The headline:

“Faculty resoundingly votes to change the name of Washington and Lee”

Established in 1749, one of the oldest universities in North America, founded by “Scots-Irish Presbyterian pioneers,” after the war Robert E. Lee served as the President and the university was renamed after those two most famous Virginians, Washington and Lee.

Now, in 2020, triggered by the death of a drugged-up felon who once pointed a gun at and threatened to shoot a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, George Floyd, a large majority of Washington and Lee’s faculty voted to change the university’s name because of “racism.”

How is this happening in 2020, in the era of Trump?

All one has to do is to listen to the rhetoric of a typical “Black Lives Matter” activist. The spiel goes something like this, “black people can’t walk down the street without our lives being in danger from racist cops.”

The problem with this statement is that it’s not just false, it’s absurdly false. All the statistics are well known. Black people are in no specific danger from police. On the contrary, it’s the excessive violence and crime of a specific segment of the American black population that sometimes results in harm from the police; typically, this is due to resisting arrest or outright trying to murder police.

The rhetoric broadcast by the media is a malicious reversal of reality. Black-on-white crime is endemic – it’s why so many urban cities have been abandoned by white people, because white people are so often the victim of black violence and crime. Blacks commit crime far, far out of proportion to their numbers. There is no epidemic of white-on-black crime, it’s quite the reverse: an epidemic of black-on-white crime.

Yet what does the media broadcast? White women, referred to by the racist mysoginist slur “Karens” occasionally attempting to enforce basic standards of civility or even just call the police when threatened by blacks.

It’s been this way for most of our lifetimes: black on white crime is ignored by the media, treated as a local matter, if it is covered at all. But even a mild negative expression by a white person against a black person is treated as if it’s a reintroduction of the Atlantic Slave trade.

At some level, blacks know this, but they are incentivized to play along.

Of course the source of this media narrative is not black people, but instead, people with skin as white as mine: Ashkenazi Jews. So many on the “right” want to downplay this, even deny it, but we all know it’s true. Because the false narrative of “whites oppressing blacks” is merely a sub-narrative of the larger narrative, which is “neo-Nazi Hilters oppressing innocent Jews.”

This narrative is even more absurd, so absurd it can only be called “gaslighting” as this recent media narrative from the UK clearly demonstrates:

“Neo-Nazis telling followers to ‘deliberately infect’ Jews and Muslims with coronavirus, report warns”

There is no difference between the “real news” and Hollywood fiction. There are no “neo-Nazis” in the West in 2020. The most famous “neo-Nazi” of 2020 is Andrew Anglin, who is quite open about not being a “neo-Nazi” but in fact a fictional character meant to troll the media. But the media finds it useful, so pretends that there are “real Neo-Nazis” when they know there are not.

The play-acting goes so far that the main American Jewish lobby, the Anti-Defamation League, still pretends that “thousands” of Jewish community centers were victims of “anti-semitic threats” when it’s admitted all the “threats” came from a Jew in Israel – the Jewish version of Jussie Smollet or the NASCAR Noose.

How does the typical redditor respond to this news?

Must be confusing being a Neo-Nazi. How are they expected to contract and spread a fake disease that’s entirely made up and it’s really 5G brain control waves but it’s just the flu? — swamprat70

So they know it’s fake. They know there are no “neo-Nazis” – instead, “neo-Nazi” is a code word for “Trump supporter” or “Brexit voter.” The audience is fully aware that there are no “neo-Nazis” – that it’s all fake – but play along because it’s useful politically.

The gaslighting is so persuasive that it reminds one of no less than the old Soviet war against “wreckers.” When the Soviet agriculture plans failed, it was blamed on “wreckers” – agents of the “capitalists” that were sneaking around destroying crops. Did anyone really believe it? Perhaps the very young, but no one else.

Another example: for most of my lifetime, occasionally people will speculate on “another Civil War.” Various times when political tensions were high, some people, often the right but sometimes the left, would muse about another American civil war. At some point in the last couple of years, on online right-wing websites, people might talk about “Civil War II.”

Then, just because it’s funny and rolls off the tongue, some wag called it: “Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo” after the absurd 1980s film about break-dancing.

