Paul Ramsey aka RamZPaul is EVIL.

Sure, for years, he soft-peddled pro-white talking points – which was good. It was good both in the sense that the talking points were pro-white and in the sense they were soft-peddled.

RamZPaul’s talking points were pro-white, without compromise. But they were “soft-peddled” in the sense they were designed for “normies” and presented in such a way that they weren’t “triggered.” That’s just good sense for anyone trying to appeal to an audience.

For a decade, RamZPaul was constantly attacked by the (((Hollywood Nazis))) – meaning, Jewish Zionists and groups like the SPLC – hoping to get young whites to embrace the self-destructive and self-discrediting “neo-nazi” subculture. RamZPaul rightly stood against this, warned against it, exposed how Jewish these (((Hollywood Nazis))) actually were.

Even more importantly, RamZPaul never compromised on the “Jewish Question.” Perhaps fully a third of his output was pointing out the double standards of Zionist Jews. Jews promote nationalism in their country, Israel, while promoting “multiculturalism” – really, anti-whiteness – in all other countries. Jews support ethnocentrism for Jews while attacking any and all ethnocentrism of white ethnicities. Jews hold to a perfect double standard, a perfect hypocrisy, which they celebrate as “chutzpuh.” RamZPaul always point that out.

It’s also not surprising, nor can RamZPaul be blamed, for soft-peddling even more as the censorship ramps up. He’s not changing his beliefs, he’s not changing the message, he’s just working within the increasingly narrow bounds that the social media companies are enforcing.

RamZPaul was also really good at attacking the “Coronavirus lock downs” on the simple grounds of liberty.

But it’s impossible to ignore anymore the fact that RamZPaul is EVIL. RamZPaul is willing to shill for Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the big banks, oligarchs like Jeff Bezos and Larry Fink, in order to impoverish whites – and everyone else – all under the cover of his Jewish ideology of Ayn Randism and conservative libertarianism.

Paul will signal as socially conservative. He’ll complain about “OnlyFans” and young women doing online “sex work” – prostitution – for money.

But RamZPaul won’t breathe a word about WHY women are resorting to prostitution to feed themselves. He will claim it’s a moral failing while literally covering up for the economic actors that are putting these young women in this economic position.

RamZPaul has been making videos for a decade, and I’ve certainly seen almost a majority of them, but I have to say: I don’t remember RamZPaul ever making a big deal about Wall Street bailouts in 2008, nor the various bailouts during the Obama administration, nor the current Coronavirus bailouts.

I mean, maybe he’s said something, but it’s certainly never been a focus.

Instead, RamZPaul punches down at those white people who don’t make as much money as he does/did. He claims they are his moral inferiors without even taking their economic conditions into account.

RamZPaul’s career has been in computers – literally, an entire industry created by the government. Anyone who has made money in the computer industry cannot, in any way, claim to believe in “free markets.” The entire structure of the internet, in fact, is based on government regulation to subsidize companies like Google and Netflix at the expense of infrastructure companies like AT&T and Verizon.

If the internet was a real “free market” AT&T and Verizon would be charging both online companies like Google and Amazon by the bit as well as the consumer by the bit. But instead these networking companies are heavily regulated to force them into lowering costs to both the consumer as well as the online companies like Google and Facebook.

Which, of course, is now how RamZPaul makes his money. In a real “free market” RamZPaul couldn’t afford to broadcast videos online.

RamZPaul is a Welfare Queen.

That he can wave around a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and pretend he’s Hank Rearden without the slightest bit of self-awareness shows a level of moral blindness and self-deception that makes the Boomers look well-adjusted.

RamZPaul is a bully. He sits in a very privileged position – an entire career built on the backs of the taxpayers, and the socialized technology internet industry, itself subsidized by US imperialism.

And what does he do?

He punches down at the younger whites that never had the opportunities and subsidies he’s had.

RamZPaul is EVIL.

A thoroughly despicable man working hand-in-hand with the oligarchs to impoverish white Americans, all in the interests of virtue signaling how he’s an “individual” when the exact opposite is true; his entire life he’s lived on subsidies and welfare and government handouts.

Capitalism, libertarianism, and “free markets” are non-actionable ideologies that only exist to justify existing power arrangements.

RamZPaul – and people like him – should ask themselves: if they government doesn’t send citizens a check every month, why should citizens support the government?

If the government doesn’t exist to serve me, why should I support it? Because if I don’t the police will come and kill me?

Well, if that is the case, stop all your bullshit about “liberty” because clearly we don’t have any. We’re slaves, and RamZPaul is just an Uncle Tom with ribbons in his hair and his very own TV show paid for by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and the advertising industry – for now, or perhaps until now.

What’s so funny is that vulgar Marxism is actually a better explanation of reality than any of the conservative libertarian nonsense that RamZPaul spews.

I’m talking about the positive statements made by vulgar Marxism, NOT the normative statements made by Communism.

How is it that three white leftists, and one African from Sweden, on the “What’s Left” podcast, have an explanation for everything that RamZPaul ever talks about that is far, far more truthful and explains reality far, far better than RamZPaul’s stupid and narcissistic Ayn Rand self-puffery?

Conservative right-wingers are not just wrong, they are EVIL. They are bullies, and they exist to justify the rule of people that should not be ruling over us.

The idea of “individual self-reliance” only exists in pastoral contexts – and not even then, really. Certainly, once you have an irrigation system, and obviously an electricity-powered industrial society, no one is an individual. At that point, everything is socialist – there is no “private property” – it’s simply a matter of who gets the profit. And someone calling themselves a proponents of “free markets” with a socialized, regulated banking cartel issuing fiat money can not credibly call themselves a “capitalist.”

RamZPaul, with his Boomer ideologies, remember, gave us Donald Trump who has spent the last six months fiddling while our entire country is burned to the ground by anti-whites and anti-Americans – all the while cheered on by the capitalist Fortune 500 companies that RamZPaul spent his life serving.

This writer warned about Trump while these right-wing conservative libertarians were spinning tall tales about how “God Emperor Trump” was going to save us. This writer spent four years documenting the Zionist oligarchs who created Trump, while RamZPaul was making silly videos about “SJWs.”

The Day of the Pillow can’t come soon enough.

We have coddled these conservatards far, far too long – look what has happened. RamZPaul was one of those “young Reagan Republicans” that hollowed out the America economy, sold our industry to China, amnestied millions of illegal aliens, and put us under the thumb of the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

RamZPaul is an enemy – thankfully, an old and weak enemy. He’ll be banned from youtube soon enough so will soon be unable to bamboozle well meaning white people much longer.

Good riddance.