No one remembers anything anymore. Something appears in the media, then a week later a new story comes out and everyone forgets the context.

Jerry Falwell Jr. was never a minister. It’s probably safe to assume he’s never been religious as an adult. He inherited his father’s religious-themed businesses.

Falwell Jr. was a non-entity until he endorsed Donald Trump and became Donald Trump’s most high-profile “Evangelical” supporter.

The media did the usual by pointing out how Trump is hardly a Christian, much less an Evangelical. The media’s purpose wasn’t to shed light on anything but instead to attack Christians, especially, Christians that oppose the sexual revolution. The major reason the media opposes Christians that oppose the “sexual revolution” is quite simple. First, the media is Jewish and hates Christianity, second, the media is anti-white and Christianity is the majority religion of white people (you’ll notice the media has zero hostility to Black Christianity or the Catholicism of “Latinos.”)

Third, “liberated sexuality” is a very important social control mechanism for neo-liberal capitalism. Better writers than this one have explained this at length, Catholic E. Michael Jones did a credible job detailing this. You saw something similar when the entire mass media went on a vicious smear campaign against young “right-wing” boys and men who had decided to stop “consuming pornography” and give up chronic masturbation. The major pornography company, MindGeek/Pornhub, even gave the game away when they accused young men who won’t “consume” pornography of being anti-semitic.

Again, all you need to do is squint a little bit and it becomes clear.

Falwell Jr. has been in trouble with his “Evangelical” community for a very long time and was never really accepted as the heir to his father, Jerry Falwell Sr. But Falwell Jr.’s brief stint with Donald Trump was very educational although only BannedHipster will remind you of what actually happened in the last couple of years.

How did Falwell Jr. come to endorse Donald Trump? The story came out last year. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s Jewish “personal attorney” was blackmailing Jerry Falwell Jr. with pornographic pictures of his wife. The Daily Beast did a thorough job covering this story last year – and this author’s explanation of the ramifications of that story was one of the reasons the old Skynet blog was banned within a week of publishing the story.

Supposedly, Falwell and his wife met a “pool boy” and then Falwell’s wife had an affair with him. It was hinted that Falwell “liked to watch” but getting involved in the lurid details is to miss the point.

The question the Daily Beast never asked is how Donald Trump’s Jewish attorney came into possession of pornographic pictures of Jerry Falwell’s wife?

The most plausible explanation is that the pictures were taken by the “pool boy.” So how did Donald Trump’s Jewish personal attorney wind up with the pictures? Did the pool boy shop around the pictures and then decide to sell them to Donald Trump’s Jewish personal attorney?

The obvious explanation is that Donald Trump’s “team” – the same “team” that also obtained pornographic pictures of the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos – had been engaged in espionage on Jerry Falwell Jr., looking for blackmail material.

This would be a surprise to many people unless you had followed the story of Donald Trump’s long connections to Israeli/Jewish organized crime and sexual blackmail rings like those of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – two Mossad-linked Jews that are long time, personal friends with Donald Trump and Trump’s entire family.

Not having a five second memory helps to put things in context. Donald Trump is a life long asset of Jewish organized crime, has been involved in sexual blackmail since the days of his mentor, the Jewish Zionist Republican Roy Cohn, and is a long-time collaborator with the tabloid publishers AMI, who were the ones attempting to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Why Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Well, Jerry Falwell Sr. himself was a long time collaborator with Zionist Jews and especially the “right-wing” Likud party faction. “Liberal” Zionist Jews have long complained that Benjamin Netanyahu and the “right-wing” Israelis in Likud have been using “right-wing American Evangelicals” as an important support base in the United States since the early 1980’s, declaring these Evangelical Christians “anti-semitic” (a lie, and a smear, but typical of racist Jews.)

Israeli Zionist Jews and the Mossad even gave Jerry Falwell Sr. his own private jet and helped Falwell Sr. confiscate the satellite television network of “disgraced” Evangelical Jim Baker in the 1980’s – at the time, those satellites would have been worth a huge amount of money. Jerry Falwell Sr. accused Jim Baker of being a “bisexual” and had him thrown out of his own ministry, which he graciously “saved” by taking personal control of its assets while Baker went to prison.

In return, Falwell Sr. promoted not just “Christian Zionism” but the specific and particular political interests of the Likud party.

The obvious implications of this is that Israelis have been engaging in espionage, bribery, and blackmail against conservative, right-wing, Republican “Evangelical” Christians since at least the late 1970’s – the time that Roy Cohn was active.

As noted previously, Roy Cohn was also doing much the same with the top levels of the Catholic church in the United States and Zionist Jews were, of course, fully aware of the endemic pederasty, pedophilia, and homosexuality in the American Catholic church since the 1950’s, if not earlier.

That Donald Trump is a sleazy man, that the Falwell family are hypocrites, and that the American Catholic church leadership is almost entirely homosexual is hardly a surprise, of course. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

What may be surprising is how completely controlled these people are by Jewish organized crime.

That many be a surprise to you, unless you’ve been reading this author for the last decade, in which case it’s old news.