So what does the media do? The media makes up, out of whole cloth, a “Boogaloo Movement” of “far-right Trump supporters” who are “planning another civil war.” Of course, these “far-right Trump supporters” are made up of one part “neo-Confederate Ku Klux Klansmen that want to reinstitute black slavery” and one part “neo-Nazis who want to gas Jews.”

They even made up a “uniform” for the “Boogaloo Boys” – Hawaiian shirts.

Aloha shirts.

Neo-Nazi KKKs dressed up like Hawaiian tourists, complete with leis, one suspects.

How can one even argue against such absurdity? Perhaps the absurdity is part of the gimmick, part of the strategy. One would think that some Black Lives Matter activist saying, “Neo-Nazi KKKs wearing Aloha shirts and leis have infiltrated the police unions and are committing violence against Black Bodies while planning on gassing Jews for Hitler” would elicit laughter, but Very Serious News Readers on all the mainstream TV stations repeat these talking points with the utmost sincerity.

Anyone remember the movie Airplane? The script for Airplane was taken, almost verbatim, from a very serious, albeit quite cheesy, film called Zero Hour!

Zero Hour was a “real” disaster film, but its script could be used with minimal changes for the parody, Airplane!

It’s a fitting allegory for the Current Year.

“Serious” history like the Jew Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States with its comic-book, professional wrestling version of history, Evil White Oppressors Vs. Noble Savage Peoples of Colors, can be ret-conned into the current year’s narrative of Boogaloo Boy Cops vs. Gentle Giants of Color George Floyds.

How can you even argue? The comedian Gavin McInnes started a multi-racial joke “fraternity” the Proud Boys with “hazing” rituals like eating breakfast cereals – and the fraternity was immediately ret-conned into a “white supremacist terrorist group.” What about all the black and brown Proud Boys? Well, they have “embraced white supremacy.”

How can you argue? Like trying to have a conversation with Leslie Neilsen, it’s just full-stop parody delivered in a dead pan tone of voice.

A couple of years ago there was the narrative of the “Covington Boys.” The entire mass media – including virtually the entire conservative, right-wing Republicans including the Trump-supporting faction, created an absurd narrative about a “privileged white boy” “smirking” at a “Native American Elder.”

For 48 hours or so, a five second clip without context was the lynchpin of a full-spectrum anti-white two-minute hate. When the rest of the video was released, when the “Native American elder” was exposed as a grifting fraud pretending to be a veteran, a quick clean-up job was done. Now, the “Black Hebrew Israelites” were blamed as the perps – because they are “anti-semitites” who “hate Jews” – and the entire thing was just swept under the rug, forgotten as quickly as it came.

Academia is in charge of the longer-term narratives, like the Howard Zinn book, and impressionable young people going to college get indoctrinated into the anti-white narrative. They don’t really have to internalize it as much as they simply know not to counter-signal it. Lip service is mostly fine, for now.

But you can always gain status points by pretending to truly believe the narrative. You can get some social media clout by pretending you saw a “Boogaloo Boy” attacking a woman-of-color or spotted a “Karen” calling the police on an innocent black man.

If you throw a metaphorical punch at the narrative, you find yourself hitting air, because it’s just a ghost, a shadow.

The summer of 2020 has seen an all-out assault on the entire history of the United States of America and the history of her native people. The core enemy?

Let’s be very frank: the core enemy is the people we now call “Scots-Irish” because they are the real founders of America. Second to them, “Scots-Irish-adjacent” are the English descendants of the Southerners, especially the planter class. Next in line are the German immigrants who assimilated and married into the earlier Americans. Even just 20 years ago, a Boston Irish-Catholic or a Brooklyn Italian could claim some “oppression points” for being the progeny of more recent immigrants, but that privilege is now gone in 2020 – the writing was on the wall 20 years ago when another Jew wrote the book “How the Irish Became White.”

The Civil War II is here, now, but it’s not going to be a Boogaloo, it’s a Cultural Civil War, fought via culture, media, art – and economics. The sides are evident, and skin color indeed is your uniform, but beware, there are many wearing the uniform that are in fact with the enemy, a fifth column.