Over at the Unz Review, Philip Giraldi’s article, Judgment Day for Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrives. or Maybe Not has attracted a number of Jewish commentors illustrating an important aspect of Jewish culture that most Americans simply do not want to discuss and don’t even want to think about:

The absolute, unhinged racist hated Jews feel for people who are not Jewish, especially, European “white” people from Christian backgrounds.

The unhinged hatred even extends to attacking young girls raped and sexually trafficked by Jews like Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and others in this particular Israeli blackmail operation.

The Jewish hatred extends far beyond just blaming the victim and goes so far as to blame the families of the victims and entire European white Christian cultures in general.

Just quoting them will suffice. Here’s one “JT.”

I think the Maxwell-Epstein story is utter bunk. Half the world watches porn films from companies that have been sued for manipulating and enticing women with false cover. Talk about hypocrisy. It’s right there, in the mainstream. What has anyone done about it!? Half the internet makes money off it, and half the readers here consume it.

Then everyone gets on their high horse about Maxwell-Epstein because they are Jewish and its was a brilliant operation honoring the intelligence and hardiness of the Jewish people!?? Why not expose real rapists? The culture of rape in rap music and among Muslims, and even low class rednecks with their meth addiction?

I mean operations like “Casting Couch” or what not, have been served million dollar penalties in civil lawsuits, because for reasons no one wants to go into criminal charges are never served by the Feds (geez, why would that be), and is someone here gonna stop watching them?? Oh, but you’re not accomplices.

Aside from the intelligence aspect to Maxwell-Epstein, this is another Harvey Weinstein. Half the sluts in Hollywood jump into bed with him, and then turn around and call him a rapist when he’s down and out. Maxwell is not a grooming scandal like the UK, where dirty Pakis kidnapped White children (8 years old!) and sodomized them. There’s a story that is beyond the pale since its very telling is tantamount to incitement. I’ll be called a Jewish pig for defending “my own.”

Actually, I see no Jews defending Epstein-Maxwell. I see no one defending them. Too bad, because I think the truth is on our side on this one. I guess I’m a kosher pig!

Maxwell didn’t rape anyone. Nor did Epstein. To call it rape is to hitch your wagon to the “date rape” Uni-Karen mania of accusing sports jocks of “raping them” after she wakes up with a hang-over with Chuck in her bed. It’s not rape. It’s a fat hag advertising her worthlessness to school authorities.

Rape is when a Black guy handles a petite woman like a rag-doll and beats her within a breath of death while ripping up her unlubricated organs. The details are given to give readers the idea of the pain and damage this does. The Black or Hispanic or Arab animal then gets off scot-free in half the European/American world due to aggravating circumstances where this kind of “rape” is beyond public scrutiny, leaving its largely White victims out on a suicidal limb.

Nor was it pedophilia. Unless you’re not strangling the individual, and if they are 14 and their parents are ok with it – which is the case in every instance we’ve heard so far – then the term pedophilia is inappropriate. The parents of Maxwell-Epstein “victims” were always informed, and trafficked their teen kids. They are not victims in this case. They were accomplices. In half the country marriage age is set at 16. Two states allow it at age 14 (Alaska and North Carolina). Three more at 15. So how do you square that with some of these charges?

In the other half of the country consensual sex between two under aged individuals leads to a life time charge of pedophelia for the man. Between a rock and a hard place? Sanity tells us, Maxwell-Epstein was far more contrived, more careful, and skirted the law, without breaking it, or if breaking it, with consent of parents who bear legal responsibility. It’s called parental neglect and used to carry a charge. Human trafficking is huge across the country, with the Feds doing nothing against it, since it hits poor communities, both White and of color. Rappers rap about it all the time. They glorify it. People have never boycotted their work. They don’t even talk about it. I think real rape is a problem.

This story is based on the general tendency of the masses to pry into the sex lives of the rich and famous, and seethe with jealousy that they can buy their way into something normal people can’t. Its a story that tests societies mores. A successful entrapment operation, where troves of videos of high profile individuals, many of which are perfectly legal might someday see the day of light. There’s also a beautiful romance between Epstein and Maxwell.

So, this Jew manages to slander not only the child victims, but their parents, Black people, Muslims, Pakistanis, “rednecks” (i.e., rural White Christians) and holds Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein blameless. Anyone complaining about the sexual trafficking of Christian girls by Israeli Jews is just … wait for it … an “anti-semite” who “hates Jews.” Presumably, because they are so “jealous” of Jewish success.

Does this narrative sound familiar? It comes straight from the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Commenter “Anonymous[544]” goes on a misogynistic and bigoted rant against white Christian 14 year old girls, saying they are basically “sluts” that are “asking for it.” Perhaps because of how they dressed?

I think this story is a bunch of nonsense. Who cares if teenage girls were having sex with older men? I’m serious. Growing up, I knew 14 yr old girls who were incredibly sexually active.

They were sluts! And often times they learned it from their mom! Dad was out of the picture long ago! Please people, pay attention to more important things. These women who came forward are what they always were.

Opportunistic skanks. With Gloria fucking Allred as an attorney. Give me a break. These women are damaged goods. I feel sorry for any man who gets tangled up with them. Imagine finding out the woman you are with traveled around as teenager getting dicked down by a bunch of grown men? You would ask yourself, What kind of family did she grow up in? Why did she go and do this? I can tell you why.

