drinks. Rao is also co-author of the forthcoming White Women: Everything You Already Know about Your Own Racism and How to Get Better, after securing a deal with major publishing house Penguin Random House.

Though it is true that in many ways Rao is atypical, and almost a caricature of the sort of activist found on social media, she reflects important visible strands of the Indian-American experience. … Not surprisingly, the median Indian-American household income is nearly twice that of white Americans, and as well as medicine many others are in prestigious, highly-paid industry — including Sara Rao’s husband, who works in finance and private equity.

There is a reason that many are wont to call Indians the “new Jews,” a culturally prominent ethnic group overrepresented in academia, media and business, and who tend to be socially liberal and Democrat-voting.

They have to go back.