A couple of years ago there was a “scandal” in some Eastern European country. A bunch of websites published some blurry pictures of a woman and a man having sex in what looked like a hotel room.

It turned out that the woman was a politician, and she was having sex with her husband, in a hotel on a trip. Apparently, “criminal gangs” had rigged a number of hotels for video.

The “scandal” didn’t last long because the woman went on TV and said, yes, that’s her, and yes, she has sex with her husband. So it wasn’t much of a scandal really, just sort of embarrassing.

But now that the Hunter Biden sex-and-drugs videos are coming out, we can see exactly why “QAnon” and “Pizzagate” have been so heavily censored.

Now we can see why someone like Amazing Polly – just some lady that mapped out the relationships between various powerful political figures – got unceremoniously banned from Youtube just last week. Presumably, she was banned under the “QAnon” label, although she only mentioned “QAnon” occasionally and did little more than use the “drops” as a starting-off point. She already had one video, “Growing Up Deep State,” censored, precisely because some of the people she investigated were Jewish and connected to intelligence agencies.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were being rather openly discussed in Vanity Fair way back in 2002 – the year after 9/11, which was not a coincidence – and although there was nothing actionable in Vicky Ward’s story, if you knew how to read between the lines, you would understand why party-goers were “scandalized” at the “young women” appearing at the “parties.” Hence the warnings from Epstein’s friends that he had “broken his own rule” to never be covered by the media.

Hunter Biden was quite obviously collecting bribes for access to his father, the Vice President of the United States. This is garden-variety corruption, and no one is surprised.

What is surprising is how out of control Hunter Biden was – videos of him smoking drugs, “sex tapes,” conversations about – at a minimum – very unacceptable behavior with 14 year old relatives – self-admitted.

This means that all the intelligence agencies knew about Hunter Biden and had video evidence of his crimes.

This is a repeat of what FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds said about Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – despite Hastert being a “serial child molestor” – well known to every intelligence agency on earth – the media didn’t breathe a word about it until he had left Congress and was caught paying bribes to his victims before his political career.

That the most powerful Republican Congressman in Washington DC, for 20 years, was a “serial child molestor” being blackmailed and bribed by every intelligence agency on earth was simply never even hinted at by the New York Times or the Washington Post.

Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal only broke because of an internet only email list that eventually became the FreeRepublic.com website. Still, it took nearly a decade for the fact that Israel was blackmailing Clinton with his calls to Lewinsky to come out – showing that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad was tapping the phones of DC politicians and even calls to the White House.

This is a stunning and material political issue – but our “Free Press” simply chose to ignore it. When Israel, via the Zionist Jew Matt Drudge, wanted the scandal exposed, the “Free Press” then dutifully covered it – but only the salacious details of cigar tricks. Not a word was mentioned about Israel, Mossad, blackmail, and bribery.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal was merely treated as a “sex scandal” – a soap opera plot about a man cheating on his wife, not an ingrained system of sexual compromise of American politicians.

So now we see the pretense dropped completely, as Google, Facebook, and Twitter full on censor the entire story of Hunter Biden’s compromising by China and Ukraine intelligence agencies. Not only are Google, Facebook and Twitter censoring the story, they are punishing any media source that reports on the story and are banning anyone posting even just links to the information.

Now you know why Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell got away with their sexual compromise blackmail operation for so long. Now you know how Dennis Hastert got away with his “serial child molestation” for so long.

Now you know why all the social media properties of DNC fixer James Alefantis and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta were censored under the fake cover story of a “pizza parlor” and an actor – with credits listed in IMDB – supposedly using a gun to destroy the computer at Comet Pizza.

Of course no one should be surprised. Just look at what happened on September 11, 2001, in New York and Washington DC, and the media coverup.

Even more of a trip – go see what your favorite “dissidents” have to say about the 9/11 attacks, then ask yourself what kind of “dissident” goes out of their way to cover up the most important geopolitical development of the last 20 years?

But I’ll mention that it’s now been confirmed by two sources that Ivanka Trump is a lesbian and Donald Trump Jr. cheats on his wife and that Jared Kushner is a homosexual. That way I should be good because I’m bipartisan in my scandal-mongering.