My readership is already informed about the ownership of Reddit, it’s connection to Eglin Air Force Base, and its roots in the CIA’s angel investment fund IN-Q-TEL, and its place in the imperial propaganda apparatus.

So it’s educational when Reddit exhibits what can be called “unprincipled exceptions.”

Let’s examine via an easier to understand example of a similar phenomenon.

You can perceive the power of the Israel lobby in the United States by its distortion of US imperial policy. Without the Israel Lobby, the Empire would still be involved in various banana republics of Central and South America. The Empire would still be escalating a Cold War with China even without the Israel Lobby.

But the United States would exhibit very different behaviors in the Middle East without the distortion of the Israel Lobby. The Empire would have never gone to war with Iraq and destroyed their country. The Empire worked with Saddam Hussein, and if it needed him to be replaced, they could have staged the usual “color revolution” or simply announce they were supporting one of Hussein’s rivals.

But Israel wanted Iraq destroyed; Israel needed a Sunni vs. Shia civil war in Iraq.

It’s even easier to see the distortion in Syria. By Western standards, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is about as good as it gets. After all, Assad was a “geeky I.T. guy” who studied ophthalmology and practiced in London. Assad is about as pro-Western as it gets, his faction is Syria is the exact coalition of minorities that typically characterize the preferred imperial model, and Assad would likely jump at the chance to gain some independence from Moscow.

But US imperial policy in Syria is distorted by the Israel Lobby, because Israel wants the Syrian people destroyed; a regime change would not advance Israel’s expansionist goals, therefore simply swapping Assad for an equivalent is unacceptable to Israel.

Just as Obama’s choice of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary illuminated the Zionist problem a decade ago, the bizarre attacks on Tulsi Gabbard put the Zionist issue in clear focus just last year. Both Chuck Hagel and Tulsi Gabbard were loyal American imperialists who were American Empire First – thus, they had to be destroyed.

Twenty years ago it was Mearsheimer and Walt, perhaps the last of the realist and Arabist school of neo-liberal imperialist policy.

Another example? Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Many outcomes would have been acceptable to the USA, Europe, Turkey and the Arab powers, but Israel wanted Gaddafi dead and his supporters destroyed.

The Iran deal, between Iran, Europe, and the United States, was a major Western imperial goal; it was successfully and the Israel Lobby was roundly defeated – until the new Trump administration came and an immediately reversed the deal and escalated conflict against Iran, driving Iran further into Russia’s orbit. Yet another example of the short-term interests of Israel taking precedence of short and long term US imperial interests.

On domestic politics, Reddit pushes West Coast, Silicon Valley neo-liberal capitalism and extreme “social liberalism.” In domestic politics, Reddit anchors the far-left end of social issues while maintaining a tight orbit around the center of the Democratic party establishment.

Reddit’s ultimate domestic enemy is a South-Eastern White Christian Republican. Reddit will typically coddle and pay obsequious subservience to Black Radicalism, only because there are few Blacks on the West Coast; Blacks haven’t EVER been particularly important in on-the-ground politics in California, but still play an outsize role symbolically because of the East and the Midwest and the post-1960’s media culture.

You’ll see Reddit quickly resort to overt anti-black race baiting when a Black exhibits homophobia, or anti-semitism. In Silicon Valley, LGBT and Jews are simply far more important than Blacks.

For instance, Reddit will always rhetorically take the side of Muslims against Christians, but will take the side of Jews against Muslims. There’s typically a real conflict in cases of Muslims in Europe culturally rejecting “social liberalism.” Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon attacks on Muslims are strongly defended by the “civil libertarians” of Reddit, but they would not similarly defend Charlie Hebdo’s censored comic attacks on Jews. The republishing of the Charie Hebdo cartoons this week had Reddit ostentatiously defending mocking Islam, in Europe, because the social liberalism of Europe is more important than one particular non-white immigrant group in Europe.

Reddit was comically supportive of the Hong Kong protests and never misses a chance to attack China, often from the “social left.”

Most Redditors can’t even pronounce “Uyghurs” but they will always support them against the Chinese. All of a sudden, Reddit because very concerned with oppression of Muslims – Muslims in China, but not in Palestine.

This is a case of Reddit directly aping US imperial policy.

Another case is the explicit and overt demonization of Slavs via “Russiophobia.” Vladimir Putin is considered by Reddit to be Literally Hitler and even an Evil Mastermind that is able to “trick” “conservatives” via internet memes and propaganda.

This attitude also happens to track pretty directly with the Eastern European foreign policy favored by the Democratic party establishment.

Another bizarre example of Reddit’s strange biases is the new full-throated attack on not just police in general, but specifically, the police unions.

Reddit has declared all out war on local police departments, and increasingly there is a online rhetorical propaganda campaign being pushed by dozens of major Reddit accounts that local police departments are “infiltrated by,” or have a “culture of,” “white supremacy.”

The solutions offered by the Reddit crowd is FBI crackdowns on local police departments and unions. The FBI, Reddit assures us, is both more “effective” than local police forces, but also “less corrupt” than the local police, who are “racist.”

Rhetoric aside, the institutional agenda being pushed in quite obvious; law enforcement being centralized and brought higher up the chain of government. This by necessity means less “community policing” and more high-tech population management.

While rhetoric about “police brutality” against “African Americans” is a perfect rhetorical cover in the early 21st Century America, who is convinced that a transgendered, “white Hispanic” Google employee is particularly invested in “racial justice” in rural Georgia, as opposed to actually having material interest in a “far left social liberal” technocracy?

Reddit is interesting in that you can see the two interests collide, often in real time, by the heavily gamed main broadcast section of Reddit (the “default political subs.”)

On domestic issues, Reddit represents the most ridiculous “Social Justice Warrior” stereotype, but quickly morphs into something quite different when it comes to official imperial foreign policy.

On China and Russia, the most popular Reddit threads and comments may as well have been written by the most hawkish elements of Obama’s State Department. All “Social Justice” concerns are thrown out the window when it comes to the human rights of Palestinians. Even “multiculturalism” is right out if other cultures prove insufficiently pro-LGBT or pro-“feminist.”

My audience already understands the Zionist issue.

But strip that out, and Reddit provides us a glimpse into other aspects of Imperial policy that is often hidden. This is the true core of neo-liberal capitalist imperialism.

That’s really the Final Boss. The Zionist Jew problem is like a parasite in the host of imperialism, which weakens it and makes it act irrationally. We need to enhance these contradictions to make the beast fight itself.

But also it’s always worth noting that Reddit is simply another media property. 99% of people never read the propaganda, thus at the end of the day their “arguments” don’t matter because few people read past headlines.

Control the firehose, control narrative.

Next time:

What is the intersection of fake “White Nationalist” groups and fake “Islamic Extremist” groups of the last 20 years?

Hint: they are both doing podcasts together now.