Anyone else notice how when some songs appear to be about gay sex they can also be interrupted [sic] as being about Marijuana. Weed always saves the song from dirty gay sex. Is there anything it CAN’T do? … harrykid on December 16, 2013

What is the Paul Simon song, “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard” about?

I don’t remember the first time I heard the song, it’s essentially one of those songs on the radio I knew before I knew; but I do kind of remember puzzling about what the song was about, and guessed it must be something sexual with the “Queen of Corona” which I assumed to be a “Latina” girl. (To me Paul Simon was obvious ‘white’.)

I don’t know if I had ever known a “Latin” person except on TV, when all of a sudden All In The Family reruns stopped focusing on Black people and instead introduced Puerto Ricans as the new people White people were racist against and must be reeducated to “tolerate.” In about 9th grade there was an actual “Latino” kid I was quasi-friends who had an older sister who wasn’t particularly good-looking but had an impressive rack just about the age when we started to get interested in that sort of thing. I really thought of them as ‘white’ too and didn’t see them as another ‘race’ but very much so another “ethnicity.” My aunt from California was what we called a “full blooded Hawaiian’ and her children, my cousins, were also ‘white’ as far as I knew although they had darker skin – but so did my redneck relatives down south, so I assumed it was just a ‘suntan’ kind of thing.

In our school we had one “Asian” girl, who was either Korean or Vietnamese. She was quiet and no one paid any attention to her, until about 9th grade when all of a sudden the older boys took quite a shine to her as almost overnight she had turned “feminine” in that subtle way that is hard to explain but difficult to quantify. Still, the Asian gal was clearly second or third place to the object of all the boy’s lusts, which was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed country gal that had gravity defying, perfectly constructed breasts which she knew how to show off even under the conservative dress code of our private Christian school. The teachers hated her because they couldn’t really blame her for just growing up but were still mad that she enjoyed it so very much. She was the only one I remember at the school that the older boys were literally come to blows over.

Later, reading something, I discovered the “secret” that Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard was about marijuana. I had never smoked marijuana but knew some of the bad older kids that smoked cigarettes were rumored to smoke “the weed” whatever that was exactly. The “radical priest gonna get me released” was associated in my mind with “60’s hippie radicals” who were against the Vietnam war, and also smoked marijuana. The “radical priest” was apparently a real priest on the cover of Time magazine endorsing anti-war protests, the “New Left” and “hippies” – the priest brothers Daniel and Philip Berrigan, apparently.

Then, even later, I read something else that the song was about some sort of schoolboy homosexual experimentation. The “radical priest” in this case was one of the pro-gay priests of the 1970’s.

Back before I was censored, I wrote a piece called “The Adult Conspiracy” about how “conspiracies” are pretty much universal. I used two examples from my own life.

As teenagers, we started to engage in a textbook, large scale “conspiracy.” We were all having “premarital sex” and we also started smoking marijuana. It wasn’t exactly “secret” but we were rarely caught. If we were caught, the consequences could be quite severe, but mostly the adults didn’t really want to catch us, preferring that we would eventually stop smoking pot and would just marry whoever we were having sex with.

After all, that’s how they did it in their day. While my parents were pre-Boomers, many of their friends were Boomers and plenty of them had smoked pot during “the Sixties” before they all found Jesus and turned square. Most of them had “premarital sex” with their boyfriends/girlfriends and then had married them, plenty because the girlfriend was pregnant. It was sort of expected you could do it before the wedding, just as long as the wedding did, in fact, happen and hopefully before anyone had to pretend the fat, healthy baby was a “preemie.”

Sex is almost a universal conspiracy. It’s there, and ever-present, yet we come up with infinity euphemisms for it. Virtually every English language sentence can be a double entendre spoken in the right tone of voice.

Regardless of the economics, marijuana can actually be grown in someone’s backyard or basement. It’s not addictive like heroin, and back in the era when a lot of people smoked cigarettes it was easily hidden. Despite it being very illegal for a long time, it was universal in some subcultures.

Thus it was a “universal conspiracy.”

So when people say “conspiracies can’t exist because someone would have talked” I always just remember that as teenagers we had sex all the time and smoked pot quite a bit, and we never “talked.” “Everyone knew” what was going on, but politely looked the other way when it was convenient to do so. The few times it came out in the open — an arrest or a pregnancy – everyone just pretended it was an abberation, as opposed to a universal.

They say conspiracies can’t exist yet anyone working in construction in New York City in the 1970’s knew damn well that “the mafia” ran everything.

Although it’s now considered common knowledge that the life-long head of the FBI, America’s top law enforcement official, was “gay” and perhaps even “being blackmailed” by the mafia, no one, as far as I know except for this writer, has pointed out that Hoover wasn’t exactly “being blackmailed by the FBI” but was, in fact, a partner, a collaborator, with “the mafia.” Hoover was himself an organized crime figure that was “blackmailing” the entire US government and business establishment. His “files” sort of disappeared after his death, quite similar to how all those DVDs seem to have disappeared from Jeffrey Epstein’s house after it was announed they were confiscated by the FBI.

While these days it’s not just common knowledge, but a bit of fun, for the media to name the Jesuit club in Boston University as “the best place for a same-sex hookup” few have pointed out that “America’s Pope,” New York Cardinal Francis Spellman used to regularly have phone calls with the Jewish Republican fixer, personal friend of First Lady Nancy Reagan, and organized crime figure who ran a homosexual pedophile sex-trafficking and blackmail ring, Roy Cohn.

The phone calls would begin with Roy Cohn greeting Cardinal Spellman by exclaiming, “Fannie, you fat faggot, how ya doin’?”

In 1994, Roy Cohn’s long time “switch-board operator,” Christine Seymour, was writing a book titled “Surviving Roy Cohn” based on years of his phone calls that she had not-so-secretly recorded, mostly with his tacit consent. But then she got killed in a head-on collision while driving in Florida.

It’s really quite a problem for Traditionalist Catholic conservatives who, to this day, blame Oliver Cromwell for the Jewish take-over of Western society, while simply never bothering to explain how, at the height of Catholic power in America, “America’s Pope,” the conservative, anti-Communist, traditionalist Catholic Cardinal Spellman was personal friends with a Jewish homosexual blackmailer who was so comfortable with him he would refer to him as “Fannie, you fat faggot.”

Talk about a “conspiracy” at the highest levels! Surely, someone would have talked. But it’s sort of like what “Fannie” told one of his young rent-boys who recognized him. “Yes, that’s me. But if you tell anyone, who would believe you?”

“Conspiracies can’t exist, because someone would have talked.”

But people talk all the time. It’s just when they do, people politely pretend to not notice, or if they are forced to, they just pretend it’s an aberration – not the system itself.

One thing is very different now: the National Security Administration has everyone’s electronic communications, email, phone, everything, in many cases since they were born. They also have access to all of the camera footage: public, private, and secret.

At least since the 1990’s when this became persuasive. Not just the NSA, but many private companies. The occult “5G” war over the Chinese tech company Huawei, and now the skirmish over TikTok, is really a way between the NSA, the Anglo Five Eyes, and China, over who gets to control the Panopticon.

The question isn’t what is a conspiracy, the question is, what isn’t?

It’s like the proverbial quote by Warren Buffet. If you sit down at the poker table, and you don’t know who the mark is – you’re the mark.

If you aren’t actively conspiring, you’re just the mark.