In the mid-2000’s anytime I took the New York subway I noticed an ad aimed at young white women for “egg donation.”

The subway poster would always feature a very attractive young white woman, probably 20, with blue eyes and blonde hair, and offer he thousands of dollars to “donate her eggs.” The text described “two or three visits to the doctor’s office” and a “non-invasive procedure” and sometimes mentioned “helping infertile couples.”

This ad campaign was contemporaneous with Jeffrey Epstein’s activities at Harvard University, where he had his own office under an interesting cover.

Epstein had a key card and passcode to the building housing Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, where an office was set aside for his use

Jeffrey Epstein had his own office at Harvard University – after he was convicted as a sex offender, Susan Svrluga, Washington Post, May 1, 2020

This was also the time that Jeffrey Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump, would drive around in a limo scouting for “nubiles” – young 12 to 16 year old girls – and entice them with flattery, promises of modeling careers, and help getting into college. This would often be followed by questions about their grades, their family background, and an assessment of their intelligence.

‘She was so dangerous’: where in the world is the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell?, Emine Saner, The Guardian, December 12, 2019

In 2015, an earthquake in Nepal led to a very unusual story involving Israel.

Early on April 25, when initial reports reached Israel about the crisis facing Israeli babies born to surrogate mothers in Nepal, Interior Minister Gilad Erdan opened a little war room of sorts in his home. According to the information trickling in, there were some 20-day-old babies, some of them premature, born in Nepal to Israeli citizens. Most of those Israelis were same-sex couples

Israel airlifts surrogates, babies from Nepal, Mazal Mualem, Al-Monitor, April 28, 2015

There were throw-away, hearsay stories about Epstein and how he wanted to “seed the earth with his sperm” and hire a hundred women to have his babies on a “baby farm.”

This hearsay about Epstein, and the idea of white women “donating” their eggs to “same-sex couples” in Israel, all provide great tabloid fodder – but doesn’t it seem likely it’s just sort of scratching the surface?

One of the podcasts went over the well-known story of how Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook from the Winklevoss Brothers, with the help of Harvard President, and friend and partner of Jeffrey Epstein, Larry Summers. The podcasters note that originally Facebook was used to rate women; a sort of high-brow version of “” and that Facebook was one of the first social networks to require a real name as opposed to the anonymity that was typical on the social Internet at the time.

In the 1990’s and the 2000’s, there was a political controversy between the “pro-life” and the “pro-choice” crowd over in-vitro fertilization and especially the concept of “test tube babies” and “cloning.” The pro-life side made religious and humanitarian arguments, while the pro-choice side often warned that any restrictions of this sort of research would lead to lucrative bio-engineering knowledge and expertise being lost to China, who “had no ethical qualms” about “terminal embryo research” – throwing in a little racist dig at the Chinese and some moral posturing by conservative Americans, for good measure.

It’s perfectly legal for Jews to pay young white women for their ovum, to then hire Nepalian women to carry them to term, then to import the resulting children to Israel to be adopted by “same-sex couples” – or some other configuration of adults.

It’s not legal for Jews to pay young white women for sex, but if they are over 18 it’s merely a formality. Jews were nevertheless able to recruit white girls who were under 18, sometimes far under 18, for sex, despite it being illegal. The Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell scandal is the first time it’s been a political issue since the early days of the pornography industry in the 1960’s.

In fact, under neo-liberalism there’s virtually no way to oppose it. If the women are paid well, and there is no genital sexual stimulation on anyone’s part, egg donation is not considered “sexual” or even a “moral issue.”

A small fringe of radical feminists oppose the idea of surrogacy in general, and some racial and class issues have been mentioned in the context of a wealthy population like Israelis “exploiting poor brown” women to birth babies via donated ovum and sperm. No class or racial issues have even been discussed in the context of a wealthy population like Israelis paying white women, and men, for their ovum and sperm to create children birthed by surrogate mothers and raised by unknown persons in a foreign nation.

I suggest this issue – and this is an issue – is not amenable to autistic and legalistic arguments. Certainly, any sort of capitalist, free market, or libertarian justifications for this system seem particularly irrelevant and unwelcome. There are important aspects of this system that can be described via “economics” but not “just” economics, not even “just” political-economics.

Even moralistic arguments miss the point. “Medical ethics” is similarly a blind-alley.

One could consider the system in the terms of zoology (predation and parasitism) or even in the terms of war and the logistics of war (Janissaries, perhaps.)

One would hope many people would immediately understand the situation in a gestalt of esthetics.

What about organ harvesting?

Social conservatives have often bemoaned the separation of sex and “the consequences.” This used to be a reactionary take against the sexual revolution of the 1960’s – “sex without consequences.” It always seemed jarring that this ethic seemed based on the concept that pleasure was bad and had to be balanced, in a karmic way, with “consequences,” not to mention that framing of pregnancy – new human life – as a negative “consequence” of sex.

But social conservatives, in American politics, have long been more heat than light, and never accomplished any of their goals while, in fact, scoring plenty of “own goals.”

Thailand and the Philippines have a reputation for sex tourism; the United States has a reputation for “birth tourism,” where Chinese women stay for two weeks in a Los Angeles hotel in order to give birth, thus legally granting their child life-long US citizenship.

White – American and European – women have a reputation too. They get the highest prices for their ovum. In fact, European men get the highest price for their sperm; a few European men have been record sperm donors, having thousands of children, from all sorts of mothers, due to their intelligence and looks.

Is it possible for White Americans to decide, collectively, that the ovum of young White women – most of whom have never even had a baby yet – should be for sale to the highest bidder in the “free market” for biotech?

The worst of our race justifies and excuses the sexual exploitation of White girls, especially if it is done by Jews – they prefer to blame the White girls and women of having low moral character. “Punching down” at those with no power – bullying – is always easier than “punching up” at those with power – which requires courage.

But hopefully the esthetics of the situation can inspire better judgement. Should Whites simply be “individuals” in a “free market,” their body parts for sale to the highest bidder?

“The left” that is having a conniption fit about one particular form of slavery from 200 years ago, and the right-wing libertarians and conservatives that typically go along with them, refuse to actually acknowledge the reality of that form of slavery from 200 years ago, nor even the arguments against other forms of slavery at the time – after all, liberalism/capitalism was often derided as “wage slavery” which was considered nearly as bad a chattel slavery.

Such thoughts cannot even be thought in 2020 America under neo-liberalism, and conservative Republicans are the front line troops against just “crime-thought.” After all, an 18 year old White woman NOT being able to sell her genetic inheritance to the highest bidder is communism – a kind of slavery itself, right?

In the New Great Depression of the 2020’s, how many White women are going to sell their ovum to Israelis and Chinese for a few thousand dollars? What if the price drops significantly?

Will organs be next?

You could get a significant economic benefit from a intelligent and beautiful white woman. You could get at least one hundred ovum, a good 15 years of sex work and quasi-sex work like massages and eye-candy at parties, then at 30 cash out for a hundred thousand or so worth of organs, blood donation, media experimentation, etc.

So what was Jeffrey Epstein doing at Harvard in the Evolutionary Dynamics department?

Obviously, we don’t know – but isn’t it obvious?