The NBC pre-game is all about telling Trump he shouldn’t discuss Hunter Biden, because people don’t want to hear about it. Biden is going to go all-in on Coronavirus, so Trump will blow it if he tries to make the debate about Hunter Biden.

It’s interesting that no talking head is discussing what the issue is about Hunter Biden.

Apparently they are going to do the “will you denounce ‘white supremacisms’ for the 50th time” thing again. Here’s hoping they will demand Trump denounce “conspiracy theories” about the “Satanic pedophiles running the Democratic party.”

I’m not saying that the Democratic party is controlled by Satanic pedophile cannibals. I’m just saying that a lot of people on the internet are saying that the Democratic party is controlled by Satanic pedophile cannibals. No one is suggesting that Joe Biden is a pedophile. No one is suggesting that Joe Biden is a satanist. No one is suggesting that Joe Biden is a cannibal. But the internet is full of conspiracy theories about Joe Biden’s party, the Democratic party, being controlled by Satanic pedophile cannibals.

Also, apart from the Democrats being controlled by Satanic pedophile cannibals thing, the leaked messages from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden about how Hunter Biden likes to do Zoom calls naked with underage girls is, as far as I know, neither confirmed nor denied. Also the stuff about how Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop being full of child pornography is also not being confirmed nor denied by the Joe Biden camp.

You know that no one is going to ask Joe Biden anything about the sexual allegations against Hunter Biden.

Even more to the point, no one is going to ask Joe Biden about the quite obvious corruption of his son, Hunter Biden, on the boards of Ukrainian companies, clearly and obviously for one purpose: to influence Vice President Joe Biden.

But none of that is important. What IS important is that a racist on the internet likes Trump, and Trump has not specifically denounced that internet racist.

Honk Honk!

Also no discussions of Ghislaine Maxwell, currently sitting in jail, with massive documents released in just the last 24 hours. No one in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, et al., wants to discuss anything like this.

I’m just barely old enough to remember the fall of the USSR. I watched a lot of it on TV, with family members who were literally Cold Warriors. It was amazing … the Berlin Wall fell, the old hard line Communists tried to stage a coup, but it petered out and the whole Communist government collapsed within a week.

Our politicians are just as old and out of touch as those old Soviet Commissars back in the early 1990’s.

Who will be our Yeltsin standing on a tank?

Huh. Come to think of it, the Soviet Union fell, Jeffrey Epstein’s good buddy Larry Summers hooked up with seven Jewish criminals who then took over the entire country, robbed them blind and for a decade Russians were literally starving in the streets while Jewish bankers in New York city were parading around their underage Russian “girlfriends” from impoverished families trafficked out of Russia.

So maybe the fall of the USA Empire is going to be, um, not good.

Now they are saying that Trump better not “hijack” the debate like he did last time, and if he does the Republicans will be mad at him.

Yet it’s ME that is the “fringe.”