So it is surely just a coincidence that in February 15, 2020, the video ‘Bugaloo Dance Party’ appears on a new Youtube channel called ‘Conservative Christian’.

The video opens with videos of ‘anti-semitic’ attacks on Jews by Blacks in New York City. Then it transitions into Democratic politicians making various anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment statements. Democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is credit as ‘KKK Leader’ with a clips of his yearbook pictures in a Klan Halloween costume, which was a mild scandal for him two years ago.

Then the music comes on and ‘Conservative’ commenter Ben Shapiro gives an impassioned speech threatening to “meet them at the door with a gun” – “them” being, presumably, liberals trying to “raise my child.” Then, clips of armed “militia” looking types posing with orthodox Jewish rabbis, protecting them from Louis Farrakhan’s (and Obama’s) Muslim Brotherhood one assumes.

Then it turns into an over-the-top, very self-aware series of clips from the gun culture. White guys in sunglasses waving oversized American flags while shooting oversized guns. Hot chicks in bikinis shooting guns – you know the style.

If you are wondering what this stuff has to do with Jews in Brooklyn being attacked by Blacks – good. You should be wondering, although it’s quite obvious.

Jews in Brooklyn hate rural white Christians with guns. But the Republicans have such contempt for “their own people” neo-con Jews figure, hey, let’s take their culture, tack on our own issues of ‘anti-semitism by blacks’ and rile up those “racist rednecks” with some gun porn. Hey, we’re all against the “liberal social justice warriors” who support Palestinian terrorists and Ilhan Omar, right?

No matter that then the “other side” – Jewish Democrats – now point to these videos as “right-wing extremist Boogaloo Bois” who are not just racist, but “anti-semitic” too! After all, the channel is called “Conservative Christian.”

It’s all still 100% relevant, as we see Trump just denounced the “Proud Boys” which are themselves the pinnacle of the “Alt Lite.”

Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, RamZPaul and all the rest of the “Alt Right” types like to make a distinction between themselves and the “Alt Lite” which was “civic nationalist.” Sometimes they even try to say that Trump is getting bad advice from the “Alt Lite” who are just afraid of pushing the envelope due to “optics.”

But that’s all nonsense. It was Milo, the Alt-Lite, who worked for and put the “Alt Right” on the map. No one had ever heard of Spencer, Johnson, or Paul – until they were turned into a platform, by, to play a role in the Trump campaign.

The brains came from, along with Cambridge Analytica and the like, and Spencer, Johnson, and Paul – who all hopped on the Trump Train early – simply followed, hoping to get some larger audience due to the Trump phenomenon.

Once they were no longer useful they all got set up in Charlottesville.

Now, even after six straight months of “leftist” (cough) violence, looting, and murder, “Charlottesville” is still an issue, even in the Presidential debates.

Meanwhile, the Jews behind Donald Trump – the Israelis, like and Ben Shapiro – can get away with outright spamming “Boogaloo Bois” content online, and when the hammer comes down, it won’t be Ben Shapiro, nor the “militias” protecting Jewish rabbits in Brooklyn from ghetto Blacks, who get hit.

No, it will be the rural white guys shooting their guns. It will be the hapless Trump supporter who reads and thinks it’s now ok to wear a MAGA hat – they are the ones who will be demonized by the media.

Gavin McInnes, the founder of Proud Boys – he thought he would be ok because he literally stuck a dildo up his butt on video to prove he isn’t “homophobic” and took a trip to Israel to vow to a) fight “white supremacy” and b) wholly support the apartheid Jewish state.

But that wasn’t enough. Sucking up to Israel only gets you so far. Even Milo, half Jewish, 100% gay, eventually got shot down by the orthodox Jews of “Reagan Battalion” because the edgy libertarian queer Trump thing was scandalizing the real conservatives.

As for Trump, he’s made it clear a million times. The liberal media keeps saying he won’t “denounce white supremacy” but that is a lie. Donald Trump has denounced his white base every time he has. Trump has a long history of anti-white statements.

In his book, Trump trashes David Duke as a “racist” and then Pat Buchanan – Pat Buchanan! Mr. Conservative! – as a “Nazi” because Buchanan once criticized Israeli warmongering.

Trump bragged about how he “ruined” Palm Beach for the stuffy “WASPs” by bringing all sorts of “blacks” and “Jews” to Mar-A-Lago.

Trump has proven, time and time again, throughout his entire career, that friends and enemies, they all get thrown under the bus.

Except for Israelis, Jews – like his grandchildren who live in Israel.

Trump is, and always has been, Israel First. If you are dumb enough to stick your neck out thinking he has your back, be prepared to lose it under the bus along with everybody else.

It’s amazing how the “Alt Right” got so addicted, so fast, to smelling their own farts because they got a temporary boost in their Google Analytics during Trump’s campaign. They actually started to believe they were someone in a “movement” as opposed to a loose collection of online trolls occasionally trotted out by the media to scare the CNN audience with talk of “white supremacy on the Dark Web.”