RamZPaul has a new video out about Ben Shapiro attacking Jesus Christ.

Full disclosure: I watched maybe three or four minutes of a Ben Shapiro video once.

There’s a very funny clip of some SJW Lesbian Mother-Wife – I’m not kidding – that is complaining to the CEO of Youtube, who is a Jewess. The Lesbian Mother-Wife complained that her son (poor boy) was being “manipulated” by the Youtube algorithm.

She said he once “accidentally” clicked on a right-wing video, and then the Youtube algorithm led him into “darker and darker” videos until he wound up watching videos from the “extreme far-right” … by which she meant Ben Shapiro. The Lesbian Mother-Wife then expressed great fear that her son might finally fall all the way down rabbit hole by watching “alt-right hate videos” by … Jordan Peterson.

I always have to remind myself that these are the same people that viciously mocked Christian conservatives for wanting an 18+ sticker on lyrics like this:

beat you to a seizure, then fuck your moms,
She don't remember shit, just the two hits
Her hittin' the floor and me hittin' the clit
Sucking on the tits, had the hooker beggin' for the dick
And your moms ain't ugly, love, my dick got rock quick

When I get dusted I like to spread the blood like mustard
Move over, Lucifer, I'm more ruthless, leave you toothless

I'm shooting babies; no ifs, ands or maybes
Hit mummy in the tummy if the hooker plays a dummy
Slit the wrist of little sis after she sucked the dick
I stabbed her brother with the ice pick

Found your father hiding in a room, fucked him with the broom,
Slit him down the back and threw salt in the wound
The black demon got the little hookers screaming (Woo!)

Because you know I love it young, fresh and green
With no hair in between, know what I mean?

Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dead Wrong

So songs celebrating serial killing and the rape of children are just “edgy” and putting an “18+” sticker on those records was a horrific violation of civil liberties by prudish Christians who were scared of sex because Freud or something.

But Youtube must ban the “far-alt-right” ideas of … Jordan Peterson (clean your room, bucko!)

If you want to know anything about the actual religion of Judaism, this is a good place to start:

What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different?

Calling this a “cult” is to downplay both its hate-mongering as well as its ridiculousness.

This Jewish “religion” is very concerned with how many minutes you are allowed to take a nap without taking your shoes off – this is discussed in their “holy writings.”

Sure, it is a racial supremacist creed and they openly advocate killing “Gentiles” – that is why no Jew should ever hold political office – but most of the religion is so mind-numbingly idiotic and churlish you almost want to laugh.

If anyone has ever met an Ashkenazi person who escaped from this cult, they will give you an earful about these orthodox nutjobs. If being against orthodox Judaism makes you an “anti-semite” than the most vicious anti-semites were themselves born into the Jewish cult.

They believe all sorts of weird superstitious mumbo-jumbo – it’s hardly above African hoo-doo with its amulets, charms, “evil eyes” and spell-casting.

To think, in the Current Year – 2020 – this fringe bizarre cult is still around, and given the status of a “major religion.” How can one not feel sorry for innocent Ashkenazi children born into this abusive cult – not to mention the whole genital mutilation thing.

Seriously – how is that even LEGAL in 2020?

In any case, I remember when Passion of the Christ came out right during the Iraq war – which was not at all a coincidence. “If you want to know who rules over you, buy Mel Gibson a beer” is what the wags say.

I finally did get around to seeing Passion a few years later. I can’t say I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, for an arthouse film, which it was, it was quite good. But it was so horrifically violent and bloody, and such a depressing story, I can’t say I enjoyed it.

But I remember the hoopla about the film when it was released.

Oy vey, did the Jews go nuts rending their garments and gnashing their teeth. They came up with a complex conspiracy theory that Mel Gibson was trying to incite violence against Jews by inserting secret “anti-semitisms” and Jews kvetched about how Christians would see the movie then flood out of the theaters looking for Jews to murder.

As usual with this particular odious hate-cult, it was mere projection. It was actually famous Jewish writers who admitted after watching Inglorious Basterds that they were so filled with “righteous Jewish rage” they wanted to move to Palestine and kill Palestinians – so-called “mainstream” Jews wrote that and no one had any problem printing this in the newspapers.

But it really shows the pure narcissism of Jews that they thought the plot line of Passion of the Christ was all about them. No, Christians did not come out of watching Passion with the urge to kill Jews – the Christian message is all about repenting for you own sins, which you can do because Jesus died for your sins already.

Nietzsche had some trenchant criticism of Christianity and its morality, but Jewish critiques of Christianity are bullshit.

Remember, Jews have the historical understanding of a Jehovah’s Witness – it’s all ret-conned into making them the center of history and their “muh oppression” at the hands of the subhuman Gentiles.

(It’s all also purely mythological – there is zero evidence of “the ancient tribes of Israel” – that ostensibly educated adults pretend these fairy tales are history in this day and age tells you all you need to know. What next, I have a right to all of Britain because I LARP as the long lost son of King Arthur? /eyeroll)

It’s why the height of American Jewish culture is comic books – crypto-Jew superheros like Superman and Clark Kent – where the Jews are Holy Good Guys and the “Gentiles” are evil monsters that must be ruthlessly killed.

Jews don’t do nuance, apparently.

In any case, why the hell does anyone care about Ben Shapiro? How is this literal agent of a foreign government considered a “conservative” – much less an American?

Why is it that Youtube algo is constantly shilling videos by Zionist Jews like Ben Shapiro and the fanatic nutjobs at “Prager U?”

Can we finally stop pretending that Google is anything but a Jewish corporation, with a Zionist agenda? It’s not in the least bit neutral. This is the company that is SO JEWISH they never, ever, use their “doodle” to celebrate any Christian holiday. They will “celebrate” the most obscure holidays of long-dead and irrelevant cultures, but they purposefully and loudly ban anything celebrating Easter or Christmas.

Considering that Judaism is literally a racist hate cult – it’s quite disconcerting that Google has the power it does – not to mention that Google takes orders directly from the hate-group Anti-Defamation League, literally an organization advocating hate and ethnic apartheid.

More proof? My college roommate saw Schindler’s List back in the day, and admitted that it made him hate Germans – and he felt no shame about this. No one ever said Steven Spielberg wasn’t a good director – he is a top-notch talent at racial demonization and hate propaganda. The best, in fact. He makes the Nazis look like amateurs.

Look, especially with Jews, it’s pretty simple and obvious: THEY ALWAYS PROJECT. They are worried about “hate” because they want to distract people from the hate that they preach. They complain about “White Supremacists” because THEY are the racial supremacists and think it’s somehow a copyright violation for European people to advocate for their own.

The hatred and violence and vileness are their own, which they project onto the hated “goyim” outsiders.

If you have ever met actual Ashkenazi people in America, and get to know them enough, you’ll see it yourself. They are actually a very sad people because they know that a) Judaism is a disgusting cult and b) if people knew how awful the religion/culture of Judaism is, they would in fact exile those people somewhere else.

Judaism is child abuse, and the first (but not only) victims are little Ashkenazi children.

For all the Trump-tards out there, here’s a cope: Donald Trump, the new Messiah – i.e., the Anti-Christ – the King of Israel, is making sure that the Zionist occupation government in Palestine can expand its borders and maintain its security so all the Jews will finally get the hell out of our countries and go there – anywhere, as long as it’s not here.

In the meantime: Boycott, Sanction, Divestment.