So the story goes …

The manager of Eric Wright, “EZ-E,” the lead rapper of NWA, had donated some money to some non-profit, which put him on the list of some Republican lobby, who sent Mr. Wright an invitation to meet President Bush at a charity dinner. Mr. Wright attended, in full “gangsta outfit,” to the amusement of everyone.

As the original NWA broke up in the midst of a lot of bad blood between the members, Ice Cube decided to team up with Public Enemy and go full Louis Farrakhan/Nation of Islam, and viciously mocked his former bandmates as dupes of their Jewish manager, Jerry Heller. Especially about working with Jews and meeting President Bush.

The result was the greatest “dis song” in rap history, No Vaseline.

So it’s even more amusing that 30 years later, Ice Cube is meeting with Donald Trump’s Israeli handler, Jared Kushner, helping Zionist Jews sucker black men into voting for Trump’s “Platinum Plan for Black America.”

It’s a case of divide-and-conquer
‘Cause you let a Jew break up my crew
House nigga gotta run and hide
Yelling Compton, but you moved to Riverside

I never have dinner with the President
I never have dinner with the President
I never have dinner with the President
And when I see your ass again, I’ll be hesitant
Now I think you a snitch
Throw a house nigga in a ditch

On a permanent vacation
Off the massa plantation
Heard you both got the same bank account
Dumb nigga, what you thinking bout?!

Get rid of that Devil real simple
Put a bullet in his temple
‘Cause you can’t be the Nigga 4 Life crew
With a white jew telling you what to do

Pulling wools with their scams
Now I gotta play the Silence of the Lambs
With a midget who’s a punk, too
Tryin’ to fuck me, but I’d rather fuck you

Ice Cube, punk, always into something
Gettin’ fucked at night
By Mista Shitpacker
Bend over for the goddamn cracker
No vaseline

Jared Kushner, The White Jew Telling Ice Cube What To Do