Sam Culper is a former intelligence NCO and contractor with nearly a decade of defense and intelligence service. He spent 2006-2007 in Afghanistan, 2008-2009 in Iraq, and 2010-2011 as an intelligence contractor in Helmand and Kandahar, Afghanistan. He left the Intelligence Community in 2012 to pursue other interests. He will always be a 96B at heart.

I used to be allergic to this sort of thing. In the tradition of MWIR, I’ve long warned against apocalyptic thinking and end-of-the-worldism. The chances of Civil War happening in our lifetime is less than .05%.

The real fight is cultural, institutional, biological and psychological. While guns are fun, putting faith in “hot lead and cold steel” is absurd. There will be no shoot out, then the good guys win and live happily ever after.

There is no end to the struggle except in death; then it’s time for your descendants to struggle.

But part of the right psychology is understand that you are already in a war – it’s just not a hot war, it’s a cold war.

So maybe some tactical advice from military guys might at least put you in the right mindset.

Even better? Read the spies. At this point, it’s likely more useful to think like a spy rather than a soldier.

It can’t hurt.