This is gotten pretty ridiculous hasn’t it? The entire country shut down for nearly five months now.

The overwhelmed hospitals never emerged. They sent back the “hospital barge” they had floating next to New York City because they didn’t need it.

Looks like the death toll is just about the same as it is any flu season. Far from “just the flu, bro” it looks like Covid-19 is more like “just the common cold, bro.”

Despite a huge push to get the numbers up, including such comedy as counting some guy who died in a car accident as dying of “Covid-19,” this just isn’t your great-grandfather’s influenze epidemic.

First, the media said that the Trump administration was being “racist” and they even held “Hug A Chinaman Day” in New York and Italy. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci both said wearing a mask was useless.

Then, the media – and Gates and Fauci – turned on a dime. Now, Trump wasn’t doing enough. No, you must wear a mask even in your car, or walking in the park.

They shut down the entire economy while Trump insiders like his handlers at Blackrock stole everything that wasn’t nailed down. The Fed stopped any pretense of a “free market” and something like 13 trillion dollars of money was created and distributed to various groups around the world; meanwhile, American citizens who had been forced into unemployment got a lousy thousand dollars.

Then the media hyped of the George Floyd hoax and triggered massive rioting all across America. The media actually said that the coronavirus doesn’t spread during riots, only at churches, apparently.

Portland has been having protests-cum-riots going on two months now. It’s obvious the protests have nothing to do with George Floyd or the police. This is what people are doing because they don’t have jobs and all the bars are closed.

What’s the end game here? How much longer can this go on?

It’s looking as if there will be millions of families evicted from their homes in the next month or so.

What are they going to do with millions of people with no job, no house, and no prospects?