I have a technique I’ve used since September 11, 2001. Any time I find myself agreeing with a Republican, a conservative, or a right-winger I immediately take a step back, look at the situation, and try to figure out what I got wrong.

So it’s been since what I guess can only be called the “Covid-19 BLM Riots of 2020.” The latest situation, when a so-called “militia member” shot three “Antifas” in self-defense, to me at least seems quite straight-forward.

The worst thing about the 20th Century mass electronic media, radio, cinema, and television, and its 21st Century incarnation of Social Media, is how it makes everyone forget.

Does anyone remember Ahmaud Arbery? This was the African-American “jogger” that was “murdered” by two “white supremacists” in Georgia. Despite a couple of weeks of a media circus, this story was dropped because they just couldn’t sell it. It became obvious that Arbery was a criminal engaged in robbery and was shot in self-defense. They tried to get some riots started, but failed.

So they dropped that story and tried against with George Floyd.

It’s a trip seeing the mural painted in various cities portraying Floyd as an angel, complete with angel wings. The reality, as everyone knows, was that Floyd was a career criminal, a true scumbag, and died while hopped up on a cocktail of hard drugs. But truth doesn’t matter, because he died while being restrained by the police and there’s video.

Thus stared the BLM Riots of 2020. On this blog I’ve made two observations constantly that are not particularly controversial but nevertheless are not fully appreciated.

First, these riots are being instigated by the mass media. The story of George Floyd did not spread organically. The major electronic mass media corporations are organizing the rioting, and we know who the media are.

  1. WarnerMedia, a division of AT&T, CEO Jason Kilar.
  2. The Walt Disney Company, CEO Bob Iger.
  3. ViacomCBS, CEO Shari Redstone.
  4. Comcast, CEO Brian L. Roberts.

As previously documented, the CIA infamous “MK-Ultra” program studied the so-called American “riot demographic.” Specifically, black males aged 14-20 something. For various reasons, these are one of the easiest groups to get to rioting, and “police brutality” was found to be a particularly easy way to start them rioting.

This has been known since the 1950’s, and indeed, since the MK-Ultra project studying this demographic, there has been regular rioting by this demographic anytime the mass media chooses to trigger these riots by broadcasting certain videos. In fact, it’s happened at least twice a decade since the 1960’s. It’s easy and predictable.

Back in March, this writer predicted that due to the Coronavirus “lock-downs,” “urban rioting” would start as soon as the weather turned hot, an easy prediction to make that turned out 100% accurate. This required no great insight nor any particularly specialized knowledge, it was quite obvious within the first few days.

Now the American political scene is divided into two “camps.” On the Democratic side, Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” Hitler Part II using “dog whistles” to rile up his base of “white supremacists” who enjoy locking “immigrant children” in cages run by Trump’s Fascist Army of ICE-Nazis.

On the other side are the Republicans, who believe that Donald Trump is heroically trying to bring down the Jeffrey Epstein Obama-Clinton Satanic Pedophile Cannibal Clan run by the “Deep State.”

We’re supposed to believe that the mass electronic media “hates Trump.” Certainly, if you watch a Television Talking Head like CNN’s Anderson Cooper, it’s blatantly obvious that Cooper is simply anti-Trump. If Trump cured cancer, Cooper would interview all of the oncologists that Trump put out of work.

Of all of the mainstream media properties, only FOX News is slanted towards the Republicans; all other properties are pretty blatantly biased against the Republicans and for the Democrats. There’s a number of reasons for this, but they aren’t particularly interesting.

But the idea that the media is “against Trump” is somewhat problematic. During the campaign, the mass media, especially CNN, gave Donald Trump non-stop coverage. Certainly, much of the coverage was negative.

Yet Donald Trump’s Republican rivals couldn’t get any airtime at all. One would be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump was the only Republican running. Donald Trump was a total outsider to the Republican party. Most of Trump’s family and business associates have always been Democrats and located in the capital of the Democratic party, New York City.

So while Trump’s media coverage was almost universally negative, as they say, all publicity is good publicity. If you had asked the average person in 2016 who was running for President, even during the primaries the ONLY two candidates most people could even name were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Not at all coincidentally, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were friends, and the Clintons and the Trumps were long-time family friends. Famously, Clinton’s daugher and Trump’s daughter were personal friends and known to hang out with their other personal friend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ever since the start of the Covid-19 Lockdown Black Lives Matter riots, the mass electronic media has done continuous polling to figure out the public’s attitudes – especially, the white public.

At first, the majority of white people expressed at least some support for “protests against police brutality” but as the rioting, accomanied by looting, arson, and murder, have continued, public support has fallen.

Last week, Democratic party assets have said, openly, that the Democrats will not be able to win if the BLM Riots continue.

But the mass electronic media has not moved to reign in the violence, but continue to egg on the “riot demographic” and urban populations generally.

So, if it is true that:

  1. The Democrats will lose if the rioting continues …
  2. The mass electronic media, Warner Media, Walt Disney, ViacomCBS, and Comcast, continue to instigate rioting around the country …

Isn’t the very obvious conclusion that the mass electronic media is helping Trump win re-election?

If not – why not?