Look, I’ve had my differences with Trump. I’ve had my criticism. But after watching last night’s debate, there is just no way we can risk having Joe Biden as President.

Forget the dementia. If Joe Biden is President, we will be saddled with Obamacare forever, and we just can’t afford that. The country is broke – literally, America is broke. Social Security is bankrupt and eight years of Obama and the Democrats in office have eviscerated our military. I just don’t trust Joe Biden to be able to handle the Covid-19 crisis, both the pandemic and its economic fallout, not to mention the infiltration into America of the Chinese Communist Party. A Joe Biden as President means goodbye, Uyghurs, we hardly knew ye! Can we sit by as President Joe Biden looks the other way while the Chinese Communist Party oppresses the Uyghurs?

Joe Biden may have had a reputation as a moderate, but he has followed the Democratic party to the far, far left. Biden will pass AOC’s Green New Deal, which will cost jobs and keep America dependent on foreign oil.

What will Joe Biden do about Russia? Will Biden be able to stare down Vladimir Putin when his son and his entire family has been paid off by the Ukrainians? If Biden wins we’ll all be calling each other “comrade” and drinking vodka.

With a Joe Biden presidency, we are doomed to high taxes, fewer jobs, and a radical Democrat agenda. Our Constitutional Republic, indeed, our way of life, is in more jeopardy now than at any point in recent history.

It’s simple: 2020 is the most important election of our lifetimes.

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