I mean, aside from The Port of Beirut. Isn’t it interesting how the basic narrative was broadcast all over the US media almost immediately? The basic plot line: a Careless Welder accidentally set off some fireworks which in term ignited an old warehouse full of ammonium nitrate.

The very next media broadcast by the Western media was of Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offering humanitarian aid to the Lebanese government, immediately hijacking US-based search engines about the incident.

Even Wikipedia got in on the act, at some point after the explosion the page was edited to add a section about the mismanagement of the port, even giving it the nickname “Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves.”

That was quick.

Here, the Associated Press interviews – who else? – an Israeli “explosives expert” to tell us what happened in Beirut, and I guess he would know.

Sometimes the terrorist attacks happen before the election, to change the calculus of the polling. Other times the terrorist attacks happen to solidify the just elected party’s rule.

The neo-con Republican outlets are reporting on the Democratic party making plans for California to secede, possibly with Oregon and Washington joining. The Democratic party has chosen Joe Biden, an old party hack that is clearly well into age-related dementia, and Kamala Harris, an unpopular politician with little positive national exposure and racial scandals.

If Donald Trump wasn’t doing such a terrible job, and carrying such unfavorable ratings, it would seem to be a cake-walk for the Republicans, perhaps even enough to pick up seats in the House, even a majority.

But the only Republican more unpopular than Trump are all the other Republicans.

The agenda-setting media has announced that the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine is going to use the months until the election to continue their war on their neighbors in Lebanon and Syria. Netanyahu’s Likud party has worked closely with the Jewish Fifth Column in the US, headed by AIPAC and the ADL to suppress negative news being published in the US about their ramping up their ethnic cleansing of Palestine and covert terrorist attacks against Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

Trump’s long-time associate, the Israeli agent Ghislaine Maxwell, has been imprisoned and the evidence of her Israeli espionage and blackmail child-sex trafficking ring has been given the “dynamic silence” treatment in the agenda-setting media, regulated ated to tabloids.

Like “Russiagate,” the Democratic partisans want desperately to tie Trump to Russian organized crime, and Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, but they can’t, because Trump’s Jewish and Israeli ties lead straight to powerful Zionist Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Haim Saban, not to mention all the “Russian” organized figures that are Jewish and Zionist and Israeli.

There is talk of “unrest” after the election no matter who wins, but the US has seen five straight months of “unrest” due to the unprecedented “lock down” ostensibly due to the Coronavirus pandemic and a massive racial hatred campaign broadcast by the mass media 24/7.

It’s been 19 years since 9/11, which means that the US war against, and occupation of, Afghanistan is now fought by soldiers who weren’t even born back in September 11th, 2001.

The Iraq war is now 18 years old, and the Israeli/US war against Syria has been a “hot war” since 2011, now going on eight years.

None of those wars are even an issue in the current election. Nor is any particular economic issue, other than general talk of “unemployment” which is at historically high levels.

The online “dissident right” has a new story out. Some kid from a group called “Patriot Front” got arrested for putting “Just Say No To Drugs” sticks somewhere in Texas, after a staged “protest” over a Confederate monument in a town in Texas.

“Patriot Front” has a new piece of media being broadcast on the “dissident right.” An audio clip of a crowd of men chanting “Reclaim America! Reclaim America!” over a piece of spooky dubstep, and a “passionate speech” by the leader of “Patriot Front” consisting of a string of glittering generalities and trite catch-phrases; hard to tell if this piece of media is meant to “inspire young right-leaning Americans” or “demonize young while males as terrorists” in a sort of “Trump Youth.”

Does this election even matter? The only thing at stake in this election is whether the US will spend the next few years spending more blood and treasure in the very short-term interests of Israel’s Likud party. Even Ehud Barak, still locked in a power-struggle with Netanyahu, is warning American Jews that Israeli will lose their status as “moral equals” of Western nations in Europe and even countries like Australia and New Zealand because of Likud’s apartheid policies and plans for the final ethnic cleansing of Palestine before Trump leaves office.

A Biden/Harris administration would likely be no different than a Trump administration over China, globalism, neo-liberalism, and trade, but would likely co-operate more with Barak’s faction. But Ehud Barak is in a scandal himself, as being the highest-ranking associate of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Israeli child-sex trafficking and blackmail operation.

After all, the US has not collapsed despite a radical change in the daily lives of most Americans due to the “lock downs” and the complete economic crash. Trump’s friends at Blackrock looting the entire American economy would be a winning issue for Democrats, but they can’t play that card, because Trump’s friends at Blackrock are the very Jews that control Democratic party kingpins like Chuck Schumer and Haim Saban.

So the Democrats are stuck, unable to do anything but attack Trump where he is weakest, because their owners defected to Trump.

Whoever controls the short-term mass media cycle, hourly to the 24 hours cycle to the week or so after the election, will be declared the winner.

Let’s say Trump is declared the winner. The Democrats come out “into the streets” in a sign of mass resistance.

What would happen? Considering the “left” has been “demonstrating” and even burning their cities down for months, what difference would it make?

If Biden is declared the winner, Democrats will probably riot too, demonstrating something or other and more burning and looting in Democratic strongholds.

Would it matter? Wouldn’t most people be at home, just watching it on Twitter?

Let’s say it drags out for months like Bush vs. Gore did in 2001.

What difference would it make?

Would even a terrorist attack matter other than locally?

How many Jewish agents of Israel are already in place in America, hiding as just citizens, waiting for their orders from Tel Aviv to begin the terrorist campaign?