Obama’s Democrats have armed Antifa and Black Lives Matter and are rioting, burning and looting in every major city for weeks now and are as we speak murdering White Trump voters in the streets.

Trump’s Outside Agitator KKK-Nazi Militias are coming in from the suburbs and murdering Non-Violent Black Peaceful Protesters and Jewish Civil Rights Activists, and White Supremacists have infiltrated Antifa and are causing all of the violence.

Clearly, the end is here. Either Trump or Biden will steal the election via massive voter fraud and/or suppression, and the Democrats or the Republicans won’t accept the vote, and then Hot Civil War will break out all over America, as both sides fight pitched battles block-by-block in the city centers and the suburbs.

Or maybe not. Gangs of Black, Latino, and White Democrats have been attacking run-of-the-mill Trump voters, screaming “Racist” and “Nazi” since even before the infamous Chicago Trump rally in 2016, four years ago. Even before that, there was the famous viral video from California where a crowd of Blacks and Latinos threw eggs at a White woman Trump booster and two White men were chased down the street and attacked.

For the past four years, mostly non-white political violence against whites has been fairly constant, peaking around elections and including plenty of whites among the attackers. Mass shootings haven’t been too extremely rare, either. There was the sniper attack on the top levels of the Republican party, the Antifa mass murderer in Ohio that shot up a police bar and murdered his own sister, and the Walmart shooting and the California attacks by self-described right-wingers.

Most of it still doesn’t add up to a hot weekend in Chicago or Baltimore.

Remember the riots when Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopolis tried to speak in Berkeley, or the massive riots when Richard Spencer spoke at a few colleges? The Antifa riots at Trump’s inauguration, where the son of one of the most prominent Democratic Senators was arrested, masked – long before Coronavirus – leading the riots?

All the largest mass electronic media outlets, with the exception of FOX News and some larger Republican websites, refers to ALL white people who are not Democrats as “white supremacists” and “racists.” The Democratic party and the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS have all attacked the Republican party and Donald Trump as “white supremacist” and “racist.”

Even Asians, Latinos, and Blacks have been attacked as “white supremacists” and “racists” – and “Nazis” – by the same mass media, so it’s difficult to take it particularly seriously.

The “left” and the Democratic party have said that “punctuality” and “friendships” are “legacies of America’s white supremacist past.” White women calling the police on Black men threatening them are referred to by the sexist and racist slur “Karen” and even the English pop singer Adele is being called “racist” for braiding her hair and wearing a Jamaican flag bikini.

A very, very white crowd in Washington DC attacked a young white woman, a fellow Democrat and BLM supporter, for not raising her fist on demand, and European women tourists have been accosted on the streets of Manhattan and forced to kneel on the ground and “apologize” for “racism.”

Since Trump won, and most of this has happened in big cities with an overwhelming Democratic majority, most Republicans and conservatives have watched in bemusement, only really complaining if an obvious Trump supporter is attacked.

Does anyone remember Jussie Smollett? Or the NASCAR Noose? Or the 5,000 “anti-semitic hate calls” to Jewish community centers that were staged by a Jewish man in Israel? Or the ridiculous story some half-Black, half-Jewish girl told about how five “classic white Wisconsin frat boys” drove up to her car and sprayed her with lighter fluid and then set her on fire?

These Hate Hoaxes are all amplified by the media, who then pretend that the BLM and Antifa rioting and violence aren’t really happening.

That’s the thing about the media. If you don’t live in Berkeley, how do you even know about the rioting against Ann Coulter from three years ago? You only know it because the media covered it and there were some videos on Youtube.

100 years ago, you may have read a paragraph or two in a newspaper, but probably not.

It’s all hyper-reality and media illusion.

Which is why the “left” – the Democrats – can pretend that they are under attack by “white supremacists” when they are, in fact, attacking random white people who would swear up and down that they aren’t “racist” and would instead complain that Democrats are the real “Nazis.”

Clearly, the slurs “White Supremacist” and “Racist” are just that – slurs, racial epithets, that are used for any White person.

Calling a white person a “racist” is not in any way different than calling a black person “the N word” – it’s simply a racialized slur used to attack someone, based on their race, for acting in a way the accuser doesn’t like.

Calling a white person a “Racist” is no different than calling a woman a “slut” or a “bitch” – in that case, gendered and sexed terms to attack a woman for not acting in the “approved” way for her sex.

Wikipedia, citing media sources who themselves cite the Jewish supremacist, pro-apartheid, Zionist Jewish lobby the Anti-Defamation League, refers to the Pacific Northwest Christian group Patriot Prayer as “white supremacist” even though it’s full of Black and Brown Christians. Wikipedia, officially cited by Google and Facebook, declare that comedian Gavin McInnes’ joke fraternity, the “Proud Boys,” – which is full of Jewish, Black and Brown gay men – a “far-right” “neo-Nazi” group.

This ham-handed partisan propaganda is echoed online by tens of thousands of social media accounts, some presumably not bots, who have created an elaborate conspiracy theory about “white supremacists” who secretly control America through “systemic racism.”

It’s all patent nonsense, of course and no one actually takes it at face value, except for maybe very young people.

After the latest shooting in Portland, where an avowed “Antifa” murdered a “Prayer Patriot,” a young white woman standing in front of a crowd of hooded Antifa declared that she “didn’t care that a fascist died” that night, to the cheers of the crowd.

Of course this white woman, 20 something, living in Portland, clearly college educated, has almost certainly never known anyone who ever died of political violence. To her, it’s a sort of Social Media Video Game, a Reality TV Show, and she has a minor part that typically includes no real violence, except for perhaps an arrest by a burly White Portland police officer, which would give her social media career a huge boost, along with a WAP.

Sure, things have gotten worse in the last few months.

Why? Why are things getting worse lately?

Well, it’s because the government shut down the entire country and locked everyone inside for three months straight while putting everyone out of work and closing all the schools.

If I were still 20, I’d be out there too, out of sheer boredom. If I had to LARP as a political activist, right or left, I most certainly would. It beats sitting inside clicking “Like” for the 10,000th time, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, there no civil war. This is nothing.

Also, all the right-wing libertarian types that have been predicting Economic Collapse and the Hyper-Inflation for longer than I’ve been alive … the same prepper types warning about the Food Supply Collapse and how the cities were mere weeks away from starvation …

… well, that didn’t happen either, did it?

All the hyperventilating ninnies saying there were going to be millions of corpses rotting in the streets due to Covid-19? The mass graves in Manhattan, as Coronavirus patients were bulldozed into mass graves? We must wear surgical masks even in our cars, when walking our kids in the park, when gardening in the backyard?

No one could go to church or a bar because of the risk of Corona-Contagion?

The same people who claimed half of North America would be underwater by 2020 due to Global Warming Climate Change?

I mean, good lord, get a grip people.

Back in MY DAY? We had hijacked planes flying into skyscrapers, controlled demolitions taking down buildings right and left, missiles hitting the Pentagon, passengers overpowering hijackers with box-cutters, Anthrax letters and the DC Sniper.

Y’all are a bunch of pussies.