See dat gold? That’s some Federal Reserve shit. But the real rich niggas, like Trump, he got the platinum. Y’all niggas got them gold cards, but what better than a gold card? Das rite, the platinum card. I got dem platinum drawers and I be da nigga, right? Den he gonna make kawn-yeah like secretary of state and some shit.

“As a black person, I can tell you that it still isn’t racist.” — CircusofPython “When was calling two black fellas two black fellas ever racist? I have been black ALL my life and I don’t kno what the hell your talking about.” — realityme

Look, you have to respect the marketing genius. And all you racists out there getting up on your high horse, it’s not like they don’t do the same thing to us. I mean, y’all call him the “God-Emperor” and the Jews are literally writing another book in the Jew Bible about Trump the Messiah, King of Israel.

Plus Trump said he was going to stop immigration, build a wall, and bring jobs back to America. If you believed that, you’ll believe anything. So let the Basketball-American Community enjoy their Platinum Plan.

Now what they need is 50 Shades of the Handmaiden’s Spanked Tail! To get the suburban soccer mom vote.

Amy Coney Barrett – People Of Praise Handmaiden Party

2025 – It happened so fast. After Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court and Trump was reelected, it was only a matter of time. Covid-19 had rendered most women infertile so those of us who were immune – those who didn’t escape to the People’s Republic of California in time – were swept up in the Raids and sent to be trained at the Women of Praise Baby Factory.

First we were stripped, collared and paraded in front of the Masters. Master Smith, a tall, dark haired former soldier turned wealthy business executive, coldly eyed my naked body and motioned to the guard. “Her,” he said with a commanding, yet surprisingly soft, voice. The guard grabbed my neck chain and led me through the doorway. “Oh, you’re lucky, Master Smith is regular with his discipline. I hope you like spankings!”

My inner goddess shivered…