William Binney, perhaps the first insider who revealed illegal and unconstitutional activities by the National Security Administration, has been censored – in real time – by Reddit.com.

Reddit.com, a globally top-ranking website owned by Democratic party oligarchs in the Newhouse family, censored William Binney during his “Ask Me Anything” question-and-answer session.

Despite being a long-time hero to the civil libertarian wings of both the left and the right, and originally well-received by Democratic activists for his outing of NSA abuses during the Bush administration, Binney was censored for contradicting a key contemporary narrative.

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In fact, Silicon Valley in general agrees this story is simply too toxic to allow non-approved narratives to spread online.


The narrative is that of the October 2016 Wikileaks publication of the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Binney exposed the Democrat’s narrative of a “Russian hack” of the emails and explains that the emails were instead leaked, presumably, by an insider and likely in person.

The American media specifically, and the Western media generally, has shown great discipline in suppressing not only the Podesta emails themselves, but any discussion of the conclusions that can be inferred by the contents of the emails.

In the last four years, many of the most hysterical reactions by the Democratic party and the “mainstream” media companies to non-approved narratives, in fact, have their origins in the Wikileaks publication of the Podesta emails.

The media narrative of “Russian hacking” and “Trump collusion with Russia” were based around the false claim that the Podesta emails were “hacked” by a Russian from over the Internet then turned over the Julian Assange. A fictional character called “Guccifer 2.0” was cited as “proof” of this narrative, by ostensibly serious journalists.

Binney contradicts this narrative by demonstrating the evidence that the emails were copied to physical media which was then physically passed to a Wikileaks operative.

This is where Reddit.com steps in, as demonstrated here:

Notice the five or so top comments, by senior Reddit accounts, attacking Binney and calling for his silencing.

While it would seem a minor point, the “establishment” and the media cannot allow any dissident on this narrative, because of what it implies.

The Podesta emails demonstrate that the Democratic National Committee conspired to rig the nomination against Bernie Sanders. It’s long been rumored that a Democratic party staffer, Seth Rich – an avid Sanders supporter – was the DNC insider that leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks. This is a very inconvenient narrative for certain people because Seth Rich was murdered on the streets of Washington DC right after he presumably handed off the Podesta emails to Wikileaks.

But the Podesta emails also spawned two other narratives that the “mainstream” media has declared toxic and out-of-bounds:


And “QAnon.”

“Pizzagate” has all the hallmarks of a Roger Stone smear job. But it is still an inconvenience that the Podesta emails exposed behavior on the part of the Podestas, the Clintons, and others highly-placed in the Democratic party that made such a “conspiracy theory” plausible in the first place.

It’s similar too with the “QAnon conspiracy theory.” Last week, Anderson Cooper of CNN called “QAnon” a “conspiracy theory” about “cannibals” and “pedophiles” with the intent of marking such discussion out-of-bounds.

But the Podesta emails, along with the social media accounts of James Alifantis and friends, show a pattern of extremely bizarre behavior that matches quite closely with both the “Pizzagate” and “QAnon” “conspiracy theoriest.”

After all, most Americans do not attend “Marina Abramovich Spirit Cooking” parties where food is presented as corpses and then engage in an “art performance” involved faux-cannibalism. No – it’s not real cannibalism. It’s more like an elaborate Halloween party where Democratic party elites perform like cannibals. They aren’t real cannibals, they just LARP as cannibals.

After her starring role in “Pizzagate,” Marina Abramovich was hired by no less than Microsoft to appear in their advertisements, although these advertisements did not reference cannibalism directly.

If the “mainstream media” has their way, we won’t even be allowed to critique Abramovich’s art, even as she is paraded around by the neo-liberal oligarchs of Corporate America as their spokesperson.

Anderson Cooper, and CNN, is also very concerned about any allegations of Democratic party insiders engaged in pedophilia or human trafficking. Despite their best efforts, the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell story still hasn’t gone away, in fact, has been kept alive for over a decade by the “new Internet media” and the grassroots journalists under attack by the “mainstream” right now.

There was never any evidence that James Alifantis was personally involved in any pedophilia, nor human trafficking, he just happened to have social media accounts full of pederast and pedophile jokes shared among a large number of social media connections who shared a similar taste in humor about pederasty and pedophilia.

The conspiracy theories are, in fact, quite absurd; surely no one took seriously the story that John and Tony Podesta, along with Ghislaine Maxwell, had flown to France to kidnap and murder six-year old Madeleine McCann. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes people email each other about getting pizza. But nevertheless, the Podestas, and the Clintons have surprisingly close ties to convicted pedophiles like former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and convicted child-kidnappers like Laura Silsby, the latter for whom Clinton took a personal and detailed interest in her case.

ABC News anchor Amy Robach famously claimed in a leaked video that she had tried to broadcast the story of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for years but was prevented from doing so by her management. Epstien was famously arrested than was claimed to have committed suicide; Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and is now in jail awaiting trial.

That’s the majority of the “QAnon conspiracy theory” right there – despite the efforts of the “mainstream media” to cover up these stories and their own complicity in these events. In fact, the only part of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory that seems obviously off-base is the idea that Donald Trump opposes these people as opposed to being deeply complicit himself.

It’s very notable that Internet companies, like Alphabet’s Google.com and Facebook.com are actively censoring both “Pizzagate” and “QAnon” “conspiray theories.”

In fact, the only reason that the Jeffrey Epstein case was not completely suppressed in the last decade is because there was a criminal conviction, thus a public record that could not be censored.

There are some positive developments. Few outside of Covid-19 ravaged nursing homes watch Anderson Cooper and public trust in the “mainstream” media is at an all time low – and even more positively, the profession of “journalist” is increasingly considered direputable.

The Republican party, in a truly shocking turn of events, has actually struck out against a political enemy.

Republican National Committee resolution condemns Southern Poverty Law Center, claiming ‘obvious bias’

(If only they would denounce the Anti-Defamation League and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee that Republican party could provide a political platform for Americans.)

It’s interesting to compare the media coverage of the murder of Seth Rich with the media coverage of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

It’s also interesting to compare the reception of William Binney with the media reception of Edward Snowden.

It was quite easy for my allies to leverage the new Internet media, and especially the mass social media platforms, by simply telling the unvarnished truth that was otherwise suppressed. This is, of course, precisely why Google, Facebook, and their smaller cousins like Reddit, have restricted access to their platform.

It looks like in this case, Lenin was quite wrong, and the capitalists will not sell us the rope to hang them.

Anderson Cooper, and the “mainstream” media in general, are correct that these “conspiracy theories” could inspire violence. When the crimes of the ruling class – including crimes against humanity – are exposed, people tend to get angry, and when a population gets angry at their ruling class, political dislocations have been known to happen.

What is revealing about our current media corporation is how banal their partisanship is. Donald Trump is no threat to “the system” – he’s merely a threat to a particular network of Democratic party activists.

In any case, back in the day, the Internet Idealists said that “the Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

It’s also worth thinking about when this modern era of online surveillance and censorship began. Was there one counter-narrative that both political parties, all “mainstream” media, and various oligarchs have spent 20 years covering up?