Does anyone remember when Trump was asked if “transgenders” could use – what is the formulation here? – “the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity” – at Trump Tower?

It was pretty funny because Trump got this panicked look on his face. He didn’t know how to answer. Would you?

It was cringe-worthily funny when Trump had to pander to “Evangelicals.” When he was asked what his favorite book of the Bible is – who asks a question like that? – he answered “Two Corinthians.” Then, all the anti-Christian “atheists” and secular liberals made fun of him because everyone knows you say it “Second Corinthians” even though it’s written “2 Corinthians.”

Then that crowd logged on to reddit to complain bitterly how Trump has almost certainly never read the Bible and doesn’t believe any of that Christian stuff at all. But the Evangelicals are just so stupid they don’t realize that Trump is “tricking” them.

Then again, whenever I read Reddit on a religious topic, it’s pretty much directly equivalent to the kinds of things I remember from 9th grade religion class. It’s interesting to see Reddit struggling with very basic theology.

You see it when Reddit wets themselves over the Satanic Temple. One guy actually said it, “these Christians don’t realize that intelligent secular people are going to use their own religious freedom against them!”

Really? No Christian, especially not socially conservative Evangelicals, understand the concept of “allegory?” All Christians take the Bible “literally?”

So, let’s see. You build statues of “Satanic” gods, you consider abortion a sacrament, but when a Christian calls you a “Satanist” you haughtily respond, “it’s just an allegory?”

It reminds me of this reddit cut-and-paste troll, where the two friend start making gay jokes, just messing around, and then wind up blowing each other, but it’s not gay because they are just kidding around.

So, you call yourself a “Satanist” and your central religious ritual is the dismemberment and murder of an unborn child. But you’re not really Satanists, because to you it’s just an allegory.

OK. It’s just an allegory. “Spirit Cooking” is just ritualized cannibalism, not actual cannibalism. But the “clump of cells” is nevertheless a real biological entity.

Personally, I don’t put much stake in theology as a discipline, but if you are going to discuss it, you should at least be familiar with the last 2,000 years of theology. And … reddit atheists discuss theology A LOT. A surprising amount. Sometimes they don’t realize they are discussing theology, but nevertheless they discuss basic issues that have always been well understood by ninth grade Christian schoolboys.

To them, they always think they are discovering some great truths that no one else even thought of. It’s sort of like how every generation of teenagers thinks they discovered sex because sure, technically, their parents may have done it, but surely they didn’t enjoy it and didn’t do anything kinky.

Reminds me of watching redditors go into wild conniptions when they discovered “Christian Domestic Discipline.” I have to admit, if I ever feel churlish and want to make myself feel superior by laughing at idiots, Reddit is my go-to.

I shouldn’t make fun of Redditors for not understanding freshman year philosophy.

“Oh my GOD! These Evangelicals are so sexist and misogynist the husband, called the “Head”, actually SPANKS his wife? As in discipline? This is absolutely disgusting! What sweetie? You want to watch Handmaiden’s Tale again? Yes, I am also outraged by all the spanking scenes and imagery of women with slave collars at the sex clubs. Those Christians just don’t understand women!”

Just kidding – everyone knows that redditors don’t have girlfriends.

Personally, I’m not offended by the existence of homosexuals. I’m more offended by the “LGBT” lobby.

Steve Sailer has a funny gimmick he calls “Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism:”

The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

It’s a fact that plenty of guys like a fat girl. If a fat girl wants to feel beautiful, there are plenty of men out there that are into exactly her body type.

But that doesn’t mean she should complain that all the men who like those thin model types are somehow “bad” – nor that there is some sort of conspiracy to make thin women hot. Consider Mad Men; Christina Hendricks became a sex symbol precisely because she was spilling out all over the place in those tight dresses.

Under Trump, the US Empire has decided to stick its nose into the business of every other country on earth to demand the “legalization” of “homosexuality.”

What did Iran say? They said they don’t have any “gays” – and they are right. Sure, there is as much homosexuality in Iran as anywhere else, but no one is gay. Probably lots of those “men that have sex with other men” also have sex with women and even have children.

Because I’m a devil’s advocate, I once said, hey, why is the world divided in to “gay and straight?” People attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex? Why aren’t the categories monosexual vs. bisexual? Those who are only attracted to one sex vs. those who are attracted to both sexes?

Another funny one is “demisexual.” This is a thing. A “demisexual” is a woman who doesn’t really feel sexual attraction to a man until she has an emotional connection to him. In other words, most women.

There’s another one – sapisexual. That is a woman who is attracted to intelligent men. Because until the millennial generation, no women realized the attraction of intelligent men – oh no. Before 2010, women were only into big muscles.

What’s next? Heightosexuals? Those are women who are attracted to men who are taller than she is. Poor heightosexuals, women have faced such oppression just because of their sexual orientation. “I’m different than all the other girls. I’m only attracted to tall, intelligent men who are athletic, wealthy and good with women. What about meeee?”

Socially Constructed Beauty Standards

It really shows the extreme narcissism of Western “liberals” that they demand the US use its military hard and soft power to go into each and every culture on earth to demand they do homosexuality the right way.

Every human being on the planet that either engaged in same-sex behavior, or even had a thought, MUST parade down the streets while cross-dressing, or else they are oppressed.

Gay men MUST commit to monogamous “marriage” where one is the “husband” and one is the “wife” otherwise, “oppression.”

Even the lesbians complained about this one. What about everyone’s favorite kind of lesbian, “lipstick lesbians?” All pretty lesbians, like Jody Foster (or Taylor Swift) must be attracted to a bulldyke? What about two pretty girls being attracted to each other?

Really, though, isn’t this an example of “telescopic charity?” Oh my god, there is some “same-sex attracted” tribesman somewhere in deepest, darkest Africa – quick, send in the Marines and some glitter body paint, they are doing homosexuality the wrong way!

All gay men are oppressed unless they can parade around the streets in their underwear, and all lesbians are oppressed if they like to wear make up and pretty dresses – the patriarchy brainwashed them to like that!

Frankly I couldn’t care less that Trump is “LGBT friendly.” All the serious Christians understand who the “Ruler of this World” is and real Christians, the ones who really understood the concept, would expect Caesar to be sexually perverse.

At the end of the day, what really defines a redditor is chronic masturbation to internet pornography. What happened when a bunch of teenage boys who had been jerking off to internet porn since before they even hit puberty decided to stop? “No Fap.” They wanted to stop jerking off, stop “consuming pornography” take control of their sexual drives and urges, and hopefully, get a real girlfriend, a “3-D waifu?”

What happened? They were called ‘anti-semites’ who ‘hated Jews’.

That right there should tell you something.

So that is why I’m far more offended by the Trump-tards waving around that Israeli flag than I am the “Lady MAGA Drag Queen.”

No Iranian ever called me a “nazi.”