Facebook has announced they will censor early election results so one side cannot declare victory before recounts. The psuedo-official media, the Washington Post, New York Times, and TV, have declared this is a move by Mark Zuckerberg to prevent Donald Trump from “stealing” the election.

On August 12, this author said:

Whoever controls the short-term mass media cycle, hourly to the 24 hours cycle to the week or so after the election, will be declared the winner.

Occasionally someone will compare American politics to professional wrestling, and use the wrestling term “kayfabe” to describe how politicians speak. In the professional wrestling business, “kayfabe” essentially means “staying in character.”

An old and hoary joke in American politics is that the oft-used term “gaffe” is used when a politician accidentally tells the truth; they accidentally “break kayfabe.”

But the term gets used by some blogger once a year or so and then people go right back to playing along with the kayfabe themselves.

“Kayfabe” breaks out every election. Everyone pretends that prior elections were honest and hardly ever contested, but this time Candidate and Party X is unprecedented and this is the most important election of our lifetimes. Democrats and Republicans have a long-standing agreement to not really contest elections too much, but during serious conflicts of partisan interests, it’s hardly a novelty. Many of us grew up hearing stories of “JFK’s father paying the Chicago mafia” to rig the Illinois vote.

Many of us remember 2000’s Bush vs. Gore, when the winner was declared only after over a month and a Supreme Court decision. In fact, methods of voting have been, themselves, political issues in every election since, right along side with claims of ballot stuffing and illegal voting.

By the September after Bush v. Gore, the “9/11 attacks” happened, which dictated American policy, foreign and domestic, for at least the next decade. By the end of the day, three skyscrapers in Manhattan had been demolished into dust, and a large section of the Pentagon had been destroyed.

Within a week, letters contaminated with deadly anthrax were sent to “several news media offices and to Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, killing five people and infecting 17 others.”

Donald Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, then a Congressman from Indiana, attacked the FBI for discovering the attacks came from a domestic terrorist, and made up a cocakamamie conspiracy theory about Saddam Hussein being the terrorist mastermind behind 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.


“The social media” – meaning, the largest internet companies like Facebook and Google – is more important, in real time, than the TV channels, certainly. Most people will be watching social media, as opposed to a TV station, even if the content is originated with the TV station.

CBS, ABC, and NBC, both their radio and television arms, have long cooperated to announce a winner in concert and to not disagree. Since its inception, FOX has acted in concert with the more “traditional” networks. In 2008, FOX News even famously humiliated John McCain advocate Karl Rove, live on election night, after keeping him “out of the loop” about what had been agreed to by the four networks and other interested parties.

If Facebook and Google wanted, they could likely keep the country in suspense for months. Trump could be declared the winner, then the Democrats count large caches of ballots that were kept in reserve, or perhaps “re-tool” an electronic voting machine after a “glitch” then the entire social media, along with NYT and WP, declare Biden the winner.

Twitter could assist “Antifa” like groups by organizing “protests” on public Twitter while organizing the terrorism, arson, and looting via DM.

For nearly four years now, the Democratic party, and virtually the entire pseudo-official media conglomerate, has spread an extremely implausible conspiracy theory about “Putin’s agents” “hacking the election” and “controlling Donald Trump.”

It seems likely that, eventually, all media will report whoever the Electoral College says won, which will depend on who gets recognized as an elector, which depends on what state governments decide. Maybe the Supreme Court will have to decide again.

Media and partisan hysteria aside, the rioting, looting, and peaceful protests have really only occurred in the intersection of two places; black ghettos and urban lefty college towns.

It may have been blacks who burned down the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct building back in June, but the ongoing theatrics in Portland and Seattle have little to do with police brutality, or black people generally. Those are mostly white affairs, and it is mostly being done by “Antifa” which is about the least “secret” group in American society, mostly a collection of left wing professional protestors that are allowed, even encouraged, to operate by law enforcement.

If we play along with the “kayfabe” the rioting was “spontaneous” and Facebook and Google and the entire rest of the media will defame and censor you if you make any critical remarks about the Covid-19 “lock downs” that have been in place since March of this year. In much of the Western world, including both the United Kingdom and Australia, people are in fact arrested by police for posting unauthorized opinions about the “Covid-19 phenomenon” on Facebook.

How seriously are we supposed to play along with the narratives of the two parties, the Republican and Democrats, about these shadowy forces of “Antifa” and “Proud Boys” – or “Putin’s hackers” for that matter?

Democratic Representative from New York (cough) Jerrold Nadler said that Antifa was a “hoax” – am I allowed to say that Antifa is a “hoax” as well? Can I say the “Boogaloo Boys” are a “hoax” and “fake news?” Or will that get me censored?

The only development, outside of a 9/11 style terrorist attack, that would be particularly interesting is if the state governments with the requisite number of electors declare for one winner, but the media companies with the largest audience refuse to acknowledge it, and perhaps make up a story of “Putin’s hackers hacking the Electoral College” or maybe “influencing electors via memes on the Dark Web.”

Antifa isn’t what Republicans say is it, and Democrats lie about Antifa too. It is the gimmicky “street army” of the intersection of anti-white Jewish Zionists and the Democratic party “liberal activists” (like those elementary school teachers.) There are a handful that are willing to put someone in the hospital, some willing to shoot people, and some willing to burn buildings down. As we can see via recent developments, a lot of the worst “street level” troublemakers are ex-cons or petty criminals being recruited by others.

Antifa is more about “protest” and “street theater” than it is about violence. If and when real political violence occurs, outside of some fighting and a handful of killings, Antifa will go home.

Antifa is a theater group useful for the media, especially, the “left” anti-white wing, the lefty Jewish led coalition “against racism” – meaning “against white people.” No one takes it seriously but themselves.

But still, we have to keep Kayfabe and pretend that it’s not somewhat obvious why a Zionist theater group like Antifa is doing their damnedest to help Trump get re-elected.

Otherwise serious people seem to believe that if ANYONE breaks Kayfabe, even on a blog, that itself might literally sway the election one way or another. Like one of Putin’s “Magical MK-ULTRA Memes” that brainwash conservatives on Facebook, pointing out the Zionist nature of Antifa and their increasingly negative influence on the prospects of a Biden victory is like spoiling the performance, or something.

The podcasts recently went over the elections of 2004. Donald Trump and Roger Stone paid money to Al Sharpton to run in the Democratic primaries and call the anti-war candidate, Howard Dean, a “racist.”

The Democrats wound up nominating the pro-war John Kerry, which immediately signaled that the Democrats were throwing it, just as the Republicans had purposefully thrown it with Bob Dole in ’96.