Trump vs. Biden Is Like Bush vs. Gore.

In Bush vs. Gore, it all came down to Florida, which was controlled by George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb Bush. For the first couple of days after the election, it was declared tied and the media announced that it came down to absentee ballots.

The media said this, out loud:

If a lot of absentee ballots came in from active duty American military serving overseas, Bush would win. But if a lot of absentee ballots came in from Israel, Gore would win.

Again, they said this. Out loud. The entire mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, all explained quite calmly to Americans that there were American Jews, living in Israel, that had citizenship in both countries, and their votes may decide the “most important election of our lifetimes.”

And their choice would be Gore, not Bush, Democrats, not Republicans.

Not only that, but the same media also made it quite clear that the active duty military – “the troops” – would overwhelmingly vote against the Israeli Jews, and vote for Bush and the Republicans.

That was 20 years ago – in 2020, writing that in a blog post is likely to get you censored at the command of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, the Zionist Jew lobby that is unaccountably in charge of social media censorship.

But back then it was common knowledge, and openly discussed, that Jews were overwhelmingly Democrats, and very “liberal” and that they all were nevertheless extreme “right-wingers” when it came to their homeland, Israel.

Now that’s called “the anti-semitic trope of dual-loyalty” but back then it was not at all considered unusual that a foreign population of Jews would be allowed the final say in an American election, and were in a position to overrule the active duty American military vote if they could scramble enough ballots from Tel Aviv in time.

I suppose now that’s a “conspiracy theory” but 20 years ago it was “important election news.”

Ah well, 9/11 took care of that. After 9/11, all of the old-line Republicans in the Bush Jr. administration were sidelined – James Baker’s crew, Wilkerson, Powell. Instead, all the neo-cons, Jews, led by the very not Jewish Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, were in the driver’s seat. But you rarely had much media coverage of Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, David Frum, or Richard Pearle. Instead it was all about Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Alberto Gonzales.

Notice how you’ve never read about the “attempted attack” on Bush the night before 9/11, at a hotel in Florida? Two “men from a middle eastern company” were caught trying to enter the President’s security perimeter. It was covered, a bit, but then just sort of forgotten.

So was the raids in Texas, two days before 9/11, of a Palestinian foundation in Texas, which shut down their entire operation. No one knows, it’s all down the memory hole, thus, everyone reverts to the simple “narrative” of the 9/11 attacks, as opposed to anything resembling what actually happened, what people said happened at the time it was happening. Most of what you think you know about those events is actually not fact, but fiction.

One reason I kind of like Trump is because he keeps saying stuff he probably shouldn’t really be saying.

For instance, Trump has now agreed with me, and many of my former co-bloggers and online contacts, about the wars in the Middle East.

Trump said we aren’t in the Middle East for oil – we have plenty of oil. Instead, Trump says we are in the middle east to “protect Israel.”

He said that, not me. If I said it, I’m a “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.” But if a Zionist Jew says it, or Donald Trump says it, then it’s just common sense, something that all informed citizens should know.

Anyway, the Transition Integrity Project, where the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans got together to “War game” how to keep Donald Trump from winning the election, is quite exciting. They are promising “civil unrest” unless Biden wins by a landslide.

Two weeks ago, the Atlantic, the Zionist Jew magazine based in Washington DC and run by Jeffrey Goldberg and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, claimed that Trump had called “the troops” “losers.” Goldberg claimed he had four witnesses to Trump calling Our Troops “losers,” but the names were secret. This was timed to appear at the same time a social media commercial by a brand new political lobby claimed their polling showed “the troops” were for Biden, and against Trump.

From what I can tell, this story lasted about four days until they dropped it. Democrats are too busy coddling Black Lives Matter and Antifa to care about “our troops” and Republicans just assumed it was “liberals” – probably Palestinians – attacking Trump.

(Really what happened is that the Army Times kept its government funding, despite it being supposedly “independent.”)

Meanwhile, Zionist Jews are bragging about how Trump has allowed his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the dictator of Saudi Arabia, MBS, to basically take over the entire Middle East. The few Gulf states that weren’t fully on board with Zionism have mostly folded.

That is why Sheldon Adelson’s wife said they should write a new book in the Jew Bible about Trump. The Gospel of Trump. Jews have been calling Trump “the King of Israel” and Jews named a settlement in Syria’s Golan Heights “Trump-town.”

Truly, Donald Trump, the King of Israel. Anyone who doubts that Trump is an effective politician simply does not understand foreign policy at all. Israel has gained 100 years of victory in four short years of a Trump administration. They have stolen all of Palestine, destroyed their neighbors, and are currently, as we speak, ethnically cleansing the rest of Palestine.

All as this writer predicted when Trump won the Republican primaries in the now-censored series “The Likud Infiltration of the Republican Party.”

Trump has earned the title of “King of Israel.”

Quick – anyone? Jared Kushner’s father is named Charles Kushner.

What role did he play in the events of 9/11 and the cover-up?

It’s an interesting story. It has been written about for years, long before Trump, even all the way back in Bush’s first administration.

It involved a pretty hilarious scandal of a certain governor that is kind of like a gayer version of the story of Donald Trump, his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, and their sexual blackmailing of celebrity Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr.

Also involved the Department of Homeland Security.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The same people who literally had no idea who Donald Trump was, or what he spent his life doing, were telling us four years ago that we had to support Trump, because he was against, like “political correctness” and illegal immigration.

I and other said, hey, have you noticed how Trump is a long-time asset for the foreign government of Israel?

They said, no ignore all that, at least we’ll get a wall on the border and an end to mass immigration.

Which is ironic because the mass immigration has stopped, because of Covid-19. I’m told that Trump admitted he was underplaying Covid-19 because he didn’t want anyone to “panic” and – presumably – stop the mass immigration.

But, hey, they moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. Not, Trump assures us, because Jews wanted it. No, Evangelicals wanted it – more than the Jews, Trump tells us.

Back in the days of the “manosphere” we used to play a game, “spot the alpha.” The point was to watch some video, or look at a picture, and figure out the male hierarchy, who was the alpha leader, and who was the beta follower.

Here’s a video of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Spot the Alpha.