For it to work, there has to be an unstated agreement among the faithful to never seriously use the tools of marxist analysis on the left itself. Any and all self-examination must remain on the level of personal discussion (”can person so and so really be a socialist, when her parents are so rich?”). The punishment for transgression against this agreement, for breaking the most sacred code of Omerta the modern left has, is swift and severe: you will get cancelled for this, and you will be added to the ever growing list of ”strasserites” and ”secret nazis” who tried to lure the faithful away from the true path.

What happened to Angela Nagle is instructive in this regard; her article, The Left Case Against Open Borders, was an attempt to argue against unrestricted immigration from a class-based, materialist perspective.

It’s quite likely – and also quite amusing – that she would probably have received less sustained hate online if she had written that immigration shouldn’t be allowed as long as non-white people talk funny and smell bad.

On ”strasserism” and the decay of the left. — Malcom Kyeyune

Biden’s town hall came across like listening to a long retired ballplayer talking about his best plays and how different the game was back in those days, only instead of ball it’s about the Congressional legislative process and instead of an old ballplayer it’s Joe Biden, which makes it not just really boring but a little bit embarrassing to sit through.

If I were a consultant for the Democratic party, I would say, for God’s sake, stop saying “I passed the rider that added 458 million dollars during the budget deal in oh-five, we fought hard on the floor to get a voice vote.”

Especially stop with the numbers.

If I were to suggest that the Democratic party is purposefully throwing the election by nominating Joe Biden, like they threw it back in 2004 with John Kerry, that would be a conspiracy theory, and conspiracy theories are against the terms of service. But Joe Biden sure does talk like John Kerry. “In Congress, we passed three-hundred and fifty million dollars” for this, and “our budget cut outlays by fourty-three percent and added one point three trillion” to that.

Who is the audience for this stuff? Are there really that many regular people, who vote, that are interested in the dollar amounts of various legislative programs? Even if it is just patronage, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk about jobs rather than budgets? Surely it can’t all just be social signaling, as if our favorite stereotypes of Democrats, a green-haired problem glassed social justice warrior and an immigrant woman of color are trying to one-up each other at the coffee shop over who can remember how many hundreds of millions of dollars Joe Biden voted for some specific program.

Where is this so-called “Deep State Coup” against Trump? Did Obama and Clinton illegally use the NSA to spy on Trump? Of course. That is what the NSA does. Did the Obama administration “misuse” or “mislead” the FISA court? Obviously. “Misusing and misleading” the FISA court was also an “issue” during the Bush and Obama administrations. Under Obama, Trump’s CIA director, Gina “Torture Queen” Haspell, hacked into the Senate’s computer system being used to investigate the CIA and their torture program.

If you are running an intelligence agency and a branch of your government is investigating you to possibly prosecute you for crimes, obviously the first thing you are going to do is use the power of that agency to strike back at the branch of government.

If you want you can be outraged by the NSA illegally spying on politicians but it’s like whining about the designated hitter rule while pretending to not notice everyone is juiced on steroids. That’s what spies do, that’s the point.

Pepe Escobar has a nice write up:

CNN decided to practice real journalism and eviscerated Nancy Pelosi on camera. That may be quite a bad omen for President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris, who very few remember was forged as the heir to the Obama-Pelosi axis in a secret meeting in the Hamptons way back in the summer of 2017.

We know because it’s said all the time: CNN is “far left liberal” and “hates Trump.” That’s a true testament to the independence of our media, the Fourth Estate, because CNN’s CEO Jeff Zucker is a long time friend of Trump, and Wolf Blitzer was an AIPAC spokesman before he became the CNN anchor, and Trump is not just “popular” with AIPAC, but gets hundreds of millions of dollars from Zionists like Sheldon Adelson.

So it shows how independent our media is that CNN is so anti-Trump despite everyone involved in CNN having identical political interests to Trump, and CNN spending virtually the entire last five years giving non-stop, blanket coverage and publicity to everything Donald Trump.

But CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just humiliated the Top Shiksa of the Democratic party, Nancy Pelosi, live on the air and in one fell swoop blamed her for Americans not getting their Covid-19 Relief Checks.

Blitzer actually said he walks by homeless people on the street every day so he knows “Americans are hurting” and harangued Pelosi about holding up the checks for political purposes.

But to suggest that Wolf Blitzer isn’t really a Deep State Operative out to Dump Trump, but a very different kind of political player, that is a “conspiracy theory” and one would be kicked out of the online Right blogosphere.

Which I’ve been trying to do for a while now. I don’t know how many anti-alt-right blog posts I can write until Jacobin returns my emails.

Pepe has bad news for QAnons, reminding everyone that Attorney General Bill Barr is, after all, a life-long CIA agent and spent literally his entire public career covering up one Republican scandal after another, so don’t expect any of those “sealed indictments.”

To be fair, I don’t think all those people chanting “Lock Her Up” at Trump’s old rallies really expected Trump to actually prosecute Hillary Clinton. Everyone like it because, for once, a politicians was saying what they say – “these politicians, they are all a bunch of crooks. Lock ’em up!”

Of course the mass media used the chant to spin elaborate horror scenarios of Trump, the New Hitler, leading his jackbooted White Supremacists marching into Manhattan and oppressing Jews, but no one takes them seriously either. They always say that. In 2000, lots of people were saying Bush was a “Nazi” because his grandfather had traded with Hitler, but then a Genuine Jew Rabbi wrote an article declaring that George W. Bush was “not anti-semitic” and he got the Seal of Jew-proval.

Pepe Escobar continues:

Wall Street, while projecting a mere pro-Dem façade, is not interested in a Democrat “sweep”, because that would tank Wall Street stocks. A contested/protracted election would go the same way – with Goldman Sachs projecting a nightmare scenario of the S&P down to only 3,100 points.

Thus the preferred, hush hush, Wall Street scenario: a Trump win and more juicy tax cuts – in parallel with the sentiment that Wall Street’s priority is for the Fed to keep showering trillions of dollars in helicopter money whatever happens. After all the only “policy” in town is that Wall Street turned the Fed into a hedge fund.

Escobar may be making up his “anonymous” sources, but they match nearly precisely with my actual anonymous sources, that I did not make up, so I have no reason to doubt him. The blind quotes certainly match the exact sentiments one would expect.

It’s not our Empire, anyway.

Biden could still win if the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, successfully stage a coup and overturn the election, with black preachers stuffing ballot boxes, illegal Mexicans illegally voting, and Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin all decide to throw their weight behind Joe Biden, maybe with George Clooney making a plea to the Electoral College on an online social media video.

Does that really seem likely?