All the Silicon Valley companies, FAANG, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, plus Twitter and other also-rans, conspired to use their monopoly to censor the story of Hunter Biden’s emails. They kept the story from “trending,” they punished the competitor New York Post by denying it a huge amount of advertising revenue in the short term, the other media sources like the New York Times smeared them, the ADL denounced them as “anti-semitic” then they said they made a “mistake” 48 hours later.

But still unless you are consuming the two Republican media outlets, FOX and, there still is no Biden email story. It’s actually now “old news.” In fact, it’s a “conspiracy theory” probably something to do with “QAnon” and “Russian hackers.”

In related news, the New York Times ran an article titled, Google employees are free to speak up, except on antitrust. The conversation on Hacker News about the article, and the conversation about the speech rights of Google employees, is downright precious.

OK, so, Google is very proud of the “Free Speech Culture” they have in their workplace. They even have “internal message boards” where Google employees are free to speak their mind.

A recent example was how Google employees objected when management started using the term “family friendly” to describe content that was appropriate for children. The Google employee objected – the term “family friendly” is heteronormative, thus it is anti-LGBT, and lots of Google families don’t have children and are “not traditional” meaning there are three or more “partners” in the “family” etc.

Google management took the criticism to heart and thanked their employees for speaking up for what they believed was right.

Famously, James Damore wrote an internal paper to Google suggesting that Google, the company, was not “sexist” and that the reason there were more men employed at Google than women is because more men are interested in careers at large tech firms, but if Google added more flexible time off for child care and other family obligations, this might make Google a more welcoming place for women and help their recruitment and retention of female staff.

He was fired for creating a “hostile work environment.”

So the Google employees are somewhat surprised, because they are allowed the free speech to denounce racism, heteronormativity, anti-semitism, and fascist Donald Trump voters. But they aren’t allowed to criticize any Google policies that may imply that Google has a monopoly, is acting in an anti-competitive manner, or really any mention at all of very possible anti-trust regulations that would have a material impact on Google’s valuation.

But they still have free speech, because they are allowed, for example, to praise the tearing down of racist statues on the other side of the country, and denounce the hateful haters in the Republican party.

And really isn’t that using your free speech the right way? That’s the thing about free speech, if you abuse it by saying the wrong things, you shouldn’t really have free speech anyway.

Don’t blame me, this is mainstream politics.

Also don’t mention Julian Assange and Wikileaks anymore, that’s just an old, outdated anti-semitic conspiracy theory. Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail, what are you still talking about it for?