I was raised solidly middle class, and managed to work my way up to the top 10% of wage earners in the USA. But for some reason I’ve never been attracted to the “yuppie” economic values of the Republican party.

Reading the mainstream conservatives, it’s just because I’m a lazy bum who doesn’t want to work hard. Reading the “dissident right” it’s just because I am “middle-brow” and lack “aristocratic values” likely due to a character flaw, a “ressentiment” for my “natural” superiors.

Or, it could be because I know my own history.

What if … the stubborn loyalty that many poor and working-class whites have towards a party which is more worm than apple when it comes to corruption, which has a dismal record on the economy, which has all but renounced Christianity and patriotism, and which frankly demonizes their racial interests is, in fact, an artifact of the white slave trade from centuries ago? What if these poor whites see class as a deeper dividing line than race, religion, economics, or the flag? And, finally, what if this class division is really the deep and still-painful psychic scar left by white slavery?

For many American whites, the greatest villains of history are not non-whites but other whites. It’s hard to get exact numbers here, but Hoffman estimates that the number of white Britons who were abducted, bamboozled, or sentenced to slavery in the New World reaches well into the hundreds of thousands.

So in light of this, it makes sense that many poor whites would distrust capitalism, free markets, tax cuts for the rich, and other classic economic platforms of the Republican Party. Yes, a smaller piece of a bigger pie will give them more in an absolute sense. [sic] But it was never about that. It was about preventing the rich from getting too rich — because you never know what they’re going to do with all that power.

Edward Dutton, aka the Jolly Heretic, isn’t wrong about race and IQ.

But I’ll be honest, I can’t listen to him for even 60 seconds without a primal urge to punch his ugly dopey face. I acknowledge it’s not rational. It’s nothing about his words – it’s his voice. I just assume there is something deep inside my genetic code that hears that voice – and especially the obnoxious NPR stutter – and goes into fight mode.

It would be one thing if these “Dissident Right” wanna-be aristocrats were actually a) smarter than everyone else (they are clearly not) and b) actually more cultured than everyone else (fringe tastes are not necessarily superior.)

But they are not. They are just a bunch of LARPing academics with no career because they couldn’t even hold the academy against the Zionist-Anti-White coalition. I’ve read Evola, he’s fucking boring and cringe. “Traditionalism” in the Counter-Currents sense as far as I can tell is just a club for racist white gays.

I’ve been reading Nietzsche since high school, he got a lot right. I am fully aware that there are a lot of people far smarter than me, far more capable than me, and I for one have never had any problem following orders and submitting to legitimate authority.

But I ain’t going to live in the pod and eat the bugs. I will resist Eusociality unto death.

I really would rather go full Ted Kaczynski than have my descendants be the chambermaids of an inbred aristocracy.

Take one look at the British royal family and tell me how these inbred Germans are in any way, genetically or intellectually, my “superiors?” Even they know it – which is why they had to marry off their male-pattern balding son to a beautiful and intelligent – and not inbred – Kate “Middle Class” Middleton.

In Downton Abbey – can we be frank? While the Dowager Countess gets all the good “zingers” the fact is that the middle class Isobel Crawley is clearly her superior in every way – intellectually, genetically, and morally.

There is nothing good about being poor, there is no inherent morality to poverty. Jesus was wrong, the poor are not blessed, they are cursed.

But, mostly, throughout human history, the wealthy aristocrats were simply either the most brutal, or the most lucky, at warfare. That’s it. Most of them never showed any “heroism” in war, either – most of them simply inherited their positions. It was their inherited wealth and position that allowed them to overcome their inbreeding for so long.

Continental snobbery is never going to play in America. It’s especially not going to win over anyone, neither the elites nor the “masses,” when they aren’t actual “elites” anyway – they are just a club of wannabe, “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

Richard Spencer loves to call himself a “snob” but he’s just a third-rate trust funder. Greg Johnson may have a PhD, but it’s in English literature, not physics, so pardon me if I laugh when he pontificates on the physics of the controlled demolition of skyscrapers. He can’t even get high school physics right.

If I want to understand Jan Assman’s views on monotheism – Greg Johnson is the man I will go to. But considering that Johnson has swallowed, hook line and sinker, every piece of comical imperial propaganda (his musings on “ISIS” are, a decade later, particularly painful) he reads in the New York Times, I’m just going to have to pass on his astonishingly pedestrian views on electoral politics.

Remember, Greg Johnson is the guy who said that if you don’t believe Trump was “sincere” about his promises to build a wall, if you think Trump was just full of shit, making promises he never intended to keep, like all politicians do, that makes you a “conspiracy theorist.”

It’s right-wing conservatives like The Z-Man who believe that thinking money matters in electoral politics, that politicians do what they are paid to do, well, that’s a “conspiracy theory.”

Just like religion, right-wing ideology is mystification – the purpose of right-wing ideology is to mystify very obvious material reality and to distract from the very obvious – and very pedestrian – material interests of various classes of people.

I would also point something else out about Greg Johnson specifically, and the “white nationalist” movement in general.

Greg Johnson admitted that he knew Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach were working with the Southern Poverty Law Center, but Johnson kept their secret until the infamous “Cuck Box” incident.

If I – someone with zero connection to this “movement” – could figure out that Heimbach was working with the SPLC a decade before he was exposed, then someone like Greg Johnson, who worked with these people, could figure it out even before he was personally told.

But Johnson kept their secret.

Johnson also knew that Mike Enoch was married to a Jewess and only mentioned that when it was already exposed.

So, in some ways, you have to hand it to Johnson – like a good fed, he knows how to keep a secret and knows how to keep the cover of undercover assets.

As for me? I’m just a racist liberal. I am in no way in these people’s “movement” and not in any “right-wing” anything, mainstream nor dissident.