A few weeks ago, the Trump administration wrote a memo instructing federal departments to list any ‘critical race theory’ programs they ran and how much money they were spending on them.

‘Critical Race Theory’ is a field of pseudo-scholarship intended to create a hostile work environment in order to prevent unionization and social solidarity. It is specifically anti-white and teaches the religious doctrine that people racialized as “white” have the “original sin of racism” that requires “atonement” for “white privilege.”

FOX News’ Christopher Wallace mischaracterized critical race theory as “racial sensitivity training” and the entire mass media went into “defense” mode when Trump campaign surrogates suggested that a future Trump administration may cut funding for such programs.

But of course this was all merely campaigning, Trump’s campaign attempting to shore up white voters angered at explicit anti-white hate and systemic racism against those racialized as “white.” The Trump administration did nothing more than write a memo, and his campaign surrogates wrote some op-eds. No programs have been canceled, nor is it likely that any will be in a second Trump administration.

Like all politicians, and both political parties, Trump makes promises to get votes, then once he has these votes he makes another set of promises to another set of voters.

Actual policy is decided by various professional classes and lobbyists. No professional classes and no lobbyists are interested in an end to the highly useful ‘critical race theory’ programs. Trump himself, of course, likely has no idea what ‘critical race theory’ is, nor would he be particularly interested.

No policy making arm of the Trump administration has any concern with ‘critical race theory’ programs in any case – the only part of the Trump administration discussing this has been the campaign arm. There is no policy, there is simply a campaign talking point.

Similar to “the wall,” an end to mass immigration, an end to needless wars in the Middle East, bringing blue collar jobs back to America, and everything else Trump ran on, these are merely talking points, not policies. They are trotted out by various surrogates, dutifully praised by the conservative Republican media and attacked by the liberal Democratic media, then are promptly dropped the day after the election.

The actual policy of the Trump administration are all the things rarely discussed: first and foremost, the sacrifice of America’s entire soft power, built painstakingly over the last century, for the extremely narrow interests of Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Likud party.

On Likud’s agenda, Donald Trump has delivered consistently and promptly.

On the “America First” agenda, Donald Trump administration has accomplished nothing. But even the term “accomplished” is somewhat misleading, because the Trump administration made zero attempts at America First policy reforms.

“America First” is a campaign slogan with a related set of talking points. At no time were these “actionable” policy proposals, they were glorified campaign ads.

The Trump administration has acted in the same manner during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 “phenomenon.” During the last six months of ‘lockdowns’ in which millions of Americans were thrown out of work, sentenced to a form of house arrest, and the entire spectrum of American small businesses bankrupted, the Trump administration worked closely with the Republican Senate and the Democratic House to pass trillions of dollars of “stimulus” to corporate America, bailouts for Wall Street, handouts to politically connected NGO’s favored by one or the other political party and trillions of dollars were passed out anonymously to various international players with virtually zero publicity.

And, of course, Nancy Pelosi fulfilled her famous pledge and helped Trump and the Republicans passed 80 separate pieces of legislation giving American’s tax money to Israel during the ‘coronavirus lockdowns.’

In an interview recently, Nancy Pelosi was asked what she was doing to stop Trump’s agenda in Congress, using the considerable powers of the Speaker of the House. Pelosi said that she was preventing Trump from sending a one-thousand dollar check to Americans, to alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus Lockdowns because she didn’t want Trump to be able to send a check with his name on it before the election.

There is no daylight between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi when it comes to aid for Israel, the only fight is who gets political credit for sending Americans an extra two weeks paycheck to help out after the massive economic crash they presided over.

These facts are not really in dispute, yet the political rhetoric from “both sides” is more heated then ever, even though as we can see Trump, the Republicans, and the Democrats are not actually fighting each other on substantial policy and they have zero problem working together on important issues.

In fact, as the rhetoric heats up, the more closely the two “sides” cooperate on their actual policy.

But it’s a lot more fun pretend there’s a “Deep State” that is trying to “overthrow Trump” because he’s so pro-white and/or racist.