Search Lennart Poettering, “systemd” and “NSA” for a fascinating story about how our National Security Administration works.

Do not underestimate the NSA. They hire the brightest math nerds from all over the world. They spy on anything and everything. They even sort-of signaled that 9/11 was going to happen a few months before it did, via NSA “house historian” James Bamford publishing the Operation Northwoods documents.

It’s interesting for me, because I bought Bamford’s book, Body of Secrets, from the Barnes & Noble on the ground floor of the World Trade Center Tower One in August of 2001.

So literally I was reading the Operation Northwoods documents – about the US Department of Defense staging an airplane hijacking – complete with “crisis actors” – way back in the 1960’s to start a war against Cuba. The author of Operation Northwoods was fired by JFK. Cough.

I was reading this book literally before I would go to work, in the Twin Towers, in 2001.

But it gets even better than that.

I lost my virginity to a 17 year old girl whose dad worked for NSA.

When you grow up in Washington DC, this stuff is just the stuff of every day life. In real life, spooks are just like anyone else. Typically, they are the “smarties” at school – you’re talking about a very high IQ group – and typically richer than average. But they are still just human beings.

But make no mistake – they are involved in everything. Every social movement in America has a “Fed” – typically FBI or CIA – at the heart of it.

Right-wing, left-wing, makes no difference. But it’s hilarious how well they can hide in plain site.

That Antifa is controlled by high levels of the government is now pretty well known – rich sons of Senators, as was exposed when the son of the VA Senator got busted in full “Antifa” gear at the Trump inauguration.

As for the “Alt Right?” I mean, come on.

Richard Spencer had his pictures taken with Laura Bush. You know, at a party. Because YOU attend garden parties with the First Lady, don’t you?

Or, for that matter, Greg Johnson. I mean, Greg Johnson doesn’t have a real job, he jets around the world holding ‘conferences’ on ‘white nationalism.’

He’s also gay, in a movement that isn’t particularly LGBT-friendly, but you’ve never heard even a whisper about a possible boyfriend, have you?

Oh wait – that’s right – Johnson even admitted he had a personal meeting with William Pierce, just after Pierce’s infamous notoriety after the OKC bombing.

Totally normal, right? Anybody can just walk into a “white nationalist compound” and meet with a notorious “dissident” after a major terrorist attack, right?

Or, for that matter, David Duke. David Duke jets off to Iran for Holocaust Revisionist Conferences, just a couple of years after 9/11. Totally not suspicious, right?

Or, for that matter – MILO. The great Milo. He jets over from England, becomes a famous star, all but invents the “Alt Right” – then eventually admits he spent two years secretly videotaping all of their meetings and now he is torturing poor Richard Spencer with his “hard drive full of videos” of Spencer leading “Hitler salutes” while drunk and coked-up [1], promising to release the videos, drip-by-drip, over the next few years if Spencer goes off the reservation.

For me, the whole thing is non-stop comedy and amusement. I don’t take any of you people seriously, at all. All “social movements” are little more than theater anyway.

I’m never going to run for office because I know somebody has all my sex-and-drug videos too, although I have always maintained a strict age limit – 21 – unlike, say, Hunter Biden. Plus I’m not at all interesting, really, all I have is the 9/11 stuff and it’s all been pretty public for a while now. So what are they going to do they haven’t already done? I’m retired now.

But to all the young kids reading this: do not ever, ever, get involved in any of these “movements” – and sure as hell don’t get on some Discord chat and start saying stupid shit. That’s what they want you to do.

The entire movement is just Emmanuel Goldstein.

Oh, and speaking of which – “Borzoi,” of TRS. Spot the Fed. “Hyperpodcastism” means he’s the one rebuilding the network.

Once you accept it, it’s a Great Game.

Also – be smart. If some gal starts flirting with you, and she’s out of your league – she’s out of your league. I’m not saying don’t hit it, but assume an agenda.

[1] Congrats, Richard Spencer, on finally getting rid of that cocaine-induced post-nasal drip which was really messing up your podcasts, by the way. Don’t think we didn’t notice. It’s like trying to hide a smoker’s cough. You ain’t fooling anybody, sweetheart.