I first heard of Richard Spencer on the old Occidental Dissent website, where I also first encountered Greg Johnson. Someone made a comment that Spencer had left Taki’s Mag and was starting his own publication. I had never heard of Taki’s but started reading it and thought it was ok – to some degree “right-wing” but mostly “race realist” and even “sex realist” to some degree.

For me, that’s all I ever asked from any “right-wing” movement. “Race realism” and “pro-white” just means that, yes, race exists, it matters, and we’re white so obviously we shouldbe pro-white. As far as the “sex realism” stuff, for me at least that was just an extension of “race realism” – biology is a thing – and it was the thin end of the wedge.

I never posted at OD too much, but when Kievsky started his blog I started posting there, because Kievsky had his own unique take – plus, he was Army intel and understood HUMINT, which was a particular interest of mine. Kievsky wasn’t trying to start a blog cult – he said, everyone get your own blogs and do your own thing, the more the merrier.

So I started my blog. Mostly it was just for fun, telling jokes, and discussing “hipster racism” which was just me taking the “Stuff White People Like” gimmick to its logical conclusion, along with my real opinion that, yes, “liberals” ARE, in fact, the “real racists” – and that is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Back in those days, the “manosphere” was a big deal. Mostly, the was Heartiste. Heartiste was a satirist, and he was hilariously funny and rather biting. Sure, someone women would get scandalized, but it was locker-room talk and they were supposed to be scandalized. The funniest part was all the commenters signing off their comments with the tag line, “RAPE!”

This was the era of “gamer-gate” and a reaction to online feminism. Not “real feminism” but instead the lazy social-justice warrior version of “feminism.” So I started writing my own version of “PUA” which I had assumed everyone would take as the tongue-in-cheek trolling that it actually was.

Steve Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: the best and most heart-felt articles by female journalists are demands that the social order be overturned such that, come the revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

The most obvious of this is “anti-fat-shaming feminism.” So, a fat woman declares that “thin privilege” is a social construct and probably started by Hitler, who gassed all Big Beautiful Women to death in the concentration camps. Obviously, this isn’t a real thing; obesity is a serious problem in America due to the diet of cheap grain – it’s a worse health emergency than smoking cigarettes were back before 2000 when people still smoked cigarettes.

Of all the “manosphere” stuff there were only three that were any good: Heartiste, for pure satire and comedy. If I were actually mentoring a young man about women and relationships, I would tell him to read Rollo Tomassi’s The Rational Male which is actually a serious, yet populist, take on the relationship between the sexes in the modern world. Tomassi is the right man to write such a thing, because he’s a good looking, fit guy, who had plenty of “experience” with women, settled down, got married – then went into a panic when his daughter was born, for obvious and good reasons. So, he set about to “fix” the problems of the sexes in the modern world before his daughter grew up.

The other manosphere writer was Dalrock, a conservative Christian, who took seriously the specifically Christian issues of marriage. This was a somewhat unique take.

As for me, I’m just an internet troll. I got massive traffic from Reddit.com’s /r/TheRedPill so I kept up the “manosphere” stuff until they banned me. I obviously never took it seriously, but “anti-feminism” was a “thin wedge” and it’s easy to get an audience of young guys when you posture as “good with women” and give them advice on how to get laid.

I dropped all of it after I got banned because unfortunately, the manosphere attracted very weird, very autistic types. There was one called “The Autistic Gamer” and another with a blog about “Anti-Feminist Technology.” I mean, look, this is not something I can work with. Autistics should not breed period.

The story goes that Bill Gates, the hyper-brilliant autistic genius could make grown men piss themselves in fear, but he couldn’t even keep a female secretary, because his autism would eventually just make a woman laugh, and she’d do something purposefully to piss him off, like putting too much sugar in his coffee, just to watch as he went into fits.

Bill Gates, Billionaire Master of the Universe, could barely even buy a date – the hookers would charge four times the price just to put up with his awful annoying Aspbergery personality. Eventually, Melinda French sacrificed herself for the good of humanity before Bill Gates went full Lex Luthor and invented a Space Laser to destroy all mankind in revenge. Now, by all accounts, Melinda Gates “teases” Bill in public and has finally gotten him to laugh at himself.

(Everything seemed to be working until Covid-19, now apparently Gates is back into Lex Luthor mode, demanding the entire earth get his new Autism Vaccine. Help us, Melinda Gates, you’re our only hope!)

So after I lost the Reddit manosphere audience, I switched gears. I figured, hey, I could get an audience of men, now I’ll try getting an audience of women. What do women like? Women like BDSM-lite fare like 50 Shades of Grey.

I can do 50 Shades of Grey. Secretary is like my favorite movie ever. I can totally get into the spanking thing. So I started writing erotic stories features James-Bond like spies and kinky sex scenes.

It worked – the ladies loved it. I built a second audience off of racist spanking erotica. You’re welcome. My stories about “Hank Renegade, Aryan Freedom Figher with a kinky side” was quite popular among the “subbie bloggers” on WP. Illustrate the stories with various soft-core Glamor-Bondage pictures and the ladies come flocking.

Unfortunately, I had to take a break for nearly six months and lost that audience. When Kievsky had to go underground, I started AS and invited as many bloggers that I could.

But then Donald Trump happened, and the entire “Alt Right” was taken over by Breitbart and Milo’s astroturf scheme. Everyone had to bow down and kiss the ring of Donald Trump, who had somehow been ret-conned from a sleazy celebrity pro-wrestling game-show host with a bunch of crooked connections to Jewish organized crime, CIA and Mossad, to the God-Emperor Restoring White America.

This was far more powerful magic that I could conjure. I had spent the last year reading every word published by Andrea Nolen, and when she wrote her last article about Trump’s new campaign, the light bulb went off and I was like – oh, I get what this is.

My co-blogger mostly agreed with me, so we started setting the record straight about Donald Trump and his background, which got us basically banned from the “Alt Right.”

So you have to understand the background, the timeline. It takes a full decade for things to become obvious.

For me there are three major time periods. First, my life until 9/11. Then, the ten years after 9/11 to the rise of the Alt Right and my own blogging career. Then, the Trump and post-Trump era.

My life up until 9/11 isn’t particular interesting. 9/11 to the rise of the Alt-Right is only really useful for context. But the rise of the AltRight to the Trump era is really instructive.

So let’s start with an early spark of the “Alt Right” – the creation of an early “Alt Right” Television celebrity named Matt Heimbach.

I knew what was happening within 48 hours of his Television debut. I actually soft-peddled it at first because I didn’t want to piss off my new online friends in the Alt Right. But eventually I had to set the record straight.

This made me no friends on the “Alt Right” – just yesterday some commenter was denouncing me about my comments from five years ago on Richard Spencer’s defunct AltRight.com site – so apparently, my words did in fact have an impact and continue to do so even five years later.

What was it about Matt Heimbach? – who let’s not forget now is openly working with the anti-whites at the SPLC and the ADL as a “reformed racist” and “watchdog of the racist right.”

Applying basic HUMIT – human intelligence – techniques to Heimbach made it clear, early on, what he was.

First, let’s understand the three categories of officer, agent, and asset.

You’ll notice for the last five years the Democrats have been claiming that Donald Trump is an “asset” of Vladimir Putin, and when pressed, they will say that he is an “unwitting asset.”

What does that mean? What is the difference between an officer, an agent, and an asset?

Applying basic HUMINT principles to a movement like the “Alt Right” and especially now, maybe after a decade, you can see things a lot more clearly.

Which will of course help us to see what is coming next, and to at least not be fooled by old tricks.

Also let’s understand that the ADL is just as much an intelligence agency as in the CIA. Not all intelligence agencies are state-sponsired – in fact, “corporate intelligence” is a quite lucrative field.

A while back on the old TOQ blog, someone wrote about how patriotic movements get devolved into being a “skinhead gang” and used the example of some groups in England in the 1970’s.

First, you just hold a regular political meeting at a local hall. The, the “reds” – Antifa – show up and start disrupting your meeting – they actually start violence.

So what do you do? Well, you have to hire security. What kind of people do “security?” Well, they have to be big guys, who know how to fight. Chances are you are only going to be able to hire guys that more or less agree with your politics.

What did Fight Club say about shaving your head? Fighting becomes the reason you shave your head and cut your nails.

So congrats, within a year your movement has a bunch of big guys, with shaved heads, that know how to fight. Now you have been turned from a political movement to a Skinhead Gang. It’s a predictable process.

There is a famous English guy that spent years as the head of internal security for the BNP who was actually a Communist double agent.

HUMINT and espionage are relevant even to fringe political movements.

When Edward Snowden released the English GHCQ documents, what did they show? They showed that the British version of the NSA was heavily involved in fringe internet blogs.

What we do is important enough for the intelligence agencies to put staff on us. That says something.

What about the American version? Let’s not forget that the Zionist Jew Cass Sunstein was so worried about “9/11 conspiracies” he created a program to “cognitively infiltrate online communities” (blogs.)

Sunstein was so mainstream and important he was hired by the Obama administration.

Wow – this is some pretty heavy hitting for fringe blogs about picking up chicks, eh?

How did we get here? To be continued …