It was more exciting and enjoyable than playing field hockey or soccer. Got it? They may have been young, but not innocent. They had no skills then as they do now and are looking for easy money. They’ll go have sex with someone else and laugh about it they next time they go to the ATM. It’s pathetic so many men don’t understand the nature of women. Just because your wife or girlfriend is decent, don’t think this applies to all women and teenage girls.

Every seen what an 18 yr old pornstar will do for cash? Well, she was 14 only four years ago. Women are born opportunists and almost all use their body to get what they want. Period.

Just to be clear: this man is talking about 14 year old white Christian girls and defending the Jewish adults that sexually traffic them. In the case of Glenn Dubin, the Jewish hedge fund manager, it’s been reported that the 14 year old white Christian girl that was trafficked at his house had her passport confiscated after she was trafficked out of Europe and she broke down in tears the first time a non-criminal asked her what had happened to her.

Jewish men, defending the Jewish Israeli child-sex trafficking ring, are characterizing 14 year old girls, kidnapped from their families, their passports stolen from them, and threatened with physical violence, as in fact “asking for it” and “enjoyed” getting “dicked down” by wealthy Jewish men.

Another, “Miro23,” does his best to muddy the waters and act as if “everyone is to blame.”

Who exactly is innocent in this story? … Teenage girls attracted by private jets, private islands, sex with the rich and famous and extra money[?] …

Log time commenter “Jeff Stryker,” always on the alert for “anti-semitism” and constantly defending Israel, has this to say:

Why did so many of these victims return to the mansion? Why were 50 different girls from one high school stampeding over to his house? Why didn’t their parents notice that their kid is flying off alone to the Virgin Islands? Why are whites more gullible than Indians or Pakistanis or Jews themselves? Why do white teenage girls have no morals? Why do these other races instill values in their daughters?

“Anonymous[380]” tells us it’s actually the Jews like Jeffrey Epstein that were the victims of the white Christian “skanks” – he even puts “underage” in scare quotes, as if a 50 year old Jewish man having sex with a 14 year old white girl kidnapped from Europe is really no big deal. The 14 year old white girl was the victimizer, and Jeffrey Epstein was the victim.

I’m sure every rich man has his little playthings. … The women [sic] enjoy it! … Yet people are talking about Epstein and Maxwell and the “underage” girls who benefited and clearly enjoyed the time spent together. … What happened was these women got older. They weren’t wanted and their relationship with Epstein deteriorated. Pissed off because they felt used they decided to go after him.

Which is hypocritical considering they were using him, happily accepting any money and gifts he showered upon them. Opportunistic skanks all of them.

I hope Maxwell is released. So what if she was horny and acted out sexual fantasies? Or “duped” teenage girls into having sex? I’m sure there wasn’t much “duping” involved. You don’t have to manipulate someone who understands what is happening. As if these girls thought all the travel, money and gifts came for free.. lol

Teenage sluts are everywhere!

Jeff Stryker again not only blames the children who were molested, but suggests their parents were willingly selling them to wealthy Jews.

His Jewish racial and ethnic hostility against Europeans, “whites” and “Christians” is quite explicit:

Some poor whites are eager to make a buck. … Come on. The parents did not send their underage girls over to Epstein’s house for $200. … Word on the grapevine filtered out into the Miami trailer parks and poor neighborhoods that some billionaire had a passion for slumming with underage girls and would be good for a million or so in hush funds.

And yes, even if the parents pushed the kids into this (Which is probably at least some of the time) it is dismaying that all these white teen sluts are brimming in various cities and chomping at the bits. So much for European heritage.

There’s a lot more. Commenter “Sean” goes into long diatribes, seemingly taken directly from Alan Dreshowitz’ legal strategy, to defame the victims and exonerate Israel, Mossad, and Jews in general, preferring to spin an elaborate conspiracy theory about 14 year old girls out-smarting wealthy Jewish billionaires in a scheme to blackmail them!

There’s also an interesting connection to 9/11, as the judge Loretta Preska who has demanded the destruction of a significant amount of evidence in the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell cases was also a judge that helped to railroad 9/11 witness and whistle-blower Susan Lindauer.

The racism of Jews and their ethnic hostility towards Europeans, “whites” and Christians, are blatant, obvious, and not at all hidden. Their willingness to sexually exploit women and children of non-Jewish communities is not something they are ashamed of, but something they take pride in: only when an “anti-semitic” backlash may result do they show any concern at all.

The racist hatred that is mainstream in the Jewish community is exposed for all to see. It’s simply a taboo to discuss it. If you do, you’ll be smeared by Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

But surely, Jewish sexual predation of our children, our girls, our boys, and our women, is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Perhaps the case of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell signals a turning point. Despite every effort of Jews and the mainstream media and the government to bury this scandal for over a decade, the public has clearly noticed it and is increasingly suspicious of the various “suicides” and “coincidences” that keep cropping up in the case.

It’s quite obvious that the Jewish community won’t police themselves, so that means we have to police them.

It’s also quite obvious that Jews do not consider us full human beings with rights. It’s quite obvious that they are a supremacist cult that treats all non-Jews as subhumans, simply resources to exploit.

If that is intolerable, it’s time to stop tolerating